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And so we come to the highlight of the year (and it’s only March), as Dutch Mole finishes Belgian Mole begins. And this time: there is no Mole.

At least not at the very start, one will be chosen through a challenge. And this year Belgium’s Smartest Man Gilles de Coster has taken everyone to Vietnam.

Who are our ten contestants?

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Axel – 40 years old and a pilot.
  • Bas – 32 and a headhunter.
  • Bruno – 54, a business manager.
  • Elisabet – 34, a doctor.
  • Eva – 28 and a lawyer.
  • Ingrid – 46, sells blinds.
  • Joeri – 32, a team boss.
  • Kaat – 22, physiotherapy student
  • Liesbeth – 41, a consultant.
  • Martijn – 23, a facility assistant

An average age of 35.2, slightly younger than last year (38) but still pretty old for this sort of thing.

As of right now we have no idea if there are going to be English subtitles available anywhere – if not I expect we’ll muddle through but miss out on a lot of context. We ask our international friends not to spoil episodes until the English subs have gone up.

I’m intrigued to find out how they’re going to do the hidden clues if they don’t know who the Mole is going to be at the start. Do they have ten sets ready? Add things in post? I look forward to finding out.

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40 thoughts on “Belgian Mole 2019

  1. Tom F

    Not wanting to be the voice of doom and gloom, but I can’t really see how having the “no mole” twist is going to add anything to the series. For the payoff of that “gotcha” moment (that we’ve now seen in the trailer), they’re surely going to have a much less prepared and effective mole, and so a much less challenging game for the other players, no?

    I once thought that if you wanted to revive the spirit of the mole without making the same show, you could do something like CBBC’s Trapped (which this also reminds me of) and have the role change hands each week.

    Also, will the mole get a fee (since they’re giving up a 1/9 chance at ~E20k?), or will we have some weird prize-for-the-mole-based-on-how-well-they-mole payment system? Or is getting to go to the end of the road enough payment in itself?

    Anyway, I think I should stop worrying. Belgian Mole is a class act so I’m sure they’ll handle it great.

  2. Natália

    Hi. Yes, I’m subtitling again. Just a note: His name is Bas, kind of like boss in English, and some other names are actually Eva and Kaat 🙂 I wrote what everyone said in their introduction video on YouTube, and the trailers with subtitles are on my Dailymotion channel.

    As for the mole, Gilles said that they didn’t pick whoever their favorite was before leaving. I personally hope it’s Martijn. It’d be funny if the year that half the cast is from Antwerp, they pick someone from West Flanders again. And the name Martijn sounds really Dutch, so he’s automatically the least trustworthy, except for his strong accent and Flemish slang, ha.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Brilliant Natalia, thanks!

      I will sort out names when I’m at my desktop, I suspect Google Translate error.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Right, incidentally, if you’re wondering where to watch this I don’t want to be too obvious because I know Vier are a bit hotter on copyright on Youtube or whatever but I imagine looking up and maybe following a link and the on screen prompts would be a good place to start. You might want an ad-blocker if you go the Open route.

  3. Tantusar

    Man, I forgot just how much I loved the visuals and sound design/soundtrack on the Belgian version.

  4. Joseph M.

    De Mol is truly just the finest form of this show out there, if you ask me. And it’s only fitting as its the home country of the game. Everything about this reboot since 2016 has felt just absolutely right. It’s exactly what an updated, modernized version of the game we all fell in love with in the early 2000s should feel like.

    As for this season, I do love that they didn’t just go and recycle the WIDM 2009 mechanic of selecting a Mole. Using the whole first episode to cover the selection process felt fitting and decidedly appropriate. I also liked how much of the episode seemed dedicated not only to selecting a Mole but /testing/ The Mole.

    I saw someone comment that the No Mole to Start twist potentially leads to an unprepared and potentially somewhat unchallenged or somewhat transparent Mole (see WIDM 2009). However, I feel that the Belgian season this year might have a theme of pushing The Mole and testing their abilities to make it slightly different from just another Mole season with a cool opening twist. I say this because of the clips in the season preview showing Gilles sneaking about at night to brief The Mole. Of course, I could be totally wrong about this but I think either way, we’re in for a lot of quality.

