Null Gewinnt

To celebrate GSN’s doomed to failure US version of Pointless, here’s another version that I thought did a pretty good job but didn’t last, the German version Null Gewinnt (Zero Wins) from 2012 on ARD. Each episode was self-contained, no rolling jackpot, but you got €1,000 for every Pointless answer you gave anyway. Of course the German Richard Osman is cheating by actually having his computer turned on.


And Paul O’ Grady’s doing Blind Date! Wowsers.

Not Watching Telly: Babushka

Yesterday I was turned away from a recording of ITV’s Babushka with Rylan, apparently they had already run out of space for general ticket holders 45-60 minutes before door opening on a show that they seemed pretty desperate to give tickets away for if my e-mails box is anything to go by, so we won’t know if it’s still basically Wipeout except with an actual hatred of its contestants and without the entertaining bits dragged out to an hour meeting another show that basically misunderstands Deal or No Deal as the format trailer suggests until broadcast. Applause Store are insistent that the show is “big in America”, which has our American friends scratching their heads in bafflement. This originally had Ryan Seacrest’s name attached to it, although they don’t play it up very much now.


On the upside I did go and have quite a good cash game session at a poker table at the Vic so every cloud etc.

In other news the new Big Brother Canada house looks stunning and GSN are working on a US version of Pointless, which I suspect will go down precisely as well as most other international versions, only more so.

Bother’s Bar does De Slimste Mens

Right, so if you didn’t join in with our Schlag den Star watchalong on Saturday you probably missed Bother’s Bar Does De Slimste Mens – “they” won’t make it so we will – an English language edition of one of our favourite Flemish quiz formats. I thought it would be a good idea to edit that into its own video. So here it is!


I know, right! I quite like doing producer commentary, so I will tell you my thoughts under a cut so as to not ruin the result or anything.

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Show Discussion: Wild Things Series 3

Sundays, 8pm,
Sky One

Hurrah! It’s the return of our favourite award-winning physical gameshow of the last ooh, five years or so, now apparently promoted to the heart of prime time where it isn’t up against Countryfile.

Kate Humble and Jason Byrne try and control themselves as more couples dare to go into the Wild Woods and take home its treasure. Of each couple one of them is dressed up as a giant woodland creature protecting them from the dangers but cannot see anything, whilst their unprotected partner has to guide and direct and take any punishment their sense of direction and communication skills (or lack of) gets them into. The show not only has an eye for broadly comic physical situations, but a real ear for funny, revealing unguarded bits of conversation. We’re also a big fan of the super-tense endgame, our favourite for ooh, ten years probably.

This year there’s a weekly celebrity challenge as well.

Schlag den Star 11/03/2017 #bbsds – dedicated to David Cooper

7:15pm UK/8:15pm Germany,

Pro Sieben or naughty internet streaming

Tweet us #bbsds

I will flesh this out tomorrow morning with the details but we’ve just learnt that ITV2 scheduler, CITV advocate and The Wandering Puzzler David Cooper passed away on Thursday. We’re in a state of shock – David was a big character around the Bar, certainly one of our favourite insiders and someone we could guarantee would be watching our live broadcasts and playing along on Twitter, and on a personal level I always thought our tastes in the genre converged and I’ll be really sad to have one person less to discuss Wie is De Mol? and French Fort Boyard with on an annual basis. He was very much One Of Us.

Our broadcast on Saturday night is dedicated to him. He’d have been watching.

Tonight’s gladiators are Joey Kelly (in his third Schlag outing) and German Pop Idol Alexander Claws. During the ad breaks and boring bits we’ll have various quizzes, including De Slimste Mens. Do join us.

Our commentary stream – LIVE from 7:15 (opens in new tab)
This stream is commentary only. You will need to have a naughty stream running at the same time for the visuals. We are likely to be about 15-20 seconds behind the visual stream (and about a full minute behind if you’re watching an actual satellite feed), sorry.

This is the stream we will hopefully be viewing. It was working at time of writing, I will update if we need to change it. It shouldn’t require a login or anything like that.

Back-up stream – works but is a bit ad-dy.

@bothersbar@danielpeake@davidjbodycombe @sensei256, @ogbajoj

It’s Obama Llama: The Gameshow

Len Goodman to host new family game Partners in Rhyme for BBC 1, 6×30 minutes, created by DJ Matt Edmondson who also created the similar quite fun party game Obama Llama you can buy from Firebox et al. Nobody mention Wonkey Donkey. Press release already points out “it’s a ten from Len!”

Busy weekend at the Bar – Schlag den Star featuring the VERY FIRST English language De Slimste Mens throughout the commentary tomorrow night from 7:15pm followed by the all new series of Wild Things on Sky One on Sunday at 8pm which we will have a Show Discussion post for.

In the meantime, Chris Dickson sent us a link to a Youtube Gameshow themes quiz to our filler postbag. 37 to name, how will you do? Some of them are quite challenging, although I’m only saying that out of politeness because I got them all.


The answers are in the video description, but I will paste them under a cut for you.


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