Fort Boyard 2018

Saturdays from June 23rd,
7:55pm UK/8:55pm France,
France 2 and naughty streaming

Summer is officially upon us with the new and 29th series of Fort Boyard on France 2.

Ten more teams of celebrities travel to the Fort to take on the challenges set by Pere Fouras to claim his treasure for charity. This year we have the usual new tests, new adventures and new characters – Megagaf with his flyboard, the Bodins with their village fair and sporty kids now guard the cage. Narcisse Lalanne returns to run the Boyard Academy.

New events include the Magic Theatre, Car Wars and the Bank, and plenty of existing tests have been modified to keep things fresh. And this year some new players on the fort – crocodiles!

Unfortunately the red clepsydres return. We absolutely approve of finding ways to replace watching people fumble with a combination lock but we’re not sure these really worked last year. Hopefully this year their significance will be explained properly.

Let the adventure commence!

227 thoughts on “Fort Boyard 2018

  1. Lee

    Looking forward to seeing the changes this year.

    Will it also be possible to not spoil until after the french have aired (Because its on in Belgium a day before again)

  2. Lee

    A special behind the scenes show will air on France 2 after the Episode on July 7th

    The most mysterious Fort in the world opens its doors … as if you were there.

    Discover the life of the Fort, characters and candidates like you’ve never seen them before.

    Olivier, Father Fouras and all his tribe will reveal the back of the scenery and tell you their most beautiful memories of the Fort. “

  3. Alex

    I am loving how they’re really steadily drip-feeding info about the three games I’m looking forward to (Theatre, Croco World, Bank – especially Bank).

    Also not sure I agree with Willymix being there, particularly how its placement means it’s going to appear every episode. It’s a bit too heavy-handed at trying to be a Saturday morning kids show for my liking…speaking as someone probably 15 years over the target demographic, of course.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I think what else is interesting is that they’ve clearly re-working many of the games, especially the ones that didn’t really work or weren’t played last year – I gather there are new obstacles in the Museum, Dino Rodeo and the Boyardodrome are different (GOOD), the Casino has changed, amongst other things. This is something I can get behind.

    2. Lee

      I’m kinda glad they have to earn the joker now rather than it just being given. Although I do wish there was some incentive to keep it till the end.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    Looks like a new font on the timers, although the main timer is unchanged. That must be due a revamp soon, surely?

        1. Lee

          Interesting. Didn’t know there was a change in the graphics because i watched the Video Alex linked.

          1. Lee

            Also the main clock been in since 2009. i have been thinking each year “its gonna change this year”

          2. Brig Bother Post author

            My big takeaway from that video, despite basically spoiling most of the games, is that they’re still doing the airbag in the lift. You’d think they’d change the joke between seasons.

  5. Lee

    You would think people would refuse to board the lift knowing what happend last year. especially those who were actually on the fort last year.

  6. Brig Bother Post author

    In other news, the German version starts filming today for Sat 1, four eps, sounds like a team of five celebs vs The Fort deal and hosted by breakfast TV’s Matthais Killing, which BB’s German correspondent Nico W has suggested is a good/solid choice.

  7. Alex

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that the Bodins appearance is a one season only deal.

  8. Brig Bother Post author

    Well, I have to say I thought that was a preeeeetty good opener, especially compared to last year where everyone went “oh, that’s a bit disappointing”. I’m going to back through my Twitter and expand on some points:

    * I hope we’re not going to get spoiler previews in the intro every week.

    * I liked Narcisse Lalanne introducing (most of) the set pieces, I really think he’s one of the strongest new characters in years, can’t wait for the intro to his Boyard Academy episodes. (It’s either Bodins or BA, from what I gather). Also: thank God they’re reasonably short this time round.

    * Boyardodrome feels like a legitimately decent Fort Boyard game now.

    * Car Wars looked fun, and I appreciate the Mad Max theming although it will be difficult to determine how difficult it is based on that one playing. Presumably Passe-Muraile can’t just block the targets. Also interesting that the player can just get out of the car to leave, which strikes me as a health and safety nightmare in waiting.

