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Some upcoming things on Netflix

By | July 12, 2024

Don’t have a go at me, it’s not my fault there’s nothing interesting happening on linear right now. Also it’s the Summer. This may or may not end up being all that interesting to us, it’s about social media influencing, but it’s from South Korea so obviously it looks modern and incredible on screen, and… Read More »

WIDM’s good again you guys

By | July 8, 2024

Wie is De Mol?, the Netherlands’ long running domestic version of De Mol is hugely successful, running almost annually since 1999 and regularly achieving figures over 3m even now (to put that into context, scaled up for population, that makes it a hit equivalent to a good year of I’m a Celeb over here) but… Read More »

Silence is Golden

By | July 3, 2024

This came up on the Discord yesterday and has come up more officially on ApplauseStore today, Silence is Golden with Dermot O Leary, where an audience can win £250,000 if they basically don’t audibly react to anything happening in front of them. That’s a big prize pot for Da… U&Dave, sorry. Also Dermot becoming a… Read More »

Netflix Mole S2

By | June 29, 2024

I’ve watched the opening salvo of five eps, it’s so frustrating. Ari Shapiro and his eyebrows are fun, the challenge design is definitely a step up from S1, the structure is a bit better so that there’s two missions between tests (even if one of them tends to be quite small scale). The prizemoney is… Read More »

This week’s excitement

By | June 24, 2024

It’s great news for adventure fans, but before that worth pointing out that Deal or No Deal starts filming its second extended series from today, you can grab tickets for future recordings from Applausestore. This Thursday sees the release of Fortress Challenge: Fort Boyard on Steam and the major consoles, we will have a video… Read More »