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If the official Twitter is happy enough to advertise it, I don’t see any harm in linking to it myself – episode two of Million Dollar Mind Game, the US take on the famous Russian What? Where? When? format with amateur American football player Vernon Kay.

Chris M Dickson of the parish pretty much sums up what I think of it right here. It’s a pity ABC didn’t have the confidence in it, but I’m pleased it is actually seeing the light of day. Although having seen the end of episode one, they could do with drawing out the voting a bit less when they take the money.

33 thoughts on “MDMG

  1. Joe

    Quite a good show, this. ABC should have aired it in primetime.

    Vote for Million Pound Drop: Hall of Fame Winner!

    1. Chris

      Its worth pointing out Joe that only new shows qualify for the hall of fame – MPD can only win the Golden Five

    2. David B

      Fun fact of the day: last year, OC got 138% more votes than MPD.

      Frankly, I’d welcome the competition.

  2. Andy "Kesh" Sullivan

    Wow, someone’s actually playing High Stakes really well. I just thought everyone would use their clues, get to £25k and leave. This guy has taken risks all the way through so far, and it’s paying off.

    1. Andy "Kesh" Sullivan

      And he’s just lost. He stepped on 88 and it was trapped.

    2. David Howell

      It’s perfectly legitimate to play for £25k, certainly enough to say that going out all guns blazing shouldn’t necessarily be inferred as “playing really well” while the £25k approach isn’t – but it certainly made a change to see that strategy come out. It’s EV+ even if it’s negative-utility for many (most?) people.

      And the end of the show tonight was both bizarre on one level and a great justification for straddling games on the other. When I saw the clock and state of play at the final adbreak I was very confused for a bit…

      1. Andy "Kesh" Sullivan

        I never said it wasn’t legitimate to play for 25k, I just thought it’s what most if not all the players would do which would make the show boring. To see someone taking risks early on to get the lower levels out of the way to make the higher money more viable was what surprised me. By my saying ‘playing really well’, I was merely saying he had taken 4 risks in a row and they all paid off.

        Chalk my words up to ‘hands before brain’ too 😀

        1. David Howell

          Haha, nice self-depreciating reply at the end there. 🙂

          But yes, he was on a roll (albeit through sheer luck so hard to say it was great gameplay :D), and for a while it looked like we were going to be in for a big-money finish.

          Second contestant probably planned one way of playing the game and then got into a rhythm of using clues – as I’ve said before, ten clues to £25k is the path of least resistance, and a lot of people will follow such a path under the studio lights whether it’s cautious (like this) or risky (“going all the way” on DoND). Credit the other player for at least taking a different tack, and I’d have liked to have seen how his clues would have been used later on.

  3. Alex

    And now 71 Degrees North has a fantastic catchphrase of “Jackson! Show us yer klaxon!”


    1. Joe

      Who won this series of 71 Degrees North? Haven’t had time to see the last few episodes but I hope it was Amy.

      Vote for Million Pound Drop: Golden Five Winner!

      1. Alex


        Rav. Amy came third after being eliminated in the underwater ice-swim.

    2. Des Elmes

      This series of 71DN hasn’t excited many, though… except perhaps for those males who like Charlotte… 😉

  4. Des Elmes

    “Vote for Million Pound Drop: Golden Five Winner!”

    Well, at least two of my votes will be going on a show that has starters and bonuses… 😉 😉

    It might not be getting all three, though – we’re already halfway through the current series in terms of matches, and just two of the 18 have been really good. 😕

    And last Monday’s match between Birmingham and Newcastle was a bloody disappointment… 😡 🙁

  5. Joe

    Endemol are looking for experienced Casting Researchers and an Assistant Producer to join them on a new, live, gameshow for Channel 4. So if you are one of those and reading this page, please email

    The BJ begins in January.

    1. Joe

      Brig Bother please tweet this. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to work on an up and coming, high quality, exciting gameshow for a major broadcaster. I’m sure some of your followers would be interested in applying to this potential Hall of Fame 2012 Winner. Cheers.
      Don’t forget to Vote for Million Pound Drop in Golden 5 for 2011.

        1. Mart with an Y not an I

          You’re right. I’m already bored of Joe effectivly canvasing for an Endemol show to win the best game show for 2011. It could be a very long Novemeber and December around here.

          And whilst we are on the subject – Joe, why are you posting job adverts for your former employer on here?

          1) You’ve admitted last month, that Endemol had to let you go recently, so if my employers did that across me – I wouldn’t be too accomdating in helping them out filling vacant posts within the company on a gameshow fourm..


          2) I take it you’ve already applied for one of the two vacant positions?

          1. Joe

            Okay, sorry I won’t post the subliminal Vote For messages anymore.

          2. Joe

            If I had Twitter I’d send it to you. I don’t have Twitter because I don’t want to pay for the sign up fee.

          3. Joe

            Okay, I will sign up to Twitter in the next few days and send you a link. Twitter is a great place for communicating with people according to the hype but I’m not convinced. I’ll give it a go though.

          4. Des Elmes

            Dare I say this – but I’m not a Twitter person myself… 😳 😕 😳 😕

          5. Brig Bother Post author

            You don’t have to be. But I have very good reasons to believe Joe already is in some form and I don’t approve of being lied to.

  6. The Banker's Nephew

    I know the odds are something like 1 in 424242424242.96, is there any way to hear the music used in the WWTBAM pilot?

    1. David B

      There were snatches of it to be heard in the documentary they did on the making of WWTBAM.


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