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Hole in the Wall
(2008, Nine Network, Fremantle, Australia)

Thanks to Youtube, the Brain Wall bit off of Tonneruzu no Minasan no Okage deshita became a worldwide internet sensation. And now everybody wants a piece of the action.

Whilst every country brings their own set and format rules to the table, the basic idea of getting through holes remains. Here's the Aussie take.

The opening sequence includes a fly-by of a computer representation of the set. Although the actual set isn't as big as this, there's only crowd at the end of the runway in real life.

And you can see the laser cutting out the title, there.

Good work on the theme composer's mark to get the "ZING! ZING! ZING!" countdown thing into the theme tune.

Our host Jules Lund.

"The deepest thing about this show is the pool!"

Our two teams come running down the tunnel in the standard shiny outfits.

This week it's the hosts of the ARL Footy Show against the NRL version.

Each player gets their own stats card thing, with them changing into their shiny suit.
"I actually like you in that outfit, you look like a galvanized gimp!"

And this is what it's all for, the Hole in the Wall champion's trophy. The winners will also get to donate $10,000 to the charity of their choice.

The two models on the show (one male, one female) are dressed as lifeguards.

Every version of the show seems to have this explanation film, albeit with slightly differing colours.
To make it extra funny, this week they've filled the pool... WITH ICE!

OK, Round one is a three player team wall and the team scores one point for every member that gets through.

Like international versions of the show, you must attempt to make the shape to qualify. The Aussies are a bit more lenient on passing people if bits of the wall break off, though.

The traditional ZING! ZING! ZING! countdown.

And as you can see, because it's footy week, the wall is themed.

Two people get through...

... but one ends up in the drink.

Each attempt gets a replay. You can see a computer representation of the solution in the bottom corner.

It seems like Lund commentates on the replay in post and effects are also added for "comedy". It being Australia, cheeky nudge nudge references to homosexuality and blatant references to people being fat are the norm.

And there are the scores in the corner and indeed on the screens behind them.

The other team then get a go.

I mean, that's Hole in the Wall really, but we'll show off some quirks of the Aussie version. Round two is the two player hole, both players must get through to score two points, if one person falls in the team scores nothing. They've sort of wedged themselves in here.
Round three's a bit different each week as each week there's a twist. On this episode, both players are going to have to do it backwards. For this first wall, the audience are going to make the shape and the player must try and copy them.
With the obvious inevitable and hilarious consequences.

The other guy gets a mirror to look into. With the obvious inevitable and hilarious consequences.

Passing the twist round is worth three points.

The fourth and final round is another three player event with the wall coming at double speed. If all three get through, the team get five points.

This one might seem a bit easy but that's because they managed to knock the middle column out of it. But they were given it anyway, probably because it helps the final round.

The team with the most points has to make the decision whether to pass or play the final wall - the Megawall. Get through it and you win the whole game, lose and you lose it. They don't get to see the wall before making a decision.

This week (but not apparently every week) it's a three player one. All three must get through to win.

Unfortunately they didn't so the victory goes to the AFL Footy Show who win a trophy, money for charity AND! medals.

So there we are.