    No Mole suspects yet, of course, since yet to see them in action. Excited to see the game proper get underway!

  5. Brig Bother Post author

    Yep, stylish starter ep before itgets going properly next week.

    However I know it was windy, but the shots were so shaky in the tower I was beginning to feel a bit sick! Come on Vier you can afford Steadicams now surely.

  6. Clicky

    My early read, based on reactions… is that Kaat is the mole. Just a gut feeling. They have shown her reactions quite a few times to Mole comments though, so it may be intentional editing.

    1. Dale

      Same, she was playing serious too good and handled the interrogation really well. She is at the top of my list too.

      1. Clicky

        They made a point of showing her reaction in the car:

        The guy next to her made a comment that they’re going to have a really good Mole this year.
        Her reaction (which obviously none of them could see but the camera) was very giddy.

        And in the preview for next week her reaction to the execution scene read to me as Mole.

        It could just be clever editing. But if she is The Mole it’d actually be a really cool concept to be showing us these intentionally and it’d almost give us the feeling that we’re in the Mole’s shoes this time (even if we don’t know it).

  7. Natália

    Hi guys. Okay, so I personally don’t care about hidden hints, so I forget they’re a big part of watching the show for a lot of people. I realize they’re harder to follow if you don’t speak Dutch though, so I’ll try to pay more attention this year. I’ll write about this when I upload the next episode, but I’ll go ahead and say it here:

    The big theory after the first episode comes from the end of the episode. When Gilles said we’re sitting with a brand-new mole, just chosen, it sounds like he said Bas chosen in Dutch.

    The problem that I have with this is that all of Flanders heard it, and Bas is #1 in every poll I’ve seen. The argument for it is that if they’re going to do something so blatant, this is the only episode when they could get away with it. Plus, on Café De Mol, last year’s mole said that they suspect Bas and would have done what he did in the van. He said that the mistake that every mole makes at first is that they’re so scared of getting caught, they try to make it as clear as possible that they aren’t the mole and accuse other people.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      That’s interesting. I’m personally not leaning towards him yet, but noticed some interesting phrasing from Gilles that makes me think it’s a hint.

    2. Brig Bother Post author

      I always loved the hidden clues that were in plain sight like the Mole wearing slippers to an elimination, which elicit a ‘how did I miss THAT?’ response at the end of the series, in these days of Internet nerds that wouldn’t fly because they’d get spotted too easily. The result of that is that they’ve had to become convoluted so that they’re there, but always feel rather underwhelming when revealed. They also can’t NOT do them because it’s so expected (and I suppose certain segments of the audience find them fun to work out even if many times they read something that isn’t there).

      I too think Bas is too obvious from the editing.

      1. Brandon

        Even back in 2001 with the UK version , loads of people on the Internet figured out the clues and that made the reveals a little bit disappointing. But there’s some clues that you would never get, which makes me think they put in clues for each contestant (or most of them) and only highlight the right ones in the reunion show.

        1. Matt Clemson

          I didn’t watch the first UK series at the time, but I’ve a nagging feeling that I’d heard people were surprised about the clues on that. The second series, though, I recall a website clue that was a dead giveaway (something like – rot13ed – vs NG NAL gvzr lbh fubhyq svaq lbhefrys va n fcva, lbh fubhyq vzntvar jung gur zbyr jbhyq qb. ); later in the series having had that tipoff there was a clue onscreen that I was able to deduce, and I managed to guess what was in the tube as a result of these. I get the impression they went a wee bit too obscure for the first series and too obvious for the second.

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            The clues in the second series “were there to be solved,” apparently, but I did think once someone cracked them I was a bit annoyed it had been spoilered for me (even if it was my own fault for reading the thread at the time). I preferred the morse code one and the slipping in James Bond references and the buck air freshener, something that looks completely innocuous but when revealed make me go “woooooow.”

          2. John R

            I was 12 years old when the UK Mole was on TV, I remember reading the discussion forums on my 56k internet connection!

            Quite a few clues were set up in such a way that you would have to remember what you had seen or heard earlier in the series, which back then involved a VHS player rather than YouTube so nobody really cottoned on to those like they would these days.

