Valentine’s Day

As is traditional, something romantic and inevitably Dutch for Valentine’s Day. We’ve mentioned this before but here’s a question, what UK show did Ron’s Honeymoon Quiz become in the early nineties? The biggest hints are probably about halfway through and the last twenty minutes or so.

Thank Fluke For That

Here’s some Monday fun, producer Richard Hearsey has uploaded the final episode of mid-nineties Tim Vine vehicle Fluke, where the points are pointless and skill and judgement don’t matter. It’s quite funny, but in retrospect one series was probably about right.

It’s Schlag den Star next Saturday! #bbsds

That’s right, join us as we spend next Saturday night embodying Reithian values when we inform, educate and entertain over another five hours of German megashow Schlag den Star, the first of six for the year. This month Elton will be hosting as handball icon Stefan Kretzschmar takes on pop star Tim Bendzko. There’s a new commentator in the form of Elmar Paulke, and the German Eurovision entrant will be guesting (with their song, presumably).

Meanwhile we’ll be trying to work out what’s going on and will have fun and games and interactivity during the adverts and boring bits.

So make sure you join us at 7:15pm UK time next Saturday!


Aww, we’d been looking forward to this for a while and… you know that bit in Race to Escape when two teams couldn’t see a code written in big numbers on a wall for twenty minutes and the editors stuck with it and let it play out and it was actually quite brave and exhilarating and funny? I don’t think we’re getting that here.


I think the art direction is OK (although there’s really not much to see in this one – a janitor’s closet and some crates mainly, but other previews suggest set-ups that are a bit more interesting). I think the adventure game style inventory works well. I think the puzzles are too low key for television being very in the main simple insert obvious key into obvious lock or solving obvious cipher code. Shows like this thrive on mystery and there is progression of a sort but it’s not greatly interesting, no great revelations at any point. Does this make escape games look cool? I’m not sure.

It’s been edited similarly to Tabletop so you get ‘kooky’ confessionals throughout. The room escape is edited down to fifteen minutes, of a 22 minute show.

I’m not sure whether to congratulate Geek and Sundry for giving it a go or lightly slap them on the wrist for being a bit disappointing. You can watch further episodes on the Project Alpha site for a fee or it sounds like they’re getting released fortnightly on Youtube. I think I can wait.

Show Discussion: Release the Hounds: Famous and Freaked

Thursdays, 9pm,

Or Celebrity Release the Hounds as normal people will call it. Anyway we gathered there was a third series happening and we were wondering where the contestant call-out for it was so when we heard that this third series is going to be exclusively (ITV sub-channel) celebrities playing for charity that rather explains it.

Anyway we like Release the Hounds, previous series have been very funny and featured entertaining scenarios (in the main) but there’s always been one or two production decisions that leave a nagging feeling, we’re keeping our fingers crossed this is the year that knocks it out of the park. And we do like a bit of Reggie Yates, the thinking man’s Stephen Mulhern.

Episode one features stars from TOWIE. If you like TOWIE it’s for you, and if you don’t like TOWIE you’ll get to see them in psychological hell so it’s win win.

Date crazy

With Blind Date set to return on Five (definitely happening) with Vicky Pattison (according to The Sun) and Streetmate returning with Scarlett Moffatt, we ask the big question: when’s Man O Man coming back?

Or Love At First Sight with Bruno Brookes.