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Public Opinion

Gyles sans comedy wooly jumperHosted. by. Gyles. Brandreth.

That little paragraph rather neatly (if you don't mind my saying so) sums up Public Opinion to a tee. You probably already know if it's likely to appeal to you or not.

In Public Opinion, six fading celebs (and they've got to be a little bit fading for the show to work really, we reckon) are shown four words on the Wall of Fear. These four words were the words most used by members of the public when used to describe one of the six celebrities and they usually but not exclusively carry nagative connotations. The celebs try and work out which one of them the words are relating to.

Guests: Paul Daniels, Jim Bowen, Dani Behr, Paul Burrell, John Fashnu, Richard ParkOne word is revealed in each round and Brandreth tries to question each celeb as to how that word could relate to them, usually with regards to a news story the celeb might have been involved with. He doesn't tend to pull his punches and what we have is chat show in the form of a loose parlour game really and usually self-pitying celebs.

At the end of each round a celeb is asked to give their opinion on who they think the celeb being described is. At the end of all the rounds each celeb is asked to guess which one of them they think it is. And which one of them is flamboyant, naive, infuriating and tragic?Drum roll, the envelope is opened, and normally there's one quite surprised celebrity who thinks none of the words apply to them really.

Erm, the quality of the show is largely dependant on the guests they have on it really, which is a bit of a cop out critical point but there you go. Jim Bowen and Paul Daniels on one week trumps Rhona Cameron, Craig Charles and Daniella Westbrook on another week in terms of interest and fun.

It's Paul Daniels! Apparently. Interestingly they all thought it was the irritating Paul Burrell, but there you go. That's public opinion for you.In summary then: it's y'know, OK. Not really much of a gameshow. It might make you smile and think a bit, or possibly it won't. Crikey! What a cop out, frankly.