    * Jury out on Bodins, although doubtless I’d probably get more enjoyment if I understood the song parodies. Needless to say, this appears to be this year’s Great Fort Boyard rip-off, it’s a pretty direct reimagining of Blindfold Musical Chairs from Ellen’s Game of Games. Which is what I predicted.

    * Quite liked that one of the phone in competitions is simple mental agility.

    * Can’t quite work out the rules to The Cage – it seemed like Samuel didn’t have to beat the gymnast just do whatever she could do but the others had to be beaten traditionally. Not sure having a celeb compete against a martial artist , who can do the splits, in doing the splits seemed like a fair fight. However I liked the arrows shooting the names into the targets…

    *… but how baffling is getting Daphine Wespiser all dressed up as Rouge only to make a twenty second cameo at the end, then having to get all done up again to play Blanche? If you’ve gone to all the trouble surely she should be hosting the segment live?

    * I love Vincent Lagaf and Flyboarding looks genuinely fun and cool so this segment gets a tick from me, even if the intro was a bit crap (which I take to be the point but even so). Let’s ignore the fact that Pere Fouras has sent the parchment to the team alerting them to his presence from a narrative perspective. Quite liked the way they’ve played this with the sketches. Enjoyable use of music just different enough from Superman to avoid copyright.

    * Magic Theatre a decent retheming of last year’s Asylum, but surely handcuffing the hands in front of the player makes it a bit too easy?

    * If you’re going to change a piece of set, taking away the timer in the Ghost Train, don’t use old footage in your sketches!

    * Blanche’s balls are made of glass now!

    * Can’t believe they’ve kept the same airbag joke from last year.

    * Originally annoyed that it looked like five adventures and that a PF quiz and the Restaurant would be two of them every week, but happily it’s four + quiz + bonus Restaurant so that’s fine.

    * Willymix I can take or leave, but at least it’s much more quickfire than I was anticipating, I thought it would be clip based like Eric Fouras last year.

    * Really like the new Willy food van set up, quite a good gag in many ways. Enjoyed Passe Partout on good STAND BEHIND THE LINE health and safety mode. And some quite funny gagging tonight as well.

    * Quite like the new prison release, although getting back up from out of the bench looks like a nightmare. Pity the course doesn’t look like it’s changed though.

    * Don’t understand how Noughts and Crosses is still a Council Duel.

    * Liked the setup to the Treasure Room with the Passe’s mining the gold, very Boyardesque.

    * A prize that doesn’t end in a zero.

    Overall, entertaining first episode – definite improvement in the game design and still lots to uncover, the 2:15 pretty whizzed by. Great!

    1. Lee

      Im going to be abit more critical this year i think. Im slightly disappointing there was no format change this year as i feel there should have been one. (Even if its small)

      Key games.
      Thought the same about Car Wars being a health and safety issue. Boyardodrome actually looked like a decent game. Ketchuperie had a redder pool. Musical chairs was fun. Megagaf was fun. Theater was kinda just asile with less issues. Did think it looked easier.

      Unsure about the cage. Agree with the why did they get a key when he lost. Still don’t like how kids are stopping adults from winning money for charity.

      Its interesting that they have to earn the joker this year. I just wish keeping the joker would mean something.
      While im not a fan of the Restaurant being a surprise 6th Clue game (Since its been 6 for years) I am happy for it to be 6th in the format. It means that teams have a better chance on winning if they don’t get prisoners.

      Glad the Prison Escape/Council/TR are roughly the same.

      Other things
      New graphics and music. Great to see the Chickens are back after a few years break.

      Next week Elodie Gossuin returns to the fort. Its her 8th appearance. From the teaser trailer it looks like Croco World is being shown as well as a change in Rodeo Dino. It kinda looks like Smash from 2009.

      1. Lee

        Forgot to add. Down to 14 chances to get 9 Keys. Last year was 15.

      2. Danny Kerner

        Thanks to them uploading the episode to YouTube I was actually able to watch as close to the broadcast as possible this year. I do agree that Kid Vs adult format was slightly rigged in the cage. The younger you are the more likely you can extend your legs further apart. Plus the additional fact that he is a professional means it’s a 100% loss guarantee. Subs will definitely be needed this year due to the fact that they still received the key even if he loss on the horizontal ladder.

