BB Schlag den Star Watchalong 5/9/2020

By | September 5, 2020

Saturday, 7:15pm (UK) 8:15 (CET),
Pro Sieben and naughty internet streaming

Yo, what are you doing this evening? Not much these days I bet! So why not join us as two celebs battle it out for €100,000 in an empty studio across fifteen mystery games, one of which will be Blamieren oder Kassieren, live on German television?

As ever we will have our Discord open for live chat and quizzing and gossip and stuff. Remember it’s a privilege not a right so behave yourselves. To avoid cutting out, we advise turning Auto-sensitivity off and setting it to -85dB or so in your settings.

THIS EPISODE! It’s POWER WOMEN as model and actress Verona Pooth takes on comic and actress Janine Kunze, music provided by Joy Denalane and Giant Rooks.

The link to the Youtube commentary stream will be live here from 7:15pm until end of broadcast.

This stream is commentary only. You will need to have a naughty stream running at the same time for the visuals. We are likely to be about 15-20 seconds behind the visual stream (and about a full minute behind if you’re watching an actual satellite feed), sorry.

The Opera VPN has apparently stopped being useful for SdS. Bother’s Bar recommends shelling out for a proper VPN service. Bother’s Bar uses ExpressVPN, other VPN services are available. Matt Clemson recommends Windscribe as a free alternative. We cannot take responsibility for anything you do to your system, so be careful and use some common sense.

To watch it would be useful to sign up for ProSieben’s catch-up service – it’s pretty simple to work out, don’t click the box if you don’t want e-mail messages. You will need to put in a proper e-mail because it will send you a confirmation. 

If anyone knows of any relatively safe livestreams, do feel free to share.

Great news for fans of even less content, but slightly better production values

By | September 4, 2020

The Crystal Maze US with Adam Conover starts legitimate UK broadcast on Nickelodeon UK tonight and following Fridays from 7pm.

And don’t forget! Tomorrow we’ll be doing our usual Schlag den Star stream from 7:15pm UK. Even if secretly I want to play Google That! and The Escape Artist on Royal Flush’s Twitch channel at the same time.

Also the 20th anniversary special season of Wie is De Mol? starts tomorrow, we have our page ready.

When you can’t find a clip for a gag

By | September 3, 2020

Nintendo “did” a Nintendo Direct this afternoon for Mario’s 35th anniversary, and one of the things was Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which basically involves you creating real life tracks to race remote control karts over which you control via your Switch with all sorts of exciting Augmented Reality features.

At this point I wanted to show a clip of The Devil’s Track, the Adventure Line scalextric-by-phone format that we had in the UK as the endgame of TIGS (Totally Interactive Game Show on CITV) with Big Boy Barry and Gail Porter. Unfortunately we couldn’t find one. So here’s the Mario Kart trailer.

New season starts tomorrow

By | August 31, 2020

Rejoice, as the new season of daytime shows begin tomorrow on ITV. The one we’re most interested in are the new episodes of Supermarket Sweep (3pm) which has of course been promoted from ITV2. Can you believe it’s been (almost) an entire year since the first series? Me neither. Probably not going to open up a separate checkout for it series two though, so take a look at the original show discussion post here. Personally I hope for a) a bit longer Big Sweep clocks and b) the return of the banging Big Sweep music.

This Saturday is the return of Schlag den Star and it’s powerful women as ‘German advertising icon’ Verona Pooth takes on model and actress Janine Kunze. We will as ever be watching along in the Discord, link to the right.

Stool Pigeon August 2020 – The Results

By | August 27, 2020

I’ve tried to filter the rubbish, but in truth the only people who know if what’s been left is correct are the people involved and the people who wrote it – therefore there are likely elements of truth but I can’t make any guarantee that it’s completely correct.

Right, eyes down, look in:

  • The latest 90s-originating format to be brought back and fronted by a certain former Big Brother host is… Changing Rooms!

Funnily enough, this came up on Twitter later in the afternoon. The impression I get is it’s not a done deal but it’s certainly on the table.

  • The Wall is coming back with thrice as many episodes as last time, including some celebrity specials. The first series was shot on the set of the Polish, this one has required it to be recreated in England for obvious reasons.

That’s a big order if it’s correct – 18 episodes (although it being recommissioned isn’t really news), they’ll probably split it in two. It’ll be nice to have an audience that appreciates Danny Dyer. Where would they be filming it, Glasgow?

  • Beat the chasers is getting a rule change for series 2, the contestants answer all five questions before tackling the group of chasers, they are only eliminated if they fail to get a single question correct.


