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By | September 30, 2021

We completely forgot to watch David Mitchell’s Outsiders that started on Dave last night, basically Taskmaster In Tents by the sounds of it, and opinions have run the gamut from “boring” to “OK” to “much better and funnier than anticipated”, so I look forward to catching up with that in due course. Anyway for some… Read More »

They should have called it YORKSHIRE Eggheads

By | September 28, 2021

Pondering if Metro have broken an embargo as nobody else seems to have reported it yet, but quiz giant (and The Chase question writer) Olav Bjortomt is apparently the new Egghead. It starts on Monday at 6:30pm on Five. The article suggests it’s in the Radio Times, so perhaps not.

King of the Hill Formats

By | September 25, 2021

If you’re on the Bother’s Bar Discord, we’ve a lively and fun boardgaming group (largely played though Board Game Arena) where currently we’ve got several games turn based games on the go (i.e. you can get an e-mail when it’s your turn but there’s otherwise little time pressure), and then currently every other Sunday night… Read More »