  9. Brig Bother Post author

    2.6m last night which is about average, not helped by Germany/Sweden which got over 6m at the same time.

  10. Lee

    Also while not the first time. Its an episode which didn’t contain any riddles.

  11. Mika

    I thought it was quite nice overall. Still not really a fan of all the pre-character introductions, but at least they seem a bit shorter? The show overall did seem to move a lot quicker.

    New stuff:

    Boyardodrome – Much better. And neat they kept it so it could still be used as a Duel game where necessary.
    Car Wars – Looks neat, but felt kinda hard to watch? And at least based on this playing, seems like one of those that is “Too much to do in too little time”.
    Bal – Neat idea (if stolen), but I dunno. This one just doesn’t really feel like it “fits” in the Fort.
    Cage – I like the little touches like the arrows. Not really against it being kids, and I get why they used a new one for each game, but that was sort of just another bit of a drag on a long segment.
    Megagaf – THIS intro felt was too long though. Really hope it’s not a weekly thing. The game itself was really cool.
    Theatre – Really cool way to reskin the game, but it does seem way too easy now. I almost feel like just a “Escape the chains” idea would have worked (kinda like in Estate of Panic from years ago)

    Judgement – Really like that it’s glass balls now, but with the room setup, it doesn’t seem a epic as it seems like it should’ve been.

    Willymix – I like the idea, and I like the game, and Willy’s a great host, but I do feel like it kinda drags a bit (thought it was going to be out of four questions at first, and then they just kept going). And almost feels like it’d be better as a key game instead.
    Surprise du Chef – Really like this one. Even though it’d only work as a gag for one episode, kinda wish they hadn’t ‘spoiled’ it by showing the truck being built.

    Not really “new”, but personally Salle du conseil is back to just being skippable for me. The games at least in this episode were some of the least interesting ones.

    Overall though, I do really like the improvements they’ve made, even if it was just little touches here and there. Seems like it’s gonna be a good year.

      1. Mika

        Just as a random thing – Is Megagaf the first new game in ages that’s outside a cell, and they actually grab the key itself? (And not a combination)

        1. Lee

          I think the last time would been 2008-2010 when they had that ladder above the sea. (Poutre A La Mer) which was in the same spot.

          1. Alex

            Did they have the wall climbing in 2010? That may count too.

  12. David

    I’m guessing they went from number of coins collected to total weight collected to determine the prize money…1000 Euro per Kilogram or something like that? (when they did the duel format in the French version a few years back, didn’t they determine the winner by weight?)

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I think it’s always been done by weight, suspect they’ve just not rounded it off in the conversion.

  13. Lee

    No episode Saturday July 14th Due to being a national holiday.

  14. John R

    On the UK series with the late Leslie Grantham, was it ever established how much £ the contestants went home with? 10,000 – 15,000 seems a bit too much to be giving away most episodes, especially compared to what they would have won on The Crystal Maze!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I do know this, the top team at the end of the series took £2,000, then £100 less for each spot down the ranking you were.

  15. Lee

    Apparently in terms of the ladder duel in the cage. If you make it to the end and ring the bell you win. If both ring the bell it becomes a tie in which the candidate always wins ties.
    I believe the same logic is used in some council games (Like the coloured balls/Lights Awalee).

    1. Danny Kerner

      It should work with a downloaded version from the official youtube channel of Fort Boyard

        1. Lee

          Must admit only had a brief look. Its pretty interesting.
          It also reminds me of the Czech episode last year that had subtitles in English it felt the same hosting format as that between Ligor and Oliver.

        2. Brig Bother Post author

          Lots of interesting stuff uncovered here, the “go to bed” intro, the Bodins are mother and son and the mother is trying to date Pere Fouras, Megagaf’s bid to take over the fort, Olivier frequently throwing statistics in… all very interesting.

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            This was great fun, thanks Lee. It’s not going to win any awards for pacing, and I loved they took a sponsor lager break in the middle of it, but yes Libor and Father Fouras are good.

