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Show Discussion: Apocalypse Wow

By | July 16, 2021

Fridays, 10pm,ITV2 Part celebrity physical gameshow, part Frankie Goes to Hollywood video, Apocalypse Wow sees a clan of celebs visit secret underground club The Torture Dome run by The Mistress (Hey Tracey‘s Donna Preston) to take on a bunch of extremely odd “superhuman bosses” to win money for charity. At the end of each episode… Read More »

Show Discussion: The Void

By | July 10, 2021

Saturdays, 8pm,ITV Can you even begin to imagine 520 tonnes of water? That’s, like, so much water. Well your dream has come true with new action-packed physical gameshow The Void. Contestants must must use their mental and physical skills (although to be honest I’m not sure how much mental agility is going to be involved)… Read More »

Show Discussion: The Answer Trap

By | May 9, 2021

Weekdays, 3pm,Channel 4 Anita Rani invites contestants to play Dis or Dat whilst avoiding D’other for a potential £10,000. Teams must try and sort lists into categories, but resident fiends Bobby Seagull and local boy Frank Paul have snuck in answers that don’t belong in either list – answer traps, which our contestants must try… Read More »

Show Discussion: Unbeatable

By | May 9, 2021

Weekdays, 2:15pm,BBC1 We’ve had Pointless answers, Impossible answers, Tenable answers and now we have a potential Only Connect question as Jason Manford invites contestants to find Unbeatable answers. Contestants see a board of six rankable answers to a question and must try and pick the best one for big cash prizes. The blurb suggests a… Read More »