Show Discussion: The Wheel

By | November 27, 2020

Saturdays, 8:30pm,

Michael McIntyre can’t do his Big Show this year for COVID reasons, so they’ve come up with a new format for him, where three members of the public can win a huge amount of money with the help (or not) of seven celebrities.

One of three members of the public is randomly spun into the game and answer questions to build up a cash pot. Get a question wrong and they’re placed back in the pool. Whoever is in the hotseat the end of the show gets to win half the pot, the pot, or double the pot depending on if they answer the final question with the help of the best performing, most average, or worst performing celeb.

It certainly has quite the set. But does it have quite the format? Let us know what you think in the comments.

As ever, a chance to do better than me out of Bother’s Bar

By | November 24, 2020

Back in 2013 Studio Lambert redefined the gameshow genre with Million Second Quiz. Now YOU can work for them (for eight weeks).

Do you love TV? Could you help create the next #Gogglebox or #TheCircle?

We’re seeking bright, brilliant and ambitious people to apply for out exciting Unscripted Development Trainee Programme.

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Deadline closes – 30th November 2020

Aussie Survivor is on Amazon Prime UK

By | November 22, 2020

About a month ago I was alerted to the idea that Netflix had bought the rights to two series of US Survivor, to begin streaming last week. Unfortunately for us, it turns out this was US Netflix only.

So this is a bit of a surprise this evening:

It’s the third series of the most recent Survivor reboot – they’ve tried it a few times in Australia but this time it seems to have stuck, and from the sound of the fans this is a great series as well. Gosh and blimey.

Fans of the Bar ten-fifteen years ago will remember we were well into US Survivor at one point, but as I got increasingly time poor and the show became a bit more of a chore I stopped being bothered enough to jump through the necessary hoops to watch. Now I can just do it through my TV I’m well in.

However this is burying the lede somewhat, it also suggested Redneck Island with Stone Cold Steve Austin, a show we quite liked the first episode of back in 2012, only to not bother tuning in for any of the rest, so perhaps we’ll give it another go.

It’s almost like they *knew* my renewal was up to day. Pity had I fork out for the latest series of Wentworth [Prison] on Apple TV.

Using your skill and judgement, can you beat OUR skill and judgement?

By | November 22, 2020

So Dan Peake did this during our Schlag stream last night and it’s a pretty fun exercise. He’s taken a stack of Millionaire questions and shuffled the order. We’re going to go through them. However at the end we’re then going to attempt to put them in the as seen on TV order. There’s a group of about ten of us, one of whom is professional quiz setter David B, how will we do and can we learn anything about how Millionaire difficulty is constructed along the way?

If you want to play along at home, feel free to watch the first playthrough of the questions. You’ll then see a list with all the questions. Pause it and write down which question you think would have which question value. Then you can watch us argue over it. You score:

  • Three points if you’re bang on.
  • Two points if you’re one level out.
  • One point if you’re two levels out.

The answers and our score are revealed at the end. How did you do? Be honest!

Many thanks to Dan Peake for putting this together, and apparently coming up with a perfectly timed 60 minute commercial format if my very quick and dirty editing timings are right.

BB Schlag den Star Watchalong 21/11/2020

By | November 20, 2020

Saturday, 7:15pm (UK) 8:15 (CET),
Pro Sieben and naughty internet streaming

Yo, what are you doing this evening? Not much these days I bet! So why not join us as two celebs battle it out for €100,000 in an empty studio across fifteen mystery games, one of which will be Blamieren oder Kassieren, live on German television?

As ever we will have our Discord open for live chat and quizzing and gossip and stuff. Remember it’s a privilege not a right so behave yourselves. To avoid cutting out, we advise turning Auto-sensitivity off and setting it to -85dB or so in your settings.

THIS EPISODE! It’s pop star Stefanie Hertel vs influenser Cathy Hummels, with music from Ria Garvey X VIZE and Gentleman!

The link to the Youtube commentary stream will be live here from 7:15pm until end of broadcast.

This stream is commentary only. You will need to have a naughty stream running at the same time for the visuals. We are likely to be about 15-20 seconds behind the visual stream (and about a full minute behind if you’re watching an actual satellite feed), sorry.

The Opera VPN has apparently stopped being useful for SdS. Bother’s Bar recommends shelling out for a proper VPN service. Bother’s Bar uses ExpressVPN, other VPN services are available. Matt Clemson recommends Windscribe as a free alternative. We cannot take responsibility for anything you do to your system, so be careful and use some common sense.

To watch it would be useful to sign up for ProSieben’s catch-up service – it’s pretty simple to work out, don’t click the box if you don’t want e-mail messages. You will need to put in a proper e-mail because it will send you a confirmation. 

If anyone knows of any relatively safe livestreams, do feel free to share.