  16. Brig Bother Post author

    Right, episode 2, let’s go through my notes:

    * Rodeo-dino again feels like a better game with a proper skill element to it rather than the crapshoot it felt like last time. I’m OK with people getting a lucky hit to win, perhaps if the wire was S shaped or it spun in the opposite direction to the dino it’d be even better. You can tell they’re more pleased with it anyway because they didn’t edit it down to 45 seconds.

    * I’m tempted to believe that’s not actually Delphine making the Rouge cameo but a lookalike as she doesn’t seem to actually talk. This would make more sense from a production point of view.

    * Narcisse Lalanne’s hot take on Happy. Blimey. Quite liked the game, the underwater listening thing is something they tried before using a big wheel but it sounds like it didn’t quite work out the way they wanted.

    * Enjoyed the Bank – they’ve made good use of the space the large room cylinders was in. My only possible issue is that surely they have to move the entrance to the safe room next year otherwise everyone will immediately know to look behind the picture. Also the “lift the security gate” bit was a bit crap, but as a proof of concept the game works.

    * Quite liked the new games in the Room of Judgement. Looping looked pretty cool, if difficult. Can’t remember where I’ve seen that blow-a-ball thing before. Now The Cube isn’t being made they have to come up with their own ideas, even if most of them seem to be crazy golf inspired.

    * Amused that Passe-Temps is not written out of history as they’d have you think as he pops up as the answer to a Willymix question.

    * Croco-World is OK but I suspect would have been better in a larger room with a larger course (it’s not like the fort has a couple of massive rooms underwater or anything). Baby crocs are cute, noticed they used some large crocs in the cutaways.

    * Surf is clearly the best one-shot stunt game of the last few years. More than happy if they ditched the Bike, frankly.

    Still some new things to discover. Thought Car Wars held up well – noticed there are lines pointing the route this week, don’t know if they were there last week.

    1. Alex

      Last time I saw the blow-a-ball thing it was in Friends Like These.

      Also doubt they’d change the start of Bank, when they used to do Bizutage I swear they put the key in the same box for years.

    2. Lee

      Episode 2 can be seen here

      Got to agree with most of what is written by Brig.
      Agree that this Rodeo Dino is a better version. But would have liked it if they had it more like smash from 2009.

      Bank feels like a good game. its not exactly a prisoner just the fact you need to allow time to actually get out. Would have preferred it to lock them in until they get the key to get out.

      Good to see White and the Council have new games.

      Croco World felt small. But she did need all the time to actually win.

      Still disappointing they haven’t thought of something for keeping the joker.

  17. Mika

    I just feel bad for whoever it is who was made to lose tic-tac-toe with the way she was playing. XD

  18. Jason

    Had a chance to catch up on the first couple of episodes…

    * Car Wars seems like a variant of Safari. It feels like five targets is already a difficult enough challenge – the opponent is an interesting twist but potentially a step too far in difficulty.
    * Enjoying the new Lalanne introductions, nice way to refresh those. Great job with the “Happy” Boyard Academy introduction also.
    * Surprised that both Cylindres and Jarres have gone this season – both classics of the fort (25 and 27 seasons respectively). Jarres gets a token mention in the Mansion, but not really the same.
    * I like them having to earn the joker, but agree with others that it should now have value if it is retained.
    * I also like the “bonus” sixth challenge with Willy Rovelli – from the first episode it feels a bit of a cop-out that three of the team are carrying the other two (much as they had for the whole episode) and I think it would be better if all team members had to complete it.
    * I recall last season we commented about duels being easily “thrown” for the contestant… pity that hasn’t changed.

    So far, I’m enjoying the new series – nice job with the refresh and hopefully some more new games to come!

  19. TVs Michael Harmstone

    Obviously I love the Narcisse Happy parody (although it’s not as great as the Lion King one). Will they make any changes to Garage next year given that everyone is definitely going to use the pinch tactic?

    1. Will Tennant

      It’s great for someone like me who hasn’t seen boyard properly in years that they’ve decided to stick them on their YouTube channel, I don’t understand French but the challenges speak for themselves.

      Can someone explain what the joker does?

      1. Lee

        If they win it they are allowed to swap someone on a clue game if its too much for them before they attempt it.. Although the swapped person is picked by pere fouras.

