It’s the Eurovision Finals!

By | May 13, 2022

That’s right! The stage doesn’t work, the microphones make all the vocals sound like they’re being sung underwater and lots of the good songs have already been knocked out in the semis, but on the plus side Our Boy has a good voice, we’ve got the fun possibility of Ver Fans tying themselves up in knots proclaiming how there’s not and has never been politics in the Eurovision SONG Contest ACTUALLY when Ukraine win and at least there’s a possibility that we get Petra and Mans to host next year.

Basically I’m quite annoyed that not having used it for so long Betfair Exchange are having to verify me when you can *right now* put a tenner on Moldova to win at 450 (up to the tenner currently on offer being laid). Someone was offering 750 earlier, but it looks like there’s a bit of volume in the market around the 200-1 area. All I’m saying is: fun song, great position in the running order.

Show Discussion: The Games

By | May 9, 2022

Monday to Friday, 9pm,

Well it’s been delayed several times, it’s gone through several name changes (I’m told this was going under The Real Olympics at one point when it was due to up against the actual Olympics, which is certainly a choice, then The Real Games which is terrible) before seemingly landing on what it always was, what looks like Initial, an Endemol company, accidentally rebooting The Games (one of its own franchises) on another channel.

But we loved The Games! So this is alright by us. Really old-school readers will remember that one of our first stories eighteen-years ago was enquiring whether Harvey from So Solid Crew was the fastest man in pop. Unfortunately the timing couldn’t be worse for us this week, a combination of late-night working in my real-life job (The Real Job) keeping places open for students to revise for finals and Eurovision semi-finals means I don’t know how and when I’ll be able to actually watch the damn thing, happily it’s not 90 minutes every night, and in an improvement on the original looks like everybody will be doing two sports an evening (mainly because some of the sporting action was pre-recorded the week just gone).

I like a lot of what they’ve with the promo pictures and branding, I’m hoping they’ve kept the old theme tune and background music which was incredible. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Bother’s Bar Plays Badly: The 1% Club

By | May 8, 2022

Surprise cash-in launch on mobile, is it any good?

There’s a microtransaction sting in the tail – you need to spend 10,000 coins *every time* you want to get to the 1% questions if you want to see them again, the price of those coins and to remove the advert is 89p on Android.


By | May 3, 2022

Well that didn’t last long.

Here’s what we wrote on February 21st 2021:

Anne Robinson’s the new permanent host of Countdown.

When Nick Hewer took over we thought “that is an interesting piece of stunt casting” – he went on to host it for almost a decade and is now retiring at 77. Clearly this is also an interesting piece of stunt casting, we’d be lying if we said this didn’t grab our attention and are quite intrigued by the prospect, but she’s only six months younger than Hewer so this can’t be a long term thing, surely?

According to The Mirror:

Over the past 12 months there’s been several reports of Robinson clashing with her co-star Rachel Riley, but this has been widely denied.

Robinson, who recorded 265 episodes of the show, said of her decision to quit: “I’ve had a blast hosting this wonderful show. And I stayed longer than I signed up for. Now it is time for an older woman to take the reins.

“I hope too I’ve encouraged TV bosses to realise that not all women at the wrong end of their seventies are in care homes playing bingo and watching conjuring tricks,” she continued.

Alright then, who’s next? The book probably says Colin Murray, but the book said Colin Murray last time. People have already suggested Jeff Stelling again, but he’s unretiring and staying on Sky Sports for a bit longer yet. Do they want a longer-term host or are they happy with regular bits of stunt casting? Perhaps they should beat Celebrity Lingo to the punch and hire RuPaul. If only Sir Trev wasn’t 82-ish.

It’s Schlag Saturday

By | April 29, 2022

Bored on Saturday night? Join us on the Discord from 7:15pm UK as we’ll be following two German celebs playing 15 mystery games vying to win €100,000 on ProSieben’s LIVE Schlag den Star.

This episode, actor Frederick Lau vs rapper Materia, who unusually will be competing and also will be one of the musical acts alongside Die Toten Hosen.

Unless someone gets COVID again last minute. Like the last two episodes.

A breakdown of the first episode of Netflix’s Bullshit

By | April 28, 2022


  • 40% Howie Mandel going “OMG we’re playing Bullshit I just can’t believe this isn’t it incredible?”
  • 40% people going “well he looked up and to the right so he’s clearly lying.”
  • 20% Fibbage-esque trivia quiz.

I mean, it’s basically fine – it looks like a gameshow, it hits the same beats of a gameshow, but it’s unmemorable from a presentation and game point of view, it lacks any sort of unique voice that means you might deliberately seek it out.

It’s basically Celebrity Squares without the jokes. The hotseat player has to answer multiple choice questions, and after secretly discovering if they’re right or wrong justify their answer to a panel of three others who must each decide whether you’re telling the truth or bullshitting. The hotseat player succeeds if they either got the question right, in which case it’s largely irrelevant what the panel thought (except for the panel, as the person who correctly ascertains whether the hotseat player is right or wrong thoughout the best becomes the next hotseat player – determined as a percentage rather than a straight points score because American), or if they convince at least one of the panel thought they were telling the truth. Each question the Hotseat player survives takes them up the money ladder, where if they’re especially lucky they’ll get the chance to gamble the best part of $750k for $1m.

I don’t mind the answer justifications so much, but what slows the game down is the justifying the agree/disagree response angle – sometimes all three will talk through their decision and I really couldn’t care less.

There’s probably a decent 80s daytime celebrity panel game in it, as it is I’m not sure who’s going out of their way to watch it.