  • Guz Khan is rumoured to have been snaffled up by Taskmaster for series 11.
  • Now they’re on Channel 4, the makers of Taskmaster are considering stealing an idea from Come Dine With Me and having a Couples series. Instead of 5 contestants there would be 3 couples who would do tasks both together and apart.

Guz Khan’s a funny guy, he’d be a great get.

I don’t think Couples Taskmaster is going to be a thing, and certainly not this soon. I think the timings would make it difficult to edit – you’d have to have more but shorter tasks.

  • Nobody was surprised to see the I’m A Celeb location confirmed as being a remote place in Wales today. But ACTUALLY, the remote place in Wales that was photographed with production type people in it last weekend, which everyone assumed was the location for I’m A Celeb, was in fact the location for C4’s The Bridge.

It all makes sense! The contestants of The Bridge are building the bridges that connect Ant and Dec to the celeb’s camp. Ingenious.

  • CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of injury
  • Buzzerblog are currently running a piece about a lost episode of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego that was apparently a snakebit production that showed a rather unpleasant injury to one of its contestants. With that in mind, I’m reminded that Scrapheap Challenge showed an individual aggravating a back injury to the point of required hospitalisation, and edited around it in a rather cynical manner. If you ever see the Monster Trucks episode shot in the US, observe the crowd rushing to ‘congratulate’ the victor after his last run – they’re actually rushing to cut the roof off to get him out, as he’d ploughed straight through the finish line with the throttle open and they’d had to cut the engine off. No lasting damage to the person in question, but it goes to show that, in the main, editing tricks can save most things, so it’ll be interesting to see what happened in the Carmen Sandiego case (which in theory should have been posted as this goes up).

I’ve yet to read these articles but I shall in due course. That Scrapheap Challenge story is insane if true.

  • The BBC are planning to bring back Total Wipeout for a proper new series, with Freddie and Paddy hosting – that’s all I know but I presume it’ll be filmed on the set of the upcoming US TBS series.

Dunno. If the BBC want to turn Freddie and Paddy into the new Ant and Dec that’s OK, but it’s not like the Takeover Episodes have been doing very well. Also filming on the US set will likely be more expensive then the BBC are willing to pay for.

  • Richard Osman’s house of Games will return this year for Series 4 after 6 weeks of repeats. It seems that It will be 10 weeks in 2020 and 10 in 2021. Guests include: Full quartets: Aisling Bea, Mike Bushell, Dion Dublin and Sunetra Sarker Maisie Adam, Rory Bremner, James Cracknell and Michelle Gayle Angela Barnes, Denise Van Outen, Melvin Odoom and Greg Rutherford Sally Phillips, Nathan Caton, Ronni Ancona and Colin Murray Two Celebs playing the same week: Jean Johannsen and Stephen Mangan Kae Kurd and Kate Robbins Various other Celebs in different weeks: Les Dennis Catherine Bohart Mae Moore Darren Harriott Jeannette Kwakye Mark Watson If anyone knows any more please add.
  • Nothing really stool pigeon, but I think it’s quite funny: Thanks to Corona German celebrity Big Brother had to place fans that shout and/or sing in the front row, because they must have a 4 meter distance to the next person in front of them and the audience wouldn’t be filled enough if they sat in any other row.
  • Not sure if this is quiz show related or not, but ITV2 has “uncancelled” Britain’s Got More Talent to run alongside the live shows. There are issues with Mulhern’s availability though – so may have a different presenter (Jordan Banjo and Perry).

Interesting scoop if true, although Mulhern was so attached to More Talent it might be too odd without him.

  • Possessed’s The Mole meets Masterchef format Rat in the Kitchen was piloted recently in Manchester, both BBC and ITV showing interest so a commission seems likely.

I actually thought this was already commissioned so there we are. Just buy The Mole, Glenn!


  • Imagine Would I Lie to You? but instead of hearing all the stories, under new pandemic rules, you just get to hear the ones that Rob Brydon thinks may be true. That would be rubbish. No one should do that.

I’m detecting some snark. Luckily I can do that, but I get a bit fed up of having to correct people who through no fault of their own cannot which hopefully leads to more relevant conversations. Also the Stool Pigeon was never meant to be a true or false quiz, it was intended for insiders to share, sometimes very interesting, information that they’d rather not put their name to. Also I am a bit bored of in-jokes, and also also Twitter is a thing that exists for that purpose.

Christ that was a bit of a po-faced end! Let’s lighten the mood: