It’s the Poll of the Year Results 2010!

By | January 20, 2011

It’s more commenty than before, and the lack of percentages is deliberate. However, I will add them here in a short while so do check back.

It’s the results!

Percentages under the cut. I recommend reading the report in full first before coming here to comment.

Right :

Hall of Fame 2010:

Million Pound Drop 21.5
The Whole 19 Yards 12.2
The Bubble 11.0
Drop Zone 5.5
Take Me Out 5.5
101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow 4.6
Popstar to Operastar 3.4
A League of Their Own 3.0
Push the Button 3.0
Mission 2110 2.5
Must Be the Music 2.5
Odd One In 2.5
The King is Dead 2.5

Hall of SHAME 2010

101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow 21.5
Push the Button 8.5
Magic Numbers 6.9
Iron Chef UK 6.1
Take Me Out 6.1
The Door 5.7
The Whole 19 Yards 5.3
Michael Winner’s Dining Stars 4.9
Million Pound Drop 4.9
The King is Dead 2.4

Golden Five 2010

Only Connect 17.2
The Cube 11.2
Deal or No Deal 7.2
Million Pound Drop 7.2
Pointless 6.8
The Chase 6
University Challenge 4.4
QI 4
Big Brother 3.6
Countdown 3.2
Accumulate 2.8
The Apprentice 2.4
Total Wipeout 0.8
The Krypton Factor 0.4

Remember to bear in mind that percentages exclude non-votes.

42 thoughts on “It’s the Poll of the Year Results 2010!

  1. Travis P

    Surprised to see The Bubble in the Hall of Fame, given I did vote for it, I didn’t expect it to appear in the top three.

    Also surprised with Push the Button as I felt the first series didn’t deserve to appear in the Hall or Fame but not in the Hall of Shame either.

    What’s the betting those Endemol hacks made 101 Ways end up at number six on the Hall of Fame.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      No, I am happy to reveal it’s all above board as far as I can see. It did still get about 3.5m, and a lot of kids of parents I know liked it.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Meanwhile this comment from Tim Hincks re: Aussie Money Drop made me laugh:

    “Tim Hincks, the CEO of Endemol UK, commented: “The Money Drop represents Endemol working at its best—a show created by the U.K. team only months ago is now on air in 13 countries around the world. After the winning the ashes, it’s all too much.””

  3. Joe

    I am delighted by the results. It proves once again that Million Pound Drop is a much loved TV show among the hardcore gameshow community AND the wider casual audience, and it really is an honour to top Bothers Bars’ well respected ‘Hall of Fame’ chart. A good set of results for Endemol with The Whole 19 Yards and 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow high up the Fame chart too.

    Million Pound Drop has been a huge success and is heading to Channel Nine in Australia soon. I was here when I told you months ago that the show would be a breakout world hit, many of you thought I was looney, but I’ve been proven correct. It really has captured the imagination of audiences around the world.

    The Whole 19 Yards deserved another season on ITV but with their cash budgets, they’d rather opt for another Endemol show (soon to be announced). 101 Ways To Win a Gameshow split people on this poll but the fans loved it but Endemol’s direction of the show was different to what the BBC were looking for. Nevertheless, it’ll be a hit worldwide format within the next 18 months.

    But yes, I’m very happy with the results on the whole. Only Connect is a great show and deserves to be right up there. My only disappointment is The Cube getting #2 in the ‘Golden Five’ chart because I thought the last series was too repetitive and there weren’t enough new games.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Hang on, it’s sold to a lot of countries, I’ve always said Endemol are good at selling formats. But will it be successful?

      1. Joe

        The show has been a critical and ratings success (not a flop) in 90% of countries it’s aired in so far. Only Ukraine and Greece haven’t taken too well to it. Hopefully France & Japan broadcasters can pick it up soon as those are the only 2 major territories which haven’t shown interest in it yet.

        1. Alex

          Japan would be interesting. Considering Japanese law, I suppose it’d be 10mil with 5 players?

        2. Jellybean

          Hey Joe, do you work in development, production or promotions for Endemol? Just curious…

        3. Setsunael

          Incidentally, I already read about MPD piloted for french market in the UK set, along with Minute To Win It some months ago – both failed to capture TF1’s interest.

          (And knowing how TF1 is scared of putting BIG money in primetime shows; SdR was played for a flat €100K, Identity had even lower stakes – for charity, Celebrity WWTBAM virtually never gives more than €72K to any team… so playing for a cool million is a no-no.)

          While i’m talking of French GS, Civilian WWTBAM has been axed there too – rumor says that Millionaire Hot Seat could be tried during summer instead.

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            That’s quite odd considering A Prendre ou A Laisser seemed to give away six figures on a weekly basis.

