By | September 22, 2021

Quite a lot to unpack here.

ITV have commissioned R¿dd?culous (i.e. Riddiculous) to be hosted by Good Morning Britain‘s Ranvir Singh and Henry Lewis from The Goes Wrong Show as the richardosman, where teams must answer questions to unlock riddles and win big cash prizes.

Some fab Boring Press Release Quotage in the press release, but top marks for deciding that its end game, Henry’s Riddle Run, is already ‘iconic’ – can’t remember the last time a show called one of its own elements iconic before it had even been made but I miss those days. If you’re reading from East Media, and you did it deliberately, do get in touch and collect your jackpot.

It’s due for weekday afternoons and sounds like it might be quite fun.

New host “thing”

By | September 21, 2021

Amusingly, Stephen Mulhern who normally does this is #hostpointingtoaquestioncoin in this picture.


Who will be the first #hostinitiatingtakeoffwhilstholdingaquestioncard?

Happy All Of The Shows Are Back This Week Week!

By | September 20, 2021

It seems to get later and later every year doesn’t it?

In other news, GamesMaster films 4-6th October at the Cross Ness Engines Trust at Thames Water, tickets can be procured from SRO.

To be clear I still have misgivings about the point of bringing the show back, however what a brilliant location for it, a Victorian pumping house, harking back to the Games Rig of its second series, it looks absolutely beautiful. A self-styled cathedral of engineering. Love it.

In other news Limitless Win films 4th-6th at the beautiful but in a very different way Elstree. Tickets can be obtained through Applause Store.

The Wisdom of Crowds: BB’s No Limit Competition

By | September 18, 2021

[Side note, we’re watchalonging Schlag den Star in the BB Discord from 7:15pm UK tonight (i.e. Saturday), do come and join us.]

Alright, I asked, you answered in your tens (literally thirty of you). We asked you what you thought the mean average prize for Ant and Dec’s upcoming Limitless Win would be, and as a tie-break the amount of the highest rung of the ladder attained. The forms are locked and loaded, and thanks to Google Spreadsheets I can tell you what you collectively thought.


RANGE: £8,560 – £487,500
Mean Avg Guess: £104,695.53
Median Guess: £69,500


RANGE: £45,000 – £8,500,000
Mean Avg Guess: £1,620,459.20
Median Guess: £1,125,000

The show tapes next month, I think those are very plausible numbers. Let’s hope there’s a bit more to it than “we’re going to give away lots of money” because that’s not a guarantee of, well, anything really, but that is now the bar it has set itself. We’ll find out who’s won… next year!

Squid Game is out on Netflix today

By | September 17, 2021

Fans of Deathgame Mystery Dramas rejoice, the newest one from Korea launches on Netflix today, Squid Game, where 456 people compete in eliminatory kids games with a deadly twist and one will remain to win a lifechanging amount of cash.

Obviously this ticks a lot of my boxes, and along with the excellent Alice in Borderland it’s been a good year for Deathgame Mystery Dramas on Netflix, which already was doing quite well with 3%.

Also well done to Agatha Christie who basically invented the Deathgame Mystery Drama and the eliminatory reality format with And Then There Were None.

Also! A reminder that it’s Schlag den Star tomorrow from 7:15pm UK and we’ll be watching along in the Discord as usual – likely the penultimate one of the year as The Masked Singer is about to take over Pro7’s Saturday nights.

Finally it’s your last chance to enter the Bother’s Bar There’s No Limit Competition to win a BIG CASH PRIZE, entries close 23:59 tonight.