Quiz Time

By | December 1, 2017

Short notice but if anyone is free tonight (Friday) around tennish I want to do a Hangout playthrough of It’s Quiz Time, the new quiz game from the people behind Playstation’s Buzz! series.

I’ll be going into it completely blind so anything can happen. You won’t need a copy (although there is an It’s Quiz Time app you will probably need to download) just a mobile and a microphone for chat and opinions. It will not be livestreamed but it will be viewable over the weekend as content. You may be asked to take a selfie.

If you’re free and interested let me know on Twitter.

Way of the Warrior

By | November 29, 2017

Struggling a bit for inspiration this week, so with Raven returning to CBBC next week here’s someone completing the legendarily difficult Way of the Warrior.

Proto-Armchair Detectives

By | November 27, 2017

An episode of Captain Zep: Space Detective showed up on my Youtube subscription feed yesterday – haven’t watched it yet and won’t be able to until later, but aware enough of its rarity to share with you lot:

Not to be confused with The Adventures of Captain Zeelig on CITV in the 90s which I remember pretty much hating.

And They’re Off!

By | November 24, 2017

We’ve casually mentioned And They’re Off! before as SRO were advertising for contestants, it now looks like being the BBC’s big new Saturday night hope as it’s recording next month in Glasgow for Sport Relief.

Ore Oduba invites celebrities to race obstacle courses whilst the audience bets on who the winners will be for prizes. It will be interesting to see how large scale this ends up being.

Crystal Maze Mid-Advent Special

By | November 23, 2017

The Crystal Maze Christmas Special goes out December 14th (a Thursday) at 9pm.

Should have had that sort of slot from the start, really.

Far cry from when it used to go out on Christmas Eve, of course.

The Bother’s Bar Game Night Mid-Advent Special goes out on December 9th, so put it in your diaries.


By | November 22, 2017

This sounds quite interesting from a recent Sky One press release:

Loot starts in a small British town, where eight ordinary citizens are about to play an extraordinary game; they’ve been tipped off that some valuable treasure has been abandoned. If they can lay their hands on it and hide the loot for two weeks from detectives determined to track them down, it’s all theirs to keep. But as news of the missing treasure sweeps through the town and the crack team of detectives gets to work, will these unusual suspects have the cunning and nerve to outwit the investigators? Or will the detectives, using old-fashioned sleuthing techniques combined with modern technology, be their downfall? Produced by Shine TV, the creative director is Tim Whitwell, executive producer is Matt Bennett, series editor Tom Hutchings and the series producers are Gayl Paterson and Ben Allen.

Sounds a bit like Hunted meets Take The Money And Run, and precisely The Sort Of Thing We Like if it’s done well.

Haven’t heard anything about Wild Things S4, which suggests to me it isn’t happening. Shame. It’s currently showing on Challenge on Sundays if you didn’t get to see it on Sky One, and you should watch it as it’s the most entertaining physical comedy game of the last five years or more.