            Also am I right in thinking Endemol Fance practically own TF1 anyway, but for some reason they’re a bit different to Endemol in the rest of the world?

          2. Setsunael

            Endemol France and TF1 are two separate compagnies.

            In the 90’s, Arthur (APOAL host) created its own production compagny, “Case Prodctions” – and was very sucessful doing this. Then, Endemol wanting a French subsidiary, they bought back his compagny and renamed it Endemol France. Since 2007, it’s a full subsidiary of Endemol worldwide operations.

            And for APOAL – first, you have to think that half of the prize fund was going to a home viewer via the phone competition, and that “call-in and lose” game was quite much paying the money given away each day.

            The 100K+ wins weren’t so frequent, especially in the last two seasons where the contestants were quite frightened to gamble and would usually take a 30 to 50K€ win (again split in half) rather than going for the big boney…ultimately leading to its axing.

          3. Brig Bother Post author

            Ah, fair enough, I was under the impression most TF1 shows had some kind of call-and-lose split winnings element.

    2. sphil

      just to clarify, for all the readers out there, someone supporting the whole 19 yards has just criticised the cube for being too repetitive???

      1. David B

        A couple of games on the Cube get a run out a bit too many times, but I think they’re up to 100 games by this next series. That’s good going (if not as impressive as Crystal Maze’s 50 per series…)

    3. Travis P

      I said US primetime is hard to get a breakthrough game show to stay on air but Aussie primetime is even harder. There is hardly any formats that have aired for a long period these days. The likes of The Rich List and Who Wants to be a Millionaire have had success with Channel Nine’s last moderated hit, 1 Vs 100 aired for a good nine months.

      I see Eddie McGuire is hosting it. Surely there must be someone other than McGuire hosting, since this will now be his third $1 million game show (Millionaire and 1 Vs 100 being the other two). I suppose, like Phillip Schofield, he has got a pair of safe hands.

      1. Tom H

        But unlike Philip Schofield, he’s actually pretty crap. Never have I seen someone with so little charisma and so little actual proper television presenting pinache get so many gigs.

    4. Mart with an Y not an I

      The Cube – “Too repetitve and not enough games..”
      Oh, the irony..

      Endemol’s 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow & The Whole 19 Yards..

      Both stumble with some force into that particular category as well.

  4. Gary

    Interesting. No surprise that 101WTLAG “won” so convincingly. I don’t think there’s a problem with the high-profile shows attacting the most votes for the hall of shame, in the main. For me it’s mostly about the expectation – a major Saturday night show should have serious entertainment value. Something stuck on (say) Dave at 11:30pm you’d tolerate being pretty shoddy. Horses for courses etc.

    (Would it be ungracious to point out that Accumulate came 3rd in the 2009 poll, not 4th?).

  5. David B

    I think this is an extremely fair-minded vote this year. My only comments would be that I really didn’t think The Bubble was all that – a great idea, yes, but Mitchell wasn’t at his best on this one and they didn’t get the balance right between stories that were too edgy (e.g. the Israeli passports murder) or too trivial (which crept in from episode 3).

    And Drop Zone annoyed me because of Steve Jones’ sweaty singlets. Since when did a gameshow host wear singlets, I ask you? And that its perceived failure has put the mockers on a proper action adventure show coming back.

    But otherwise, fair play.

  6. Mark L

    Million Pound Drop “won” but only because there was no alternative, at least as far as quiz shows went. If this had come out in 2009 it would not have come close to making my top five and would rate Perfection ahead of it

    1. David B

      It was certainly an extremely quiet year for ‘straight’ quizzes, possibly ever on record, with only MPD, Antiques Master and (I think) Take it Like a Fan to choose from. And only one of those is general knowledge.

      1. Alex

        Take It Like A Fan was a bit like a Soccer AM-lite, just with a few more quiz sections in.

    2. Brig Bother Post author

      I think the comments are a fair reflection of MPD’s victory i.e. Not overwhelmingly positive in the main.

      I always tjought it was a shame about The Whole 19 Yards, the only interminable Endemol pilot I’d have liked to stay until the end to.

  7. NJ

    Genuinely surprised to see The Chase not ranking higher, was hoping to see it in the Golden Fiver.

    1. David Howell

      If it had been one week later I’d definitely have given it one of the two votes I gave DoND.

    2. Travis P

      Given Pointless beat The Chase by 0.8% it could be due to the fact Pointless had more shows that aired in 2010. They had a six week run in the new year, followed by another ten week run in the autumn, followed by repeats then Pointless Celebrities. Whilst The Chase aired for nine weeks in the summer. Could be that Pointless was on all the time edged the vote.

