Is it a kind of dream?

By | June 6, 2019

UKGameshows received a query and forwarded it to us, and I have to say I’ve drawn a complete blank. Anyone?

Contestants had to work their way along a giant board which culminated at a white van.  The quizmasters were a family (?) that owned the white van.  The opening credits had scenes of the family having a picnic while the van would roll off down a hill without them. 
No one I speak to has any recollection of this and it’s possible my description above is incorrect but I’m sure it exists in some form.
Does this sound familiar?

Sounds like a less extreme version of Hold Tight, but I suspect it isn’t. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

In other news, Emma Willis is being tapped up to host Pants on Fire for E4, a show where a celebrity panel try and work out which contestant has actually done an unbelievable thing. A bit like that challenge from Wie is De Mol? the other year, where it was quite funny.

Game Garage Runthrough Contestants Wanted

By | June 5, 2019

TV’s David Bodycombe writes:

Run-through contestants required for testing season 2 of Tom Scott’s ‘The Game Garage’. It’ll take place at Limehouse Town Hall, London E14 on Friday 14th June from 10.30am to 4.30pm (at most – we aim to finish earlier). You’ll be helping to try out new game show formats – some quizzes, some task-based. Willingness to have fun and try things more important than quizzing prowess. We can pay travel from London/South East and a lunch will be provided. If interested, please contact us via with your name and mobile number.
For season 1 of ‘The Game Garage‘, take a look here:

I can’t make that date which is mildly annoying as I went to the first one and it was really good fun. If you can, you should.

Paul Darrow

By | June 3, 2019

Bother’s Bar is upset to learn about the passing of the actor Paul Darrow this morning. Most people will know him as Avon from Blake’s 7, but we’ll always remember him as hosting and commentating on incredible early 2000s endurance competition Hercules, giving it a real sense of gravitas and tone.

The show was produced by Bother’s Bar’s favourite wayward son Gary Monaghan, and ages he ago he officially uploaded an episode to Youtube. It’s one towards the end, but it’s an epic pyramid building challenge.

Not long until Fort Boyard

By | June 3, 2019
I still think my 30th anniversary logo is better, to be honest.

Summer is almost upon us, and as we know Summer is officially measured by “is Fort Boyard on?”

We’ve opened our FB ’19 discussion page.

Look out for a live stream playthrough of the official new Microids Fort Boyard game, coming to Switch and other platforms, when it’s released (currently down for June 19th in the Nintendo store – yes we appear to be getting a proper English version). It’ll probably be a bit rubbish, but at least that will be funny.

Ben Justice’s Top 100 UK Gameshows Of All Time – Part 10

By | May 31, 2019

Kenneth Clarke’s Civilization. Attenborough’s Planet Earth. Epic documentary series both.

And now there’s a new landmark documentary to add to the list, Ben Justice’s Top 100 UK Gameshows of All Time. Justice is a little different from your average punter, he actually works in development (with shows to his name including last year’s best-selling format All Together NowRichard Osman’s House of Games and Benchmark) and may have a different viewpoint to the audience. Will you agree with his choices?

As it starts, so it shall end, here’s the final Top 10 of Actual Real TV Developer Ben Justice’s Top 100 UK Gameshows Of All Time. There are over 4,000 shows to choose from. What’s made the cut?

I’d like to thank Ben for all his efforts – I had precisely zero input into it, and it turned out quite a bit more entertaining than I think I was expecting when he first pitched the idea to me months ago, but I saw the enthusiasm on show in the first cut of the first episode and was pretty much sold there and then.

There have been calls for a Top 100 Worst Gameshows Of All Time but I know Ben doesn’t want to do it because understandably he doesn’t want to upset too many people in his line of business. I on the other hand have no such qualms, however I’m wary of descending into “best gameshows with Y in the title” style video list content. We’ll see. Letterbox would probably win anyway.

They aren’t just calling it Alan Carr’s Gameshow Marathon, for some reason.

By | May 30, 2019

Alan Carr’s done a lot of old gameshow pilot reboots recently, and evidently off the back of successful revivals of old shows in the US with big money endgames, ITV has decided they want some of that as well, with Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow.

Planned episodes include The Price Is Right, Play Your Cards Right, Strike It Lucky, Bullseye and Take Your Pick. Which one(s) will be successful enough to get a full run? Will Alan Carr’s Bullseye work? And Take Your Pick‘s a bit dull and probably won’t work with increased prize levels, but wouldn’t be watched if they stayed the same as twenty-five years ago. Anyway.