            Glenn’s introductions were clever and must have taken quite a lot of effort to come up with, especially in the second series ‘Is there some trick and no-one your answer’ only the smartest of the fans had that cracked before Episode 8! (Looking back now it feels kick yourself obvious!)

            On a side note and back on topic I did love how Ep 1 of Belgian this year copied Ep 1 of UK series 1 by starting proceedings with Gilles doing his introduction from Day 21!

          3. Brandon

            I didn’t watch either UK series until several years later when they were uploaded to YouTube, and I remember seeing a site where someone had solved a couple of the second series clues a few weeks before the reunion episode, and several people on that forum accused him of being a member of the production team.

  8. Daniel Peake

    The Suspect List Belgium 2019 is officially open!

    Each week – split 100 points between the remaining candidates. Anything you put on The Mole will be your final score.

    You can submit using this form each week – so please bookmark it:

    I’ll leave the form open throughout the season, just upload a new Suspect List each week and I will tot up all the scores at the end. Success!

    1. Matt Clemson

      This one feels kind of like the Dutch series (Japan?) where the very first game was a test and execution before any actual games took place. I have so little to go on!

      1. Clicky

        I feel like we have a LOT to go on. We got to see the reactions of 3 people getting told they COULD be The Mole. On the flip side, we also got to see 7 people’s reactions to being told they’re not The Mole. And get to watch all 10 asked questions by the host, knowing that 3 of them being asked questions to gauge whether or not they’ll be selected as The Mole.

        And we get to see their reactions/interactions after The Mole is just told they’re The Mole. I actually think there’s a lot more to read into here than any normal first episode!

  9. Matt Clemson

    Random thought: If they want an unprepared Mole, are they looking more at the ones who *did* learn to juggle, or those who didn’t but felt they could probably blag it well enough? The latter trait is arguably closer to what they’re actually aiming for this season, surely?

    (I guess there’s also a caveat that some of them would *already* know how to juggle!)

    With the next time trailer including Gilles sneaking into a room to give a briefing, I wonder if we’ll be getting bits of this narrative popping up throughout the season; I remember a big focus of last year’s reunion being on the Mole learning various skills that would prove useful through the season, it may be that this time around that information – depicted in a one-sided manner – might be interspersed throughout the episodes this time.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      I think the people to watch are the ones who were able to control which ball fell – it’s all well and good being able to juggle, but having the focus to be able to control which fell and make it look (in some cases) accidental is more of the skill there I think.

  10. Joseph M.

    I fucking love this show. The Mole diary snippets? The peek into the briefing of The Mole? Excellent. These are the little touches that separates this year’s De Mol from WIDM 2009 where aside from the opening, the twist of an “unprepared” Mole never really came into play. This year, it permeates everything that we see. From the suspicions of the players (them knowing that a Mole must have been briefed SOMEHOW during the night) to the presentation of the snippets of the Mole’s briefing. The challenges were nicely layered as they usually are on Belgian Mole and the Vietnamese setting contrasts nicely with the Mexican urban landscape from last year!

  11. Brig Bother Post author

    Ah! So good, I love how nervous Gilles was before secretly briefing the mole the first time, the understanding that if it goes wrong the whole series is blown.

    Also loved: Joeri the sweaty bear and his intensity whilst making towers with chopsticks. And the idea of cooking by chinese whispers. And a team working out the weakest link clue.

    Great stuff!

  12. Clicky

    Loved the mole diary at the end – very spooky!

    Also Joeri told people to “stay calm” like 10 times… lol.

  13. John R

    I am convinced one of these Dutch/Belgium seasons Marieke or Natalia will turn up at the final and announce they are actually the mole…after all the only way to get these subtitles up so damn fast must be to get a tape from the producers!

    The paranormal activity diary twist at the end was just downright creepy too…wonder if that is going to be every week and end up forming a clue that will have everyone scratching their heads all season

    Also, I was wondering how they’re going to cram this all into the usual 8+1 episode format without the week 1 elimination but reading the YouTube comments it looks like this year it is actually 9+1!


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