Run For The Money

Because there’s nothing on this week because of the athletics, here’s the US pilot of Run For The Money i.e. what became Going For Gold over here. Interesting that the first series of GfG had a different set and eventually changed to the US set for series 2.

Quiz the Nation IS BACK!

Well here’s an intriguing turn-up for the books, national interactive pub quiz Quiz the Nation looks like it’s returning in September after a two-and-a-half year hiatus.

The previous version with TV’s Gordon Burns was broadcast on a community channel on satellite and used your phone mic to work out where you are in the broadcast and display questions on your phone accordingly. It was fun, but it was also rather flawed and we suspect too exploitable with cunning use of Sky+. Also it felt like it would be quite bad value for money to take part in (even if most of the initial episodes were free to play).

We’re really interested to see how the tech has developed several years on, and if they can get more pubs to sign up to it.

Bother’s Bar readers did very well out of the initial run winning thousands, and not having to cheat to do it, thanks to the game’s low install base. Who knows what the new one has in store?

There’s an Only Connect Quiz Book coming out

Although they haven’t respaced the consonants in the title here, so buyer beware. Features a combination of questions used in the TV show with new walls and missing vowels and commentary from VCM.

Show Discussion: Cash Trapped S2

Weekdays, 5pm,

The Bradley Walsh quiz based on an idea by Bradley Walsh returns for an extended second run throughout August in the The Chase slot.

Six contestants take part in a daily quiz, the winner tries to escape with their money. Succeed and they take the money away and everyone goes home, fail and they lose their bank and everybody comes back the next episode for a rollover.

We quite liked the first series although we hope they’ve stopped people buzzing and then timewasting in the end game.

Only Connect is back tonight

Good news for fans of quizzes and singing, Only Connect returns tonight for a new run of thirty-something episodes from 8:30pm, and is apparently DEFINITELY going back to Mondays in the New Year (although the BBC haven’t decided which New Year, so place your bets), provided Delia doesn’t decide to do a new cookery show or something in the interim. I mean it seems a shame to change from its established slot what with Quizzy Fridays being such a big thing now.

New question editors are Friends of the Bar Jack Waley-Cohen and David McGaughey of QuizQuizQuiz fame who have been writing questions for the show for ages.

Needless to say, we hear the “I Wanna Sex You Up” “incident” is one of the “TV “Moments”” of the year. (*)

(*) I’ve made this up.

Push The Button

Oh hello, it looks like they’re starting to look for contestants for The Button, which if I recall correctly is a show meant for BBC One co-devised by Alex Horne which is effectively Family Taskmaster In Your House.  From SRO:


– Do you live in a household of 2 or more people?
– Are you all up for a challenge and a good laugh?
– Fancy competing in a series of fun tasks together to win some cash without even having to leave your house?!

Then we want to hear from you!

Contact us now to register your interest in this exciting new show and get an application form. Applications close 25th August.

So there we are.