It’s Game Night 15 this Saturday from 9pm

By | August 14, 2019

And to celebrate, Jackbox have put (almost) their entire back catalogue on Humble Bundle, so you can pick up Jackboxes 1-4, Fibbage XL, Drawful 2 and nine US You Don’t Know Jack games for about £15. Steam only, but you can’t argue it isn’t good value. With thanks to the various people who have alerted me to this.

In the meantime, here’s an episode of Go For It! from 1989 which has just surfaced on Youtube from a very good archive channel.

I remember a slightly older version of it with families and bags of sugar were involved somewhere, although I’d also be about five or six at the time so probably not reliable. Amused by how arbitrary it all is. Plus! Dr Alan Marion Davies! Of “whatever happened to him” fame!

You Fret

By | August 11, 2019

I’d like to be able to illustrate this with a video but they don’t seem to have put a clip up on Youtube yet, but you might want to watch the final part of last week’s (series two, episode six) Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier on UKTV Play if you didn’t catch it on Dave, specifically the final part which is about useless skills and makes heavy references to Bother’s Bar favourite You Bet!, ending with Jon trying to name the make of five hand driers by sound alone. The final payoff won’t make much comedic sense if you hadn’t watched the rest of the show but never mind.

Edit: Ah brilliant, one has shown up (h/t Jonathan in the comments).

The Masked Singer UK is recording next month

By | August 8, 2019

At Bovingdon Airfield, near Hemel Hempstead. Tickets SRO.

Now I *thought* the idea was to do this live (like the very successful German one) as a stripped show early next year, but evidently this isn’t going to be the case. I hope the long lead time won’t lead to accidental – or otherwise – spoilers, I note it’s unlikely the audience will be around for the unveilings, although it does mean they’d have to be pretty careful in referencing past contestants in any host-led intros.

Of course we also apparently have Celeb X Factor to come this autumn. One of the interesting things about The Masked Singer as a format is that it manages to avoid D-List-never-heard-of-them sniping from the audience that tends to happen when the line-ups are released as by the time they’re unmasked it’s too late, you’ve watched anyway, and you’ve probably decided whether you’re going to stick around for the rest quite early.

Of course, the hilarious thing is (especially after the comment in the Stool Pigeon earlier this week) is that ITV have already flirted with this sort of thing before – just 18 months ago they did a one-off called Guess the Star, a concept that had been knocking around for a while. The comments, in hindsight, are amusing (“If it was a bit weirder it could have come out of South Korea,” an astute Brig Bother).

Game Night 15 is coming and looking for contestants

By | August 7, 2019

Put it in your diaries, Bother’s Bar Game Night 15 is happening on Saturday 17th August (i.e. Fort Boyard‘s having a week off for rugby) 9-11:30pm-ish.

If you want a guaranteed shout at being a contestant on the Jackbox 6 Launch Game Night, you need to be a champion, and for that you need to be a contestant. And for that you need to mention your interest on this thread, or DM me on Twitter (DMs are preferred as replies might get forgotten about). We are always after potential new blood so if you’ve watched but not put yourself forward, now’s the time!

We’re going to attempt to use whizzy new broadcast software as Google Hangouts is closing soon anyway. On your part you will need to be on Discord (I’m BrigBother #9399 – it’ll be very useful if you’ve added me as a friend) – you will only need a microphone. It’ll be a bit ‘anything can happen’ as we get our heads round getting it all to work but fingers crossed it’ll be OK.

Otherwise I look forward to seeing Team Audience in the Youtube Chat on the night!

Stool Pigeon 2019 – The Results

By | August 5, 2019

Alright, let’s open the box and see what you’ve written. Remember: we can’t prove the veracity of any of these, the only people who know the truth are the people involved and the writer themselves. We’ll try and sort fact from fiction though.

  • Epic Gameshow is filming at the moment – Price is Right films two episodes on Friday including a Christmas special! (Not really gossip, but factual. As long as they don’t mess up Play Your Cards Right.)
  • Stephen Mulhurn to host new ITV gameshow Who Gets The House in which families compete for a bigger slice of their inheritance. (Ha ha!)
  • Despite Jeremy Vine’s ritualistic insistence on Revenge of the Egghead that CJ wrote the penalty questions himself, I have heard it from CJ himself that he did not in fact write any of them. (This is the sort of thing that could BRING DOWN THE BBC. I hope you are happy, 12 Yard.)
  • CHALLENGE BRIG: get Anne Hegarty, Richard Osman, Rick Edwards or someone with a name entry on UKGS and at least 123,456 Twitter followers to take part in a live Ask Me Anything interview on the Bar by the end of August and it’s worth £100 to the UK charity of your choice. You’re on a freeroll here. (Hmm.)
  • Went to a mega long record at Media city recently for a show called Quizmaster for ITV. Not sure I’m allowed to say anything else about it… (You didn’t sign an NDA and you’re anonymous! Anyway this came up variously in last month’s Stool Pigeon).
  • ITV have had to pay through the nose for The Masked Singer after getting into a bidding war with Channel 4. What makes it sting even more is that they were offered the format first (before it was a hit on Fox) and admitted at a recent industry event that they laughed it out of the room when it was first pitched. (Believable. And speaking of The Masked Singer, congrats to Friend of the Bar and regular German correspondent Nico W who worked on the recent highly successful German version.)
  • Supermarket Sweep is going to be returning in September and will be more riskae hence the move to ITV2. (Would you like to fondle me baps, babe? Can you handle my banana? Etc.)
  • A contestant gets to question 15 in the new series of Millionaire, and gives a Final Answer. I won’t say what the outcome is. (Gosh. Has Stellify gone from making it too hard to making it too easy? At least they seem reasonably happy to give cash out.)
  • I feel like for the nickelodeon crystal maze, they are likely to go for a social media influencer, perhaps one that already lives in the UK (to save money) They did it with the new version of double dare and that worked out pretty well. Just not sure who. (Is Stampy The Cat still A Thing? I’m 38 now.)
  • A team is apparently winning [REDACTED] in an upcoming episode of the Celebrity Chase. (I’m redacting this because we don’t really do spoilers, and it also means when it happens it will still be a surprise. It’s a lot of money though.)
  • It’s time to rattle those pots and pans. (Is… is it a red tomato day?)
  • One of the topics on this evening’s Just a Minute is/was ‘Gameshows’! Mostly about Sale of the Century and Jeopardy(Gosh.)
  • Famous online trivia contest LearnedLeague (players over the years include Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, James Holzhauer and at least three UK Chasers) has been approached for a loose quiz show interpretation, i.e. someone likes the name and wants to use it. (Hey producers! If you want a show that’s a bit like LearnedLeague but the rights are much cheaper, there’s this podcast I hosted and produced once upon a time…)
  • Rumor has it that Ninja Warrior UK has got axed. No confirmation yet but let’s see happens. (Seems like an odd period to axe it, after someone has won it and the numbers have been consistent (if unspectacular), but Lost in TV who normally advertise the audience tickets for filming August/September don’t seem to be advertising them this year. So who knows?)

And that’s all the weather… for now.