5 Golden Rings Starts tonight in the Netherlands

By | January 12, 2017

[Quick reminder, the UKGameshows.com/Bother’s Bar Poll of the Year 2016 closes Friday night so if you haven’t voted yet get your skates on, live results reveal on Tuesday night.]

In the UK it will be 5 Gold Rings with Philip Schofield but tonight it’s 5 Golden Rings hosted by Rik van de Westelaken on SBS6 in the Netherlands, 7:30 UK/8:30 Europe. The Possessed/Talpa format is likely to be very similar if not the same between the two markets (ITV have filmed on the Dutch set) so a good chance for a sneak preview. Here’s the SBS page, you will likely need to use the dark arts in order to watch.

5 Gold Rings challenges two couples to answer questions by marking their location on a large floor screen with golden rings that decrease in size as the prize gets larger. There is a playalong app where you can win a trip to Las Vegas (I probably wouldn’t bother trying this outside of the Netherlands).

I’m not going to be able to watch live but if you do, let us know what you think.

12 thoughts on “5 Golden Rings Starts tonight in the Netherlands

  1. Clive of Legend

    No better way to kick off a brand new quiz show than with some good old-fashioned gay erotica.

    1. Brig Bother Post author


      The link seems to cut out after 23 minutes of episode so I can’t really judge the show as a whole yet.

      The game is played by two teams of two, one couple plays their entire game first followed by the second couple and then the final determines who wins the money presumably.

      The couple get a picture and a ring, starting with a large ring in round one but decreasing in size with each question. A question is asked of the contestants relating to the picture – it looks like the first question in each round is effectively a spot the ball, second question finding something on a map, then the video cuts out before we can see if everything correlates for both teams. A player takes the ring and has thirty seconds to place it on the screen where they think the answer is – it doesn’t have to cover it, it looks like as long as part of the ring crosses the object in question it’s a win. A radar effect will show us if they’re right or not – if they are right the ring turns green and they go on to the next level. If they are wrong it turns red and the area is blacked out (note: if you’re the sort of person who finds patterns of dark holes on things makes you feel a bit icky and uncomfortable, you may well find this a bit problematic – I was quite pleased discover this is a recognised thing and not just me, trypophobia). They’ve lost a ring and must have another go. However they have two lifelines they may employ – they can Ask (Five Members Of) The Audience who are playing along with their tablet and each of their guesses are shown on the screen, or they can Flip the Board – essentially it’s switch the question, but they can look at the new picture and question before deciding whether to change to it or stick with the old one). Money ladder is €1k, €2.5k, €5k, €10k, €25k and it looks like money earned from both teams goes towards a final pot.

      There’s not much wasted time and moves along at a reasonable pace, but until I’ve seen the finale it’s yet another show that’s quite good but lacks a killer punch. You can play along at home on an app and there are live updates dropped in. I still think that’ll feel like work though, even if there is a prize.

      Theme sounds like it’s come straight from Sonic 3. Thumbs up.

      1. Kniwt

        The SBS6 video link has been fixed and now has the whole episode for practitioners of the Dark Arts.

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            Right I’ve watched the end of this now. There was quite a clever question where a team looked at a rotating die with some symbols on it, and then had to pinpoint where a symbol was on dice net.

            The final: The team that performed the best (most money) gets a large ring and control of the last question. The less well performing team get what looks like a level 3-4 ring. The team in control see the question (in this case a combination of politics and memory, watch a video of the Dutch cabinet line-up for a photo shoot, screen goes blank, where was the head of a certain minister? (I think)) and then decide to play or pass it. Get it right: win your pot. Get it wrong and the opponents win. And that’s that.

          2. Kniwt

            That rotating die question was quite nasty, probably even more so for the contestants who (presumably) could only see the rotation from the angle of the podium, and not from above (a la The Cube).

            Since Schofe will be hosting this, have we heard whether the 2017 “revival” of The Cube is still happening?

          3. Kniwt

            Also, I’m not 100% sure, but in the final, I think the size of each team’s ring is inversely realted to how far they progressed up the money tree. (Completing only two levels gets you a Level 4 ring, etc.)

  2. SquaredEyes

    588.000 viewers with a 8,7% in 6+ as an opening, coming out of a really bad lead-in (Wheel of Fortune, 330.000 / 5.3%). 9.7% in 20-49 target demo though.

    Not the greatest start, not the worst. It was 4th in its timeslot, behind De Slimste (21.8%), Petticoat (dramaseries, 18.8%), Bouwval Gezocht (Grand Designs alike, 13.5%).

  3. Greg

    I would say that it is very much the safe option don’t know anybody who has strong opinions about the man either way. I think he will do an ample job, but not sure he is the kind of person who can leave a stamp on such an iconic show.


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