We’ve got a Youtube channel, and occasionally we put things out on it – live commentaries of Schlag den Star, own brand versions of awesome international formats that “they” won’t make, original ideas as well as playlists of events we’ve been involved with run by other people.

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Here are some examples of recent things, click the links to jump directly to the playlists:

Bother’s Bar Does Что? Где? Когда?

What? Where? When? is a lateral thinking quiz game played on Russian television since 1975 where viewers set tricky questions to try and stump a panel of experts. The idea was adapted for the US under the title Million Dollar Mind Game.

The Smartest Person at Bother’s Bar

This is our very own version of Flemish format De Slimste Mens ter Wereld, played and broadcast live. Unfortunately we couldn’t do it as a winners-stay-on thing like the original, but watch this space for series two!

Bother’s Bar’s Game Night

A panel of people spend an evening playing games of wit, knowledge and bluff from the awesome Jackbox Games collection streamed live so the audience can play along and affect proceedings, the panel earn points for their performance and then a winner is declared in the evening’s arbitrary mystery final.

Bother’s Bar Plays Badly

We playtest gameshow based videogames both new and old, and then try and see if we can work them as live internet multiplayer games through the magic of Google Hangout (5fps!) and Discord. With hilarious consequences!

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