Fort Boyard 2017

Begins Saturday 24th June,
7:55pm UK (8:55 France)

France 2 or inevitable naughty streaming

Also on Belgian La Une every Friday night, please do not spoil until French show broadcast.

In what’s looking like a greatly exciting Summer with the return of The Crystal Maze, the granddaddy of the genre, Fort Boyard, returns for its 28th series in France and ten more teams of celebs arrive at the fort with the aim of prising Pere Fouras’ treasure from his hands.

This year sounds like a continuation of last year’s structure, likely retaining the board game theming, but with new touches here and there. Of note: adventures are governed by red clepsydres this year and it sounds like the prisons and Blanche’s Hall of Judgement are getting makeovers not unlike the Council got last year.

Six new cells and 20 new games promised, there’s a new Lady Boo and a new professor in the Boyard Academy, Eric Lampaert who’s a British comic and French film star (although I must say I hadn’t heard of him before this) alongside Francis Lalanne.

Join us as we dissect the show each week!


  1. Brig Bother says:

    I missed the first twenty minutes, so let’s recap the hilarious fails:

    * Samuel Ettienne doing his best “where’s the key” on Percolator, and then almost getting locked in.

    * Loup hysterically throwing the flare in the barrel then swimming off having forgotten to light it.

    * The worst playing of noughts and crosses ever.

    Fun episode in general, but this really feels like a B year production wise – not much of the new stuff has really hit.

    Also I’m always find it a bit suspect when you see a wide shot of the clock running out, then about half a minute of them shouting for them to get out later the contestant comes out and they’ve mysteriously cropped the clock out of the shot or added the lovely close-up in post. Both percolator and lutte smelt like lock-ins to me, perhaps they didn’t want four judgement games. Don’t be scared of your main point of jeopardy for goodness sakes!

    It’s not the first time I’ve felt the show has been taking liberties with taking prisoners, although it’s been many years since I’ve noticed it this badly. I’m not even sure what there is to be gained from doing it. Still though.

    • Lee says:

      Biggest surprise for me was discovering Vincent Mc doom is male and also played cylinders.

      Kinda agree with the Lutte lockin (Although every playing on lutte should really be a lock in)

      Overall its Mid series so the epeiodes are the mediocre ones. Week 7 has already aired in Belgium. There is also a possibility one episode may be moved due to rugby.

      • Mika says:

        “Overall its Mid series so the episodes are the mediocre ones.” – Yeah. This was sort of a meh one. The way it was going I was almost hoping for a loss to redeem it.

        Hanging Masts is a pretty cool idea, and gives Lady Boo her own ‘floor duel’. Kind of a shame she’s *too* good at it. And they showed that she’s that good at it. Kinda feels like any suspense from future playings is kinda gone now.

        Speaking of, she’s geared up for Boyardodrome in next week’s preview. Do they do a duel version of this? That would actually make a LOT more sense considering the setup of the game.

        • Brig Bother says:

          Oh interesting. I expect it’s set up as a duel game in mind for the versions of the show that film with two teams, it certainly would make more sense that way.

          • Lee says:

            Have to agree with the comments on Lady Boo. I do think shes a little too good.

            In terms of the Boyardodrome it could just be her have been training in there and just coming out. But one can hope its a duel.

            I also believe Sweden remains the only Duel version.

            • Lee says:

              I stand corrected. There actually a picture and it will be against Lady Boo.

              • Mika says:

                Interesting… Also, at least according to it might have been the first filming of the game. Maybe it just didn’t work as a duel somehow, hence the switch? (Should we call another easy win for Lady Boo now? :P)

    • Matt Clemson says:

      In terms of fails, if I translated the question right I think getting “True or false: A mouse is a female rat” wrong is up there. Although to be fair, I’m not accounting for the stress of the situation in Spa!

    • Jason says:

      That percolator game was something – from having the game won in 30 seconds to “nearly” getting locked in (and not getting the key).

      We talk about games that adapt to the player – I didn’t realise the wheel could spin that fast! He must have been pretty dizzy given how many rotations occurred (at the end) before it spat him out into the entrance.

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