Upcoming Bother’s Bar Excitement

By | January 11, 2021

Nobody’s going out, so here’s a line-up of some stuff coming up over the next month!

  • Sunday 17th January 9pm – Poll Of The Year Results! Join us LIVE for our annual star-studded event! Find out what YOU voted for, what were the best and worst formats of the last year?
  • Sunday 24th January 9pm – Bother’s Bar’s Award Winning Game Night! A change of day to avoid clashes with more popular Game Nights, we’ll play your favourite games and find out for the first time which Arbitrary Final gets a second go around.
  • Saturday 30th January – Schlag den Star! It’s our next Watchalong!
  • Sunday 7th February – A LIVE mystery event! What’s fourth in the sequence? Pencil it in your diary, you’ll find out soon enough!


By | January 10, 2021

Thanks for all of your Poll of the Year votes! Look out for the STAR-STUDDED live reveal and write-up soon. I can say that numbers were well up on last year so I will look forward to collating everything in the next few days.

Thanks also to everybody who voted in the Bother’s Bar Game Night Awards as well, you’ll be seeing what’s going on with that soon. I can’t believe How Much Is The Thing? only got a single vote though.

Show Discussion: Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown

By | January 9, 2021

Saturdays, 10pm,

To be honest I’m not expecting much lively discussion for this, it’s basically a panel show by the looks of things albeit one where it might get competitive.

It does mark though, I believe, the first time Paul has fronted his own TV show and it feels surprising that it’s taken someone this long with a stand-up comedy background as well as a considerable quiz following to be given a format – although we can’t rule out the possibility that he might have turned things down behind the scenes. At least he gets a third coloured suit to be on TV with now.

The press release promises a “quiz with a difference” and if that difference is anything other than “it’s Telly Addicts… but with celebrities!” we’ll be surprised and shocked. We bloody loved Telly Addicts back in the day though, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

The Hustler

By | January 6, 2021

Sidenote, don’t forget Poll of the Year closes Saturday night, and also closing then is the Bother’s Bar Game Night Awards poll, so remember to get your votes in.

The Hustler had a “series preview” on Monday ahead of Thursday’s “season premiere” because American TV is mental. It’s a format devised by Richard Bacon of 19 Keys fame and once again Stephen Lambert is on hand to redefine the gameshow genre in exec producer role, this time it’s another Quiz Whodunnit where one person knows all the answers to the questions but must avoid detection whilst also adding money to the pot they could take home.

Let’s get this out of the way first – the production on it is superb – I love the Victorian library set, the vibe, the fonts, all that. I love that losing contestants get shoved out of secret doors (albeit in a comically rubbish manner). I think Craig Ferguson is absolutely terrific, the Crystal Maze host who never was.

Five people work together as a team to answer multiple choice questions that one of them definitely knows the answer to as they relate to their interests. There are ten questions, each one preceded by a fact about the Hustler, the first nine worth $10,000, the last one doubling or halving the pot. At various points during the game, The Hustler gets to secretly determine which two players get sent home. At the end the final three have a discussion, if the two contestants can unanimously agree on who The Hustler is, they split the pot between them. If not, the Hustler wins it all to themselves. The Hustler, then, is trying to lead the team into getting questions right to put money in the pot without giving away their position.

There’s a pretty immediate issue that comes across – everybody is encouraged to discuss and find The Hustler through the clues given, but The Hustler then gets to eliminate people without recourse, so you’re punished for Doing The Thing the game wants you to do to win. This doesn’t seem quite right – sitting in the background would be the best strategy but it’s not much fun. Because of the way the prize structure works there also doesn’t seem to be much in the way of incentive for The Hustler to do something gutsy except possibly the final question. Maybe if each question had an increasing value they’d be more inclined to stick their neck out, as it is, apart from a few times they asked “is $x,000 enough?” it’s easy to get too comfortable, and there are diminishing returns.

Did I at any point really care who The Hustler was? Not really. But there’s enough entertaining stuff going on that it’s not a washout by any means.

All Quiz Whodunnits in the past have worked on the premise that somebody’s got all the answers. But what if they actually did it like The Mole and the villain had to persuade the team to get answers wrong to earn themselves money? After all, the more successful ideas based on this sort of thing understands that everybody messes up from time to time, but who’s doing it deliberately?

The Poll of the Year 2020 is now OPEN

By | January 2, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! TV Production has faced many, many difficult challenges this year making things under a pandemic, and now it’s time to ruthlessly decide who coped with it best in the annual Poll of the Year.

You can go straight to the Google Form if you know what you’re doing.

Edit: Beat the Chasers begins its second run tonight from 9pm and continues daily, I’m not going to bother with a second Show Discussion post, it’s likely changes are minimal. Here’s the original.