I’m not saying this is the best episode of Game Show Gauntlet, but I am heavily implying it

By | October 12, 2017

This has just popped up on my Youtube, an episode of Game Show Gauntlet I recorded with Cory Anotado of @pacdude and Buzzerblog fame last week.

We’ve covered GSG before, previously two people battled it out over challenges based on US and international gameshows, there were lots of games and it was fun.

Recently it’s been bought back in a Solo Mix format – five challenges, and then only the most brave and courageous can risk their winnings on Box 23. You’d struggle to call it balanced, but it’s an entertaining half hour regardless. Top two at the end of the series come back for an explosive finale.

New episodes go out every Thursday, you can subscribe to the GSG Youtube channel here.

Weakest Link tickets now going

By | October 12, 2017

The Weakest Link Children in Need Special ticket ballot is open.

Actually it might have been open for a while, lines close tomorrow afternoon so get your skates on, sorry.

It’s filming on Monday 6th November at Elstree, interestingly, as I was expecting Salford.

Blurb suggesting only seven celebs, which seems a pity.

What’s going to be very interesting is the game’s going to have a slightly different dynamic. Previous celeb specials had them play for their own charities, and as there can only be one winner self-interest rules similar to how the civilians play. Since this time they are presumably all playing for the same charity (Children in Need), will the voting reflect a true indication of how good the contestants are, or will they nakedly still vote off threats towards the end?

If, several years after the show has finished, the main takeaway from BBC execs is “hur hur, Anne Robinson insults some celebrities,” you might as well just do a one-off revival of What’s The Problem With Anne Robinson.

Show Discussion: Celebrity Hunted

By | October 10, 2017

Tuesdays, 9:15pm
Channel 4

Celebs go on the run for Stand Up To Cancer. They are:

  • Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea.
  • Jay Macguiness and Siva Kaneswaren from ironically titled pop band The Wanted.
  • Steph and Dom from Gogglebox.
  • AND! Anneka Rice from Treasure Hunt!

They’ll be trying to evade capture for 14 days, doing all sorts of things that come across as stupid because of unfair secret production rules we are not privy to. But this time… for charity!

We’ve tried so hard to get into Hunted. Perhaps this will be the ‘in’ I’m after. Let us know what you think in the comments.

A third civilian run has been filmed and will apparently be going out in the new year.

Ooh, they’ve updated the Pointless set

By | October 9, 2017


Of possible note: looks like Xander and Richard are no longer on a platform. I always wondered what the point of moving Xander’s desk to the ground was just for the Pointless Final, must save ten minutes in studio time not bothering.

You can get tickets for this recording run of Pointless from SRO. They’re recording variously across the next six weeks.

The Golden Shot

By | October 8, 2017

If you missed our incredible recreation of The Golden Shot on Bother’s Bar Game Night yesterday (two hours twenty in, if you want to skip) you can still watch it! But it was trailed as a classic TV game that technology broke that I had fixed from the ground up. What did I mean by that?

Here to demonstrate is the episode of The Golden Shot from Ant and Dec’s Gameshow Marathon from 2005. The episode is in chunks here (I expect the subsequent parts will show up in the options at the end), of interest is the end game where the home viewer must direct the crossbow to hit the target to win a car. The problem playing it on digital television is that it takes time for the television to uncrunch the signal being broadcast which was not really an issue when signals were analogue so the contestant had a rather impossible task of playing with lag. Amazingly they did exactly the same thing when they bought it back for Vernon Kay’s Gameshow Marathon two years later.

Bother’s Bar Game Night 7 – tonight from 9! #bbgn

By | October 7, 2017

Saturday 7th October,
9pm-11:30pm UK
Here and on Youtube

Tweet us! #bbgn

Yes! We’ve finally had another idea for an Arbitrary Final and a free Saturday evening to try it out so it must be time for another Game Night! Through the power of the internet seven panellists will vie to win the evening playing games of knowledge, comedy and bluff mainly drawn from the Jackbox series of games in order to become the champion.

But it’s not just our seven panellists, YOU the audience are the eighth panellist. As well as playing along and making decisions on your smart devices, one audience member every game will get to play representing the audience and trying to earn the precious BOTHERPOINTS required to give themselves the advantage in the Arbitrary Winner-Take-All Endgame. You can join in the fun by going to jackbox.tv on a second screen.

And tonight, for the first time, a member of the audience with a microphone will get to represent the audience in that endgame. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?

The stream will show up here and on Youtube and we go live from 9pm, so why not come and join us?