  20. Lee

    Reminder that this week after the Episode there is a special behind the scenes show.

    1. Danny Kerner

      If France 2 don’t post on YouTube I will try to find a way of getting the BTS out there.

      1. Mika

        Doesn’t seem like they did. Don’t suppose I can take you up on that offer? 😛

        1. Danny Kerner

          Will take me time. i got to download it, convert subs then upload to mega.

  21. Alex

    – Awful lot of repeats, which is a bit alarming for a third episode of ten.
    – That might be the worst playing of Caserne I’ve ever seen.
    – Casino is now Mega Jackpot, because charidee I guess.
    – Laura Mete is a great gymnast. But she’s really not a good wrestler.
    – They brought Barrier from The Cube into the Salle de Judgement! It was only a matter of time to be honest. Also Reboundless Rebound.
    – Ah, they play 8 questions regardless of how well they do in WillyMix. Understandable. Also at some point during filming the cream jet went full TurboBastard. Straight up knocked his goggles off. Questions stopped being all DisorDat, they don’t want people getting that Joker I think.
    – The Catapult Infernale is basically the Saut de l’Ange but horizontal. Fine.
    – Wait, I thought they lost the Joker!? Did I miss something?
    – No red clepsydre this week? Bit unfair.
    – Batonnets is back! And still claiming scalps, amazingly.
    – New game rather interesting, despite the Maitre kinda whiffing it.
    – They did really well in the treasure room despite not really being that good a team.

    1. Lee

      Must admit. Did feel this episode is the worst one of the year so far.
      Despite cloche going down as it did. The team got 15 Chances to get 9 keys.
      For Willymix they have 8 chances to score 4+. They managed to score 4 so won the Joker.
      No Prisoner/Red Celspdyre games were played at all.
      Looks like a few game repeats for the episode on the 21st. Maybe the week break might make it less bad.

          1. Danny Kerner

            Beat the average is what the subtitles say. So 5 in the case of episode 1 4 in 2 & 3

    2. Brig Bother Post author

      I think whilst they’re repeating key games they seem to be rotating the adventures more than normal, which is a good thing. It sounds like they set-up some of the games for the second week of filming they hadn’t for week one. I know there’s at least one more set-up for Narcisse so a bit disappointed it was the same one as last week.

      Noticed the Barrier thing.

      WillyMix they just have to get 50% or better. The second episode wasn’t Dis or Dat for most of the questions. I can’t tell you off the top of my head how the filming order and the broadcast order match up, which would be a useful indication on whether they want it to be harder or not. I thought the whole idea of doing the joker was to eliminate refusals for games they’ve set up, so I’m not sure there’s a deliberate intention to lose.. How did you come to the conclusion they lost the joker? Olivier clearly gives it to Passe-Partout!

      Catapult Infernal looked like quite fun, I suspect actually reaching the clue is more difficult without the bounce effect against gravity.

      Perfectly happy if they just drop the red clepsydres tbh, although they are pretty. Does seem a bit odd there’s no standard amount of red games in each set.

      New game was done before on Raab I think.

      I would suggest they got lucky on the bits that mattered, going three for three in Judgement (not usually somewhere production will pull punches), taking no prisoners at all, doing decently in the Council, getting the codeword quickly and with only one sacrifice. They weren’t a hugely successful team, but they didn’t fail at the bits which could hurt the bottom line.

      I’ve got the Megagaf song going round my head now.

      1. Alex

        I was writing these as live and assumed that the “Willy gives him everything at once” was the standard thing for failure. One presumes that when I was writing I didn’t notice the joker being handed over.

        Also, the second ep I believe was the last one to be filmed.

        1. Lee

          Indeed it was was the last. This one was filmed on the Saturday of the first week. (Ep 5)

  22. Lee

    The special show was a behind the scenes look at the Contestants journey (This week’s team).

    Found it interesting how many breaks they seem to have in between recording.
    The team get briefed on how to unlock a padlock and training on animals
    Stefan from 2009 is still a cameraman.
    The amount of crew just to run the show is remarkable.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Haven’t watched this yet, I’m pretty sure there used to be two camera teams who leapfrogged each other so one could set-up whilst the others were filming and now there’s just one. I don’t think it’s ever been real time, but I don’t think it used to take a day to film an episode like it does now.