      This will be the year ITV decides to push The Chase. We already got the third series underway with a fourth series going into production shortly for possibly a summer run. Where The Chase is now the new king of 5pm, Pointless always played second fiddle to Deal or No Deal. Don’t be surprised if The Chase will enter The Golden Five in 2011.

      Talking about DoND. Since The Golden Five(r) was introduced in 2006, the show has never dropped out of the top five. Now that is something.

    3. Alex

      I think I gave The Chase 2 votes. I would have given it more, but Only Connect and Cube duties took over.

  8. CMD in yet another browser

    I think the presentation of the results was particularly good this year. I can’t remember the comments normally being that insightful, I approve of the top tens and the discussion that was honest, possibly to a fault.

    Very fine work all around!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yes, you’ve got David to thank for the suggestions, although it helps that we didn’t get too much empty “X is good because it is good” which left a decent amount to work with. Well done Punters!

  9. Ryan

    I seem to remember some kind of mention that the winners will get prizes (ie. trophies). Will we get to see them accepting their prizes in some kind of HI-larious fashion? I’m not talking a full on awards ceremony or something like that mind you.

  10. art begotti

    Well, I think I get partial credit for a half-correct prediction. I guessed that MPD would make it into all three lists, which it did, but in fairness, I was anticipating only the top five entries per category instead of the expanded ten.

  11. Paul

    I also can’t believe The Chase didn’t even make the list – IMO it’s the best and most perfected game-show ever!! I love the variety in pace it offers and the excellent “James bond villains”-style Chasers (without the unwarranted nastiness of shows like The Weakest Link)! I’ve never been addicted to a Game-show before The Chase appeared!

    Can’t believe Million Pound Drop came in as high – it’s just SO SLOW, not to mention Davina will never shut-up and is SO ANNOYING! And as for Deal or No Deal – again very SLOW, very little skill involved, and all the hugging and unnecessary apologising is SO ANNOYING!!

    I’ve never watched Only Connect or The Cube so no comments on those!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      It did maje the list! It came sixth in the Golden Five, it’s not elegible for the Hall of Fame because it started in 2009.

  12. David B

    Apropos of nothing, if you want to watch daily videos of US Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune online, search for rashad1428 on YouTube.

  13. Des Elmes

    Only just got round to looking at these results.

    And when I see what the worst new show of 2010 is…


    😀 😆 😀 😆 😀 😆 😀 😆 😀 😆

    *takes shirt off and does a silly dance in the middle of the room*

    *puts shirt back on, pauses for a few seconds to catch breath*

    I honestly thought it would be MPD given all the nitpicking, but seeing 101 Ways to Be a Genuine Waste of TV Space there has really made my day.

    And Joe, I’d like to think you’ve learned a lesson from this: just because a show is made by Endemol DOES NOT, and I mean NOT, automatically mean it’s great – regardless how well it does in the ratings, and whether or not it sells to other countries.

    1. Des Elmes


      I guess it’s no real surprise that MPD came first in the Hall of Fame. Interesting, though, that its percentage in this category was the same as the Hall of Shame percentage for 101 WTBAGWOTVS…

      Surprised and slightly disappointed that Mission: 2110 only came equal 10th, and behind not only A League of Their Own (which isn’t really that much different to They Think It’s All Over) but 101 WTBAGWOTVS too… :suspect:

      Returning to the Hall of Shame, it’s no real surprise either that Push the Button and Magic Numbers are second and third respectively. One notes, however, that the combined percentage of these two shows is barely two-thirds that of 101 WTBAGWOTVS… that just highlights the awfulness of the latter even more.

      Finally, to the Golden Five. No surprise at all that the OC completes the hat-trick, but I am amazed to see DOND equal 3rd, and up a place on last year – I can’t be the only one who thinks its best days are well behind it now, plus the extension to a full hour hasn’t met with universal approval.

      Uni Chal again increases its share from the year before (by 0.1% on this occasion) but remains Bubbling Under; Countdown plunges 1.5% (and shunting it back to 3:10 certainly isn’t going to help it); Total Wipeout and The Show Which Simon Cowell Always Wins in Some Way also sink (deservedly in both cases); and it’s clear that the loss of the Intelligence test hurt New KF badly.

      I will conclude by saying that I too think these results were very well presented, and hats off all round for that.

  14. Brig Bother Post author

    I can say, once again, that there was nothing suspect about the voting, or at least I was satisfied no-one was attempting to pull wool over our eyes. A League of Their Own picked up votes from several people, only one of which with someone with a connection. Similarly, 101 Ways… Picked up odd votes from a number of people in a ‘it’s rubbish but…’ capacity. The show was fairly popular amongst the young, and some young people voted. After the top five, the voting drops off rapidly.


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