The !mpossible app is out

By | August 29, 2019

The Barnstorm !mpossible app is out, might try and do a video this evening. Note: Search your app store with the exclamation mark or you’ll never find it. Edit: probably best to just go to tbh. Android coming soon. Edit Edit Edit: Now out. Edit Edit Edit Edit: It’s now just Impossible without the exclamation mark.

Edit Edit: as if by magic (the mic’s a bit quiet, sorry)

£1.99 at time of recording.

Don’t forget it’s Bother’s Bar’s GAME NIGHT on Saturday from 9pm, do join us!

And finally, a proper advert for Supermarket Sweep. Starts 9th September and runs weekdaily for four weeks on ITV2.

17 thoughts on “The !mpossible app is out

  1. Daniel Williams

    I have a guess on who will be the host of Crystal maze USA, the video creator matpat.

    He has the YouTube channels “game theory” and “film theory” in one of his recent videos he mentions that he was working on nickelodeon for a online show which is basically what he does on his channel but for nickelodeon shows

    However he mentions that this show was shot back in July, which is probably when they were deciding the host of the crystal maze.

    He has some hosting experience, he hosted a YouTube Red show called game lab where he recreated video games in real life, and if course he hosts his own YouTube channel.

    He’s a bit on the quirky side so would fit the maze master role.

    1. Daniel Williams

      Never mind, yesterday he did a livestream in his studio so can’t be him.

      Well this is awkward.

      1. David

        Well they might be doing prep work before filming, not filming itself, so there’s still a outside shot there…

  2. Ryan

    Just played the !mpossible app – nice to see it isn’t region restricted!

  3. John R

    Despite Millionaire originally being pitched as a 5 parter it actually looks like it continues in the weekend schedules so likely it is actually a 10 episode run

  4. John R

    Talking about Impossible, I am slightly curious as to how on rare occassions Rick decides that he needs to wear his specs for an episode but then the next 10000 back to the contact lenses!

  5. Christopher McB

    Is the game played against live players, or does it just bring in random players’ photos to populate the game?

  6. Des Elmes

    As a still-new UKGS editor, I’ve got two questions regarding images. But first, the events that have prompted me to ask these questions…

    Earlier on today I created a new article about Sheree Murphy with no trouble at all (while she’s best known as Tricia Dingle and as Mrs Harry Kewell, she *does* qualify as a game show person having presented Yes Chef in addition to her appearances on I’m A Celeb and Celeb Masterchef).

    But when I tried to upload an image of her to be used in the article, I ran into some problems. For a reason I’ve never been able to fathom (and the likes of Stack Exchange haven’t exactly been helpful here), internet images are displayed at 1.5 times their stated size on my Dell XPS 13 laptop (e.g. if the image’s stated size is 100 x 100 px, it’s displayed at 150 x 150 px).

    So when I created a 320 x 320 px source image of Sheree and uploaded it, it was displayed at 480 x 480 px – clearly too big for the article. It also came out slightly blurred compared to the copy of my source image on my hard drive, as did a smaller rendition (stated 200 x 200 px, displayed at 300 x 300 px) that I previewed the article with.

    So, using my Windows 8.1 Photos app and my thumb and index finger, I shrunk my source image to 218 x 218 px, and uploaded it again. But the result was similar – displayed at 327 x 327 px, and slightly blurred.

    So here are my two questions: (1) are there any tricks regarding the uploading of images that I’m missing, and (2) how does one go about getting their images deleted when they feel they’re of no use?

    1. David B

      Hi Des, suggest you put any internal UKGS comments/queries on our Staffers page, the link to which was in my initial email to you. Afraid there is no easy way to delete stuff. Cheers.

  7. NinjaBoi

    I think the Multiplayer could include some more rounds rather than just the final round.. That’s my opinion

    1. NinjaBoi

      Update: The game is ironically unplayable as its crashing alot after trying to read a question, does A and crashes…

      1. David B

        I had a weird thing when I answered in the last half second and it said “Oh, no, you’ve not locked in an answer”, BUT then it did take the answer I had touched.

  8. Marc

    One difference I spotted between the app and the show: When a computer player misses a grid question, it offers you the human player a chance to steal his place in the final, *no matter how you did in the qualifying round*. That is, you don’t need to have finished second.


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