POLL of 2011 – The Afterparty

By | January 16, 2012

IT’S THE RESULTS! Other than not working out how to embed Youtube videos, which is a pity. We’ve gone even more commenty than normal this year.

Percentages under the cut, so as not to spoil:


Secret Fortune 17.4
Penn and Teller 15.5
Four Rooms 12.8
24 Hour Panel People 4.7
Perfection 4.7
Minute to Win It 4.3
High Stakes 3.5
Impossible? 3.5
Epic Win 3.1
Fast and Loose 2.3
Splatalot 2.3
Tool Academy 2.3

HALL of SHAME 2011

Red or Black 25.1
Don’t Scare the Hare 17.1
High Stakes 14.8
The Marriage Ref 4.2
Epic Win 3.8
Sing If You Can 3.8
Quiz Trippers 3.0
Signed by Katie Price 3.0
Compete for the Meat 2.7
Minute to Win It 2.3
Perfection 2.3
Show Me the Funny 2.3


Only Connect 18.3
Pointless 16.2
The Chase 12.0
The Cube 10.2
Deal or No Deal 7.0
Million Pound Drop 4.9
University Challenge 3.5
Countdown 2.8
The Apprentice 2.5
QI 2.1
Four Rooms 1.8
Who Dares Wins 1.8

Lots of people not using their quota, percentages are only of the votes that were received. Here are last year’s statistics by way of comparison.

21 thoughts on “POLL of 2011 – The Afterparty

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    Getting my whingeing in good and early: you’re all rubbish and have no taste.

    (In truth, I’m sort of not looking forward to being forcibly reminded just how far my taste is from the mainstream, or at least the Bar mainstream, these days.)

    1. David B

      Actually, since Brig’s slid me a copy of the results early, I think it’s been an excellent poll this year. There is only ONE anomaly – but is it a major or minor one? Find out shortly!

      1. David B

        And now that the results are up, I’ll say that I was surprised that Epic Win got more HoS votes than HoF – I thought it wasn’t that bad really.

        Overall it was a strong year for returning shows (hence the much closer vote this year) and a bit of a poor year for new formats, perhaps underlined by the fact that P&T:FU isn’t being recommissioned despite polling 2nd.

        1. Chris M. Dickson

          Agreed. If it had taken the mick out of one fewer contestant (and, to be fair, I can only remember there being two or three in six shows, but the requisite number here is zero) then I would have given it a vote in the HoF, but it left slightly too sour a taste in the mouth for me to like it without reservations.

          Brig, lovely result presentation once again. The “magic moment of the year” is a tremendous addition and I look forward to finding out the magic moment of the year next year.

          (And, honestly, neither DSTH nor Red or Black were completely irredeemable…)

          1. Brig Bother Post author


            The ones with lists of the same moment I wanted to embed into the page, only I couldn’t work out how to do it unfortunately. Hopefully next year.

          2. David Howell

            And nor was High Stakes – it was just a generic format with a badly-conceived format that, if fixed to create a more obviously interesting risk-reward decision (the £25k-or-£100k strategy choice was actually quite finely balanced, but it was not obvious how to play for £100k), would at worst have settled into the logjam in the lower reaches of the HoS (and probably come fourth in the HoF with the help of US voters).

            DSTH had little wrong that the CBBC team couldn’t have fixed, and if the acerbicness of the commentary had been amped up to eleven it might have made for a proper cult hit. As for Red or Black?, the wheel was one hell of a set piece, and seeing a coinflip for a million was certainly more tense then I understand “Big Ticket” was for what was then the biggest cash prize on television. There was absolutely no reason to watch any of the rest though, to be honest.

            There was a case for giving a vote in each category for “Epic Win”, a positive vote for the format and general execution, a negative vote for the unwarranted snark and (the reason I didn’t put it in my HoF) the utterly out of place “guess the number we’re thinking of” game. Although at least that bit did allow Bother’s Bar to help a contestant. In the end, I left it off both; if I could vote again, I’d probably have made room for it on both, one vote each.

  2. The Banker's Nephew

    If The Marriage Ref ends up in the Hall of Shame, I shall be rather annoyed with you all.
    I know I’m pretty much the only fan of any version of the show, but surely there must have been 5 things you all hated more than it.

    1. David Howell

      Evidently we were too busy tearing into the other three.

      Isn’t that TCoM’s record for the Hall of Shame gone now? That’s “impressive” considering the competition from Hare and High Stakes (mind you, TCoM had the then-extremely-fresh-in-the-memory Heads or Tails to beat).

      Surprised Secret Fortune did so badly in the Golden Five. Thought it’d at least be up with Countdown and QI… and I cannot believe The Apprentice is that high up still.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Secret Fortune equal in votes with Fighting Talk, 2011’s best radio entry in the Golden Five in joint 14th.

    2. David B

      Any of five shows could’ve been in 4th place, since there was such a big drop between 3rd and 4th in both the HoF and HoS categories.

  3. Mart with an Y not an I

    Surprised at the Hall of Shame result…
    R&B got a couple of things right, wheras Don’t Scare The Hare got pretty much everything wrong.

    No justice..

    ..Oh wait. The mighty OC topped out the Golden Five – so there is a bit still knocking around..

    1. Travis P

      This is where I didn’t vote Red or Black in either poll. I felt the idea was there and the £1 Million spin was actually tense but it was executed poorly.

  4. Chris

    If Red or Black wasn’t as hyped I doubt it would of made the Hall of shame really.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Mmm. It is a ‘thing’ of this kind of poll that a show has got to be high profile enough in order to attract votes. It’s much easier for out of the way shows to pick up positive votes because of, well, me highlighting them basically. But poor out of the way shows are pretty easy to avoid, and I don’t watch them in the same way nobody else watches them

  5. Tim

    Secret Fortune was lucky to be on in such a terrible year. There was probably once a time when it could have appeared in the Hall of Shame. This is what we have come to get used to, folks.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I don’t know. I’ve got a suspicion 2012 might be a ‘good’ year. Just a gut feeling.

      Incidentally I’ve just read through the old polls, can’t believe I forgot The Cube has also topped the Golden Five, sharing it with Only Connect when they both started. Amazing.

  6. Poochy.EXE

    Will you be posting the percentages for Best International Show? I’d be interested to see how close it was.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Wasn’t close at all, MDMG had about 60% of the vote.

      Yes, you were the only person to vote for Ton of Cash. I liked it as an idea, and I liked the first few episodes, but it suffered from the law of diminishing returns I think.

  7. Weaver

    I found it easy to come down to about eight new shows worthy of praise, but really had to raise the bar on bad shows.

    Epic Win was far more on the praiseworthy side than not. Agree that Hare should have had a sharper script, or just have been a CBBC commission rather than Splatalot. As I hinted at in the last Week, Red or Black forgot the rules of big-money game shows: in particular, the contestants need to be more than faces in the crowd.

    Was there much love for the Great British Bake Off? The viewing public loved it, we seem not to have done. And so little hate for Love Thy Neighbour – I assume that all of the Bar’s patrons missed this show, making them the winners.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Great British Bake off received some votes – actually in 13th.

      Love Thy Neighbour also joint 13th on the Shame list, alongside Famous and Fearless and Home For The Holidays.


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