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By | April 18, 2011

Some things I’ve just discovered/been told:

  • Grant Bowler is hosting The Amazing Race Australia, which is excellent because he was brilliant hosting the four seasons of Aussie Mole he did. And Lost.
  • From a tip on Twitter: Push The Button gets French version called Pouch le bouton, hosted by Vincent Lagaf, TF1. Top prize 100k€, launches 7th May. (Thanks @ljouvin) Vincent Lagaf is, of course, completely amazing and I’m very interested to see Push the Button done in the TF1 style.

3 thoughts on “Good stuff

  1. Ryan

    Did I read somewhere he (Bowler) got offered Season Five but had other commitments?


    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yes – because season five was a lengthy shoot because it was being done as real time and he had family commitments. He has also said he’d jump at the opportunity if it came along again though.

  2. Lilian

    Thanks for the mention.

    Additional details about Pouch le bouton :
    – Lagaf will be disguised differently at each show : the article I found talks about him as a Pharaoh, as a sport coach, or as a dentist.
    – The English version was in 52 minutes episodes, but TF1 decided (so that it can fit into the usual primetime slots) to double the length of the show. That’s 2 hours instead of one.
    – I don’t know how it was going on the UK version (I don’t watch it, I prefer Secret Fortune…), but if I recall correctly, it had 2 families. The article about the French version says 4… maybe 2+2, two games, two hours, or something else.


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