    2. Brig Bother Post author

      My biggest takeaway was that Eric Buron, the director, was a contestant on the very first series.

      Also enjoyed seeing some unusual shots you don’t normally see, and rooms without some of the special effects.

  23. TVs Michael Harmstone

    I’m not sure the kids will be returning to the Cage next year. It’s still not very comfortable to have teenagers try and stop charities winning money.

    1. Danny Kerner

      France 4 did replay an episode from a few years ago. Will get the subs for it and in case it doesn’t appear on youtube i will place it on mega.

  24. Brig Bother Post author

    Super interesting episode with many great moments – Cartman in the Boyard Academy being a highlight and THE TEAM GOING CLEAR. We thought it would never happen, Blanche got the day off and the team got a bonus adventure (and happily the graphic goes up to game seven).

    Exploding telephone booth I thought was OK, I thought PF was going to launch her mid-riddle, but it’s probably fairer this way.

    Pity they were a bit slow at the Bank. Also a pity they managed to blow their earlier pedigree at the Council (0/4) and most crucially, using The Human Trolley technique in the treasure room, absolutely proven to be less effective then regular grab and gos.

    So this season’s winningest (urgh) team weren’t all that great but played well at the bits that directly affect the bottom line, this team have been the best in terms of challenges but stuffed up the important parts and have come away with the lowest total of the series so far.

    There are basically four things that affect your bottom line on Fort Boyard. 1) People, 2) Clues, 3) Time, 4) Technique. The format as it stands these days is lengthy section building up to bits that will affect one of those things – 50m of key collecting, the better you do, the better your odds of surviving Judgement with a full team. Failing Judgement means likely a penalty at the end, possibly considerable. Clues determine if you win or not, and the more you have in theory the quicker you’ll find the codeword, fail and you fail the entire show. And if you need to sacrifice that hurts your People stat quite severely. Time is obvious, but with a standard three minutes every team has an opportunity to do well, but obviously this can go down if you failed at Judgement and failure at Council limits your potential. Technique is entirely on the team.

    Different teams set themselves up for the Treasure Room in different ways. This week’s team sucked a bit at 3 and 4. But were pretty good at 1 and 2.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      In other news I thought Excalibur was getting a lick of paint, although all I could tell that was different was a flickering red light.

      Next week the return of Museum and… The snake pit!

    2. Mika

      Weird random thought I had reading this:
      “Clues determine if you win or not, and the more you have in theory the quicker you’ll find the codeword, fail and you fail the entire show.”

      I wonder if there’s a point having *too many* clues is a time sink? If a very small one, but still. Most teams seem to get the word in about 3 clues, so wonder if there’s ever been a team that had the clue, but still took the time to open the other cylinders they’re won. On the other hand, has there ever been a team that DID get the word quickly, and not bother to waste time opening the rest?

      Probably not since it isn’t THAT much extra time, but still a thought.

      1. Lee

        I think there is a point of having too many clues. The team this week was saying the code word after the second yet they still looked at the others.

        Done a little looking up. It looks to have happen a few times. Tony Parker episode from 2015 actually won 5 clues. They opened up 3 and decided to take the guess. (Because the word was 4 letters they actually left 2 of them to open 1 more to confirm) But they completely left the 5th one alone.

  25. Lee

    The Full clear with 0 prisoners is an amazing accomplishment. I half expected some editing to make him a prisoner during the celebration. Good to see an extra adventure still being given for teams that beat the clock.

    Good to see some games make more of a mid season appearance. Excalibur music was redone but i felt it abit more disappointing.

    Snakes and Museum look to make a return next week. And we know snakes will be a red clepsydre game.

  26. Mika

    Did anyone else catch that Valerie almost unhooked Alexandra’s safety line while she was still on the other side of the railing?

  27. Lee

    Other random thought. Why did Olivier have a scroll saying Wars (Presuming Car Wars) at Blanche?

  28. Lee

    Been pointed on other sites the last time a Team gained the Max Keys and 0 Prisoners was 2009 with Team Élodie Gossuin. They managed to get 7 keys with 0 Prisoners.

