Show Discussion: Taskmaster S10

By | October 15, 2020

Thursdays, 9pm,
Channel 4

And so we’re finally here, it’s moved from Dave to Channel 4 and we’ll finally be able to find out if this changes the show for the better or worse.

Not that it will be a fair fight, this (and the next) series have been filmed under COVID conditions, with audience reaction recorded from cinema screenings recently.

Our gladiators over the next ten weeks:

  • Daisy May Cooper
  • Johnny Vegas
  • Mawaan Rizwan
  • Richard Herring
  • Katherine Parkinson

What I will say is that it’s got a great promo picture.

Stool Pigeon: October 2020: The RESULTS

By | October 12, 2020

Alright, let’s see what you’ve sent in…

  • Rat in the Kitchen – the latest Possessed hit – is coming. It’s a weekly mini The Mole-meets-Masterchef and has a pilot already filmed with Ms. Giedroyc.


  • Almost as soon as the US one was announced, a UK revival of Weakest Link based on the new US version was definitely being considered, but in the last week or so that seems to have stopped, it’s not been confirmed what’s happening with that either way.

I’m wondering what happened to the impetus the Children in Need special had three years ago? People seemed to like it (even though it was frankly a bit rubbish, not unlike the US one) and it rated pretty decently and it sounded like Anne was up for making more. It actually had many of the same issues – quizzing too slow, chain was rubbish, seemingly little thought put into formatting. Kudos to the person who almost got one through suggesting up and coming host Ross Clark was being lined up for a revival, until I remembered who Ross Clark was.

  • Nickelodeon’s Crystal Maze will air January 2021, nothing is changing in its production other than masks worn by crew during filming and cleaning of each zone during stop downs and transitions. It’s not really juicy gossip, just a surprise considering Fort Boyard 2020, but then again. I guess the family is inside their own household bubble so.
  • I have had some info from a Viacom insider regarding their contingency plans in regards to the American Crystal Maze Series if they cannot get to the UK within the next 6 months. They are considering building their own set and will be located in a secret location. From my understanding i believe it will be filmed in a airhangar similar to how supermarket sweep (US) was filmed earlier this year.

I think we’d all like to see what an American Crystal Maze set would look and feel like – I imagine the main thing would be keeping Adam and the families apart which might be quite difficult if the windows are all in the doors and whatever.

You’d think Richard Ayoade would be in his element hosting a socially distanced version. As it turns out, there are still six celeb episodes filmed 18 months ago that still haven’t been shown yet, except on Australian cable.

  • Some discussion being had of international versions of Taskmaster ending up on All4. Likely to just be Taskmaster: New Zealand if anything, but there had been discussion of the Scandinavian versions also.

I would be very intrigued by the take-up if this is true. It sounds like the Scandinavian versions are viewed pretty positively from those who have seen them.

  • I have heard that the Dutch Mol filmed or films in Germany. Based on my source I am not entirely sure, whether this is true or whether they mistook the Dutch with the Belgians, but it seems about 80% sure that one of them filmed or films in Germany.

I’ve also heard Norway and Switzerland are possible locations for either as well.

  • Darragh Ennis set to debut on The Chase on Tuesday 20th October.

You heard it here first! Unless it’s wrong.

  • Pilot made recently for ITV called ‘Headstrong‘; a cross between Ninja Warrior and WWTBAM. Answer a question, attack the obstacle course. I hear that the contestants they had were fine with the questions but not so good with the assault course and nobody completed it over a very long day of recording!

This sounds like a fun idea!

  • A nest full of dead ospreys was found near where The Bridge was filmed. Production naturally got the blame, so they had to pay for a vet to do a post-mortem, which determined that they died long before the crew turned up.

I have no idea if this is true or not but I love the story.

  • Richard Bacon BBC daytime quiz “Spinning Around” has a pilot coming up. Main game looks to be somewhat roulette themed.


And that’s all the weather! FOR NOW.

Stool Pigeon: October 2020

By | October 12, 2020

By popular demand! I’m opening the Stool Pigeon for your Autumn/Winter gossip. You know the drill, send in your anonymous gossip, I’m not going to print rubbish, the box will be open until 9pm tonight.

Box closed! Look out for the results soon.

Show Discussion: The Bridge

By | October 11, 2020
*whispers* TRUST NOBODY.

Sundays, 9pm,
Channel 4

And so the show that we thought might have been a reboot of Survivor but isn’t begins, instead a UK version of a French flop where twelve people must build a 250m bridge within a time limit to a pontoon with £100,000 on it then decide amongst themselves who gets to keep it. This was actually filmed in a COVID bubble quite recently.

We can’t watch the first one live, but will watch on catch-up. Meanwhile you can leave your thoughts in a comment. If you want.

Will it build a bridge to our hearts?

The Cube Stats

By | October 10, 2020

Incredible work from FOTB Daniel Hurst (@danielmarkhurst), a complete collection of stats for the original run of The Cube, in time for the new series next week.

Points of note:

  • Barrier is obviously the most used game, being played a whopping 21 times. It felt like a *lot* more.
  • Meanwhile there are *forty* games that have only been played once, and a further 22 that have only been played twice. What a waste of effort!
  • The Bell Curve of Boring. It’s something that affects most if not all money ladder shows and has done even since Millionaire, and the force is strong in this one – over two thirds of the outcomes are on the middle three rungs. As the results get more predictable, it becomes far less entertaining to watch – everyone stops in the same place. TV needs to get a lot smarter going forward to combat this.

Great work Daniel. The Million Pound Cube starts next Saturday at 9pm.

And that means I’m *likely* to move Bother’s Bar Game Night from 9pm to 10pm to avoid clashing such a momentous event. More details in a few days.

Meanwhile, I’m going to run another community game of Among Us tomorrow (Sunday) from 9pm – just turn up in the Discord voice chat and play. It won’t be recorded.

Finally, I’m opening up the Stool Pigeon on Monday for your Autumn/Winter industry goss. Exciting!