De Claudias

By | May 25, 2022

Look it’s sort of a pun on De Verraders, alright?

Claudia’s putting her unique spin on #hostwiththeirarmsfolded here.

Anyway Claudia Winkleman’s the host of The Traitors, which is legitimately quite an interesting choice.

Basically a large scale game of Mafia/Werewolf, The Traitors sees an informed minority try to survive against an ignorant majority in a series of dramatic votes and strategic takedowns. Money is collectively earned in The Mole-esque challenges, but crucially everyone is playing collectively in these tasks, and it will be split at the end of the series by the surviving Faithful, alternatively if a Traitor survives until the end they’ll get it (or split it) for themselves. There are also tasks, ways and means to earn immunity from the votes (and indeed being ‘murdered’ by a Traitor).

We know it’s going to be 12-episodes, it remains to be seen how it might play out if the Traitors get eliminated early (in the first Dutch series, the first eliminated Traitor was replaced but I don’t know if that’d fly here). Presumably there will be one or two challenges per episode (£120k is the max prize) book ended by eliminations, if they start changing that formula it might make the ending a bit of a foregone conclusion.

Basically plenty of questions and intrigue to come, then, we have the outline and now we’re extremely interested in seeing the implementation.

Challenge Anneka is BACK

By | May 23, 2022

And it’s going to be on Channel 5!

We’re so excited. But we hope that put the balance back slightly more towards Doing Logistics than full on human interest stories that the recent(-ish) ITV specials were more about.

Win the value of a Boyard (about €10)

By | May 21, 2022

They finished filming this year’s Fort Boyard just yesterday and so for the first time I’m doing a competition!

Thanks to Reality TV Warriors’ Michael Harmstone for doing the maths (also blame him if they’re wrong), we’ve worked out that of the players who have already played FOUR or more times going into this season, the highest earning by mean average is the legendary Élodie Gossuin who will be playing for the 11th time who has an average win of €15,633.10, and lowest scoring veteran (playing for her fifth time) is Rebecca Hampton who has an average of €11,257.50. A difference of €4,375.60.

Your job is to guess what the difference in final score will be between their teams in their 2022 episodes. For final score we’re including any other bits of business – Masked Warrior bonus, Toujours Plus Fort, anything extra that may or may not have come to light yet. It’s your job to do the research. A team that loses will score whatever the house minimum is this year plus bonuses.

Here is the Google Form for you to send your answers.

The prize is the value of a Boyard as suggested on the show, which we’ll call €10 or sterling equivalent of after the second of the two teams goes out. You must have a PayPal account if you’re outside the UK. You must not be affiliated with the production. One entry per person, I reserve the right to disqualify entries, no correspondence will be entered into. Entries will close 2200 UK time on Friday 27th May.

You can see all of this year’s teams on Fan Fort Boyard.

Good luck!

Radio’s joining in

By | May 19, 2022

For years, radio had steadfastly refused to join with #hostholdingaquestioncard the KEY quiz show promo shot of the last fifty years.

However looking at Brain of Britain‘s ticketing site and we’re THRILLED to see Russell Davies taking part in 2022’s HOTTEST quiz show promo shot.

Who will it be next? Will it be Gambo? Fried onion rings? You’ll have to wait and see.

Where were you when the gameshow genre died?

By | May 16, 2022

You were probably hammering the nails into the coffin to be honest.

What’s that? A new show on Netflix that’s a bit like Bullshit which is extremely mediocre? With Ellie Taylor and Danny Dyer? That nobody will watch? It’s the future of television.

In other news Beat the Chasers is on tonight and all week with added Supernerd. I hope the audience takes to him, although I’m still not sure BtC is the correct way to introduce him. Still, though.