9 thoughts on “Cash Trapped starts 1st August

  1. John R

    It won’t be quite the same obviously but now it just sounds a bit similar to The Question Jury!

  2. Nico W.

    Little update on 500 Questions Germany: Ratings are really good and I suppose there sure will be a second season, although nothing is confirmed yet.
    And the ratings for Ninja Warrior Germany are also really good, but it has just aired a third of its episodes (2/6) so we will have to wait and see.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I had completely forgotten about German 500 Questions! Well there we are.

      I don’t think Ninja Warrior doing well is a surprise, I think it’s been pretty successful everywhere really.

      1. Kerenza Deo

        Ninja Warrior Indonesia flopped in Indonesia. Surprisingly, Japanese Ninja Warrior and Takeshi Castle is an instant hit no matter how many times they replay it.

        1. Alex

          I wouldn’t say the Japanese one is, outside of the UK and the US I can’t think of any place where it had any real sticking power on its own.

          1. xr

            The UK edits of both Ninja Warrior and Takeshi’s Castle were rather successful early afternoon filler for a Greek TV station for a couple of years – a few years ago. Two comedians provided original running commentary.

  3. Ten

    I auditioned for Cash Trapped. The core mechanic is as vindictive as it is standard – 6 contestants must answer questions on the buzzer, each correct answer earns cash and allows you to knock an opponent of your choice out of the round, last person standing gets a bonus question for a large sum of money. Rinse and repeat. Once we’re done with that, a quickfire cash-builder-style round gives contestants a chance to boost their totals.

    Whoever is in the lead (hereafter, the “leader”) must now attempt to escape with their personal winnings. Quickfire questions are read out on the buzzer – if the leader answers correctly, they can choose an opponent to knock out. If someone else answers correctly, nothing happens and the next question is read out. Giving an incorrect answer results in a time penalty (for the leader) or instant elimination (for a non-leader). The leader must knock out all five of their opponents before time runs out (60 seconds, if I recall) to win their cash. Otherwise, their money is wiped and everybody plays again the next day. Essentially, the opponents must keep answering before the leader to use up time.

    Comparisons to The Chase are inevitable – I’m interested to see how this comes across on screen.

  4. Thomas Sales

    According to my EPG, The Getaway Car’s been shunted back about an hour for a new episode of Pointless Celebrities. You’d think they’d have aired the ones that haven’t aired yet first, though.


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