  29. Lee

    German Boyard First episode will air on Wednesday 5th September. Finland on the 25th August.

  30. Lee

    Halfway through this series. Ratings this week was 3 Million with a 20% share. So pretty good.

    Pretty much more of the same. Although interestingly Boyard Bank was played pretty earlier in the episode as well as Museum. Its been awhile since we had 2 potential prisoner games in a single episode.

    I personally believe Boyard Bank needs some kind of revamp to survive for next year. Maybe moving the gate that halfway to the start so its slightly harder to just get out at the last second.

    Good to see Excailbur again for a second week. And Museum making a return. Also a return of Fosse as a red clepsydre game. (They need to find the code on the snakes to still get the canister).

    Interesting that Fosse now uses the Old Velo music.

    Speaking of Velo. Nathalie Simon got a second chance at the game after what happend in 2014. I think its very rare someone has been given a second chance at any game. Anyone got any in mind?

    My final thought is i think episodes from next year should be broadcast in shooting order rather than a random order. While this is my fault. The fact this weeks team came so close to doing the same as last week but knowing that this was filmed before last week. (And if last week being the first time). Then it means there was no way it was going to happen. Would be nice if they take that on board for next year.

  31. Brig Bother Post author

    Fun episode, and enjoyed Nathalie Simon’s successful second chance on the bike (although it would have been funny if she just fell off again).

    I noticed that Bank has a pretty short time limit, and on two of three occasions they’ve not even got to the safe. I don’t know if the game needs to be longer, but seeing as so much time is wasted trying to find the way out of the office I wonder if it should be a bit more obvious – I think even just not having the air vent there would remove a barrier to progression, seeing as they seem to move the picture, see the vent then just keep looking round anyway.

    1. Matt Clemson

      I’m curious if the text on the ‘right’ picture is a clue in any way, I think that’d make a big difference if it was, but if it is, I’m not understanding it.

      1. Lee

        According to Google Translate. The left one says
        “your money has never been so good … only in my pockets”

        The right one says “the bank that robs you”

  32. Mika

    Totally agreeing that while Bank is a fun game in theory, the time limit and ease of escape kinda hurt it. Maybe with a longer limit? Or the timer only starts once they get out of the first room? And maybe get rid of the ladder? I dunno. Do wanna see it come back improved though. (Agree that maybe the vent’s picture should be slightly off to make it more obvious)

    For some reason I thought Museum was getting a revamp this year. It kinda needs one. Or at least a new obstacle or two.

    Saut de l’ange proves once again that sometimes it’s the simple stuff that makes the best television. Wonder what other classics ones really ought to come back. Funambule, maybe?

    And another team that pretty much crushes the keys and clues, but collapses where it counts in the treasure room.

    1. Lee

      I was curious if we were going to get the “too many clues” situation again. but they kinda needed it.

    2. David B

      Re: the treasure room, I’ve always found the final reveal the most anticlimactic part. They’re going to get 10 to 20k – so what? I’d like to see a rule where, say, if they get over a certain figure, their total is doubled. Something that feels more like a ‘win’ condition.

      1. David B

        Also, any show where they get the 9 keys early and there’s no Blanche should be instantly canned. ‘k thx bye

  33. Brig Bother Post author

    It’s a small thing, but Willy Rovelli offering a loyalty card at the end of his event makes me laugh.

    1. Matt Clemson

      Given the amount of players who have history, I do hope someone in a future series references it.

  34. Lee

    3.1 Million for this episode (22.3% Share) so on the up.

    Disappointing they don’t have consistency in the Cage. The monkey bar game was first one to complete it rather than the draw scenario.
    Good to see The Bank actually has enough time to be beat.
    5 Clues not being enough. Imagine if they had only got 2.
    Museum Door finally being used this year.

    1 changes i feel for next year.
    Prisoners should only get 1 life in the Judgement room. (As a punishment for being a prisoner)

    Week break next week due to sport. They made sure you knew about it every 20 or so minutes.

    1. Lee

      Apparently the 22.3% share is the highest its been since the Tony Parker and Eva episode back in 2009. So i guess its still as popular!

