Squid Game: The Challenge

By | November 21, 2023

Netflix from 22nd November and across three weeks

Coming just two years after the drama that inspired it, people went “hey that looks like fun, can we play it without the whole dieing thing?” then a year later Mr Beast obliged condensing the whole thing into 30 minutes, and now another year later Studio Lambert have this big-budget big-production version that intends to give away $4.5m to the lucky sod that engineers their way through to the end.

The reviews for this have been pretty positive, I just hope we’re not going to get an entire hour stroke ninety minutes dedicated to Red Light Green Light. By all accounts they’ve added and modified games used in the drama series to keep people on their toes.

We’ll see how much people really wanted this in the coming weeks, I’m not sure how much buzz there’s been for it really. Watched it? Let us know what you think in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Squid Game: The Challenge

  1. John R

    I have no idea what the reviewers were watching but it certainly doesn’t seem to be what I have just watched, maybe they got confused and just watched the original Squid Game series

    In the end I got so bored I did a speed run of the remainder, only to find out there is still another FIVE EPISODES to be released

    For the record Episode 4 and 5 are basically just complete and utter filler!

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    I quite enjoyed ep 1 even if the half hour in the dorm didn’t do much. Sumptuous production values, entertainingly brutal way to finish the episode.

  3. Adam C

    I personally have no interest in it. I didn’t watch the original series because the premise absolutely terrified me and watching tid bits of content creators do mock-ups of games from the show did not amuse me because I generally do not find that kind of content enjoyable to watch anyway (especially from MrBeast). I thought the idea on paper was a non-starter and when reports of conditions during the actual filming came out, it turned me off it completely. I hope this is NEVER replicated again!

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    There’s a 30 minute Making Of to watch after if you want, unsurprisingly ignoring all the stories that came out of it. I did like the Escher stairs though.

    Ultimately what I thought was quite interesting about the series as a whole, other than it looking spectacular, was that the large scale games were by and large the least interesting things about it with the possible exception of Glass Bridge.


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