Show Discussion: Double the Money

By | May 8, 2024

Thursday, Fridays various, 8pm,
Channel 4

Channel 4 take on the BBC’s successful Enterprise Thursdays block with a new reality gameshow. Sue Perkins gives couples £250 seed money which they have to double within a time limit to stay in the game, then they must keep redoubling until presumably one team remain standing who win… some money. To make things harder, you can’t use the same method in a later round.

The advert where there are loads of people standing at podiums whilst Perkins goes “did you… double the money?” already feels like quite a tedious moment of tension and it hasn’t even started yet, you should already have an idea surely. Still we may get some entertaining side-hustle ideas. I presume starting an OnlyFans is out.

We’re going to have to watch the first episode over the weekend but if you’ve watched it let us know what you thought about it in the comments.

Edit: Thanks to Gameshow Herodotus Daniel Hurst, the schedule for this is Thursday, then Friday the next day, then the following Friday, so best of luck following that.

8 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Double the Money

  1. Gary

    Obviously selling drugs would be the best tactic. Start small with CBD tablets and end the series selling crack.

  2. Brekkie

    Was a bit dull really but hopefully picks up as the cast thins out – 13 pairs a bit too many to follow.

    Not sure of the rules regarding how much they invest – so if the Fortune Teller for example had to make £500 in sales or could basically make just over £250 and throw in the presumably largely unspent £250.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      It looks like they each have an account with the starting stake in it, and need to have double the amount in the account by the close of trade (so yes, the less you spend the less you have to make).

  3. Greg

    I have been enjoying this. However what’s with the scheduling? Start it on Thursday, lucky I was told there was a Friday episode as I had no idea. Then it’s not on the following Thursday but is on the Friday.

    That’s one way to lose your already small audience.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    I thought this was OK actually – not a must watch, but not actually a bad way to spend an hour.

    I quite like that it felt quite pacey, the first twenty minutes is basically “these are the thoughts and ideas” so you can have a look and go “oh yes that’ll [never] work”, half an hour of them doing them and then ten minutes for results. Screen time is not allocated evenly, sometimes you barely see a couple in the main body of the show and those are the people who seem to do the best – I get you want the drama but you don’t want to forget these people are out there grafting and existing. Also thought the reveals were not nearly as tedious as the advert suggested they might have been.

    However I’m left with loads of questions with regards to the set-ups and rules and all that none of which are really explained, some of which are more annoying than others. It is absolutely *crazy* that it’s not until the end of episode two we’re told in black and white that all teams get to keep their profits, that should be front and centre beginning of episode 1 (and indeed we’re still not entirely sure if that’s the total profits from the stake or just the overage once you’ve doubled). Are those profits taxed as business or untaxed as gameshow winnings? When selling, do they have to account for VAT or does that magically not exist for the purposes of the game? Are they given street permits and licenses? Are they given access to a wholesaler or do you have to have existing access to use one? If they can’t answer them on screen, they really ought to have an FAQ.

    Otherwise I quite enjoyed the raw entrepreneur-ness on display that you don’t really get from watching The Apprentice these days.


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