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Or no-one’s scheduling against it!

        It does feel like an easier, more entertaining watch than last year.

  35. TVs Michael Harmstone

    I did laugh a lot at Maxime’s complete non-chalance to anything he faced. He saw the infernal catapult and shrugged at the prospect of being the obvious Joker pick.

  36. Lee

    Interesting Enough were 6 episodes in with 4 to go. we still haven’t seen some popular games broadcast this year.

    Chamber Froid, Egout, The Lady Boo hanging game from last year, Mummy,
    Also not seen the submerged cage, Outside Coton Tige, The balance game where they have to get a key and swim, Doll House, Tete chercheuse, Tnt and Rocket Man.

    Kinda strange considering some of those games are played a few times each year.

  37. Lee

    Not sure if its the same Behind the scenes show or a second episode of it. But there another one on the 25th August after Team Bruno.

  38. Ryan

    Finally went searching online and found a copy of the en coulisses special to watch. Currently at the bit where Willy is making the train announcement and I hear a familiar sound… and then I remember it’s my texting alert (same as the SNCF announcement noise)! Enjoying the special so far.

  39. TVs Michael Harmstone

    Quite spectacular how both playings of Caserne this year will probably end up going down in the annals of history of being some of the worst of all time. Eve was *really* bad at it.
    Jean-Baptiste on the parallel bars though? Holy shit.

      1. Lee

        While its the first lockin in France. I believe its not the first internationally

          1. Lee

            If i recall correctly it didnt happen the time it happend either. They just blocked the gate (There was no lock on the gate back then).

            Also interesting how they seem to be sending the older contestants in. Im sure we all remember 81 Year old Lucienne Moreau back in 2014

  40. Mika

    Updating Lee’s list, since we did see TNT, Doll House, AND Mummy this episode…

    Games missing from 2017 (that aren’t known cuts):
    Verige et dependance
    Cotons-tiges exterieurs
    Chambre froide
    Cage immergee
    Tete chercheuse

    Not surprised if the first two don’t come back. And I suppose Cabine ‘replaced’ Rocket Man. Vertige was a good game to watch, even if apparently production wasn’t a fan.

      1. Mika

        //sees the Next Episode preview on Youtube

        Ahhh, well then.

        Maybe it’s cause I haven’t been seeing the previews this year since they aren’t added to the official uploads, and I know it’s beating a dead horse, but WOW this week’s preview was spoileriffic.

        1. Lee

          Im actually more glad ive been able to avoid the whole episode. They are actually a week ahead in belgium and have already aired the episode.

  41. Brig Bother Post author

    Right, going through my Twitnotes:

    * Convinced it’s only a matter of time until someone crushes their windpipe by not quite clearing the elastic on the ski jump.

    * Clearly there was some elision in finding the way out of the first chamber of the Boyard Bank, as it looked like he did it quite quickly and then the game was practically over. Definitely something off about the timing of the game, suspect a reworking next year.

    * Speaking of re-working, I’ve noticed Magic Theatre has only been played once in seven eps.

    * Caserne was hilarious.

    * The Parallel Bars Cage challenge doesn’t strike me as especially fair on the taller adult, especially as their end tends to be lower than the the kid’s end most of the time. Amazed he managed to win really.

    * As Michael points out above, to me it seems very silly to for Recycling to have been built around the principle of the Star Wars trash compactor, has jaws that suggest the walls will fully close in, then not have the walls close fully in when time runs out.

    * OMG someone chose a chance game at Judgement.

    * No Joker, although I think he got some quite hard questions – I don’t expect many people would remember Mr Sumo, or Passe-Partout’s song.

    * I like the redocorating of the Doll’s House. And now there’s a male doll as well. Intrigued that they waited until episode seven to show it all off.

    * Interesting that Croco-World has seen so many abandonments. For me it’d be the water level rather than the crocs that’d make it offputting.

    * Incredible scenes as noughts and crosses goes to a tie break.

    * You can tell a team is Treasure Room organized when they use cannonballs and still have a person stand to the side of the letter grid.

    Next week it’s Team Bruno Guillon! That’s always fun. I hope they’ve invented some sort of snake challenge especially for him.


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