Only Connect is back tonight

By | July 28, 2017

Good news for fans of quizzes and singing, Only Connect returns tonight for a new run of thirty-something episodes from 8:30pm, and is apparently DEFINITELY going back to Mondays in the New Year (although the BBC haven’t decided which New Year, so place your bets), provided Delia doesn’t decide to do a new cookery show or something in the interim. I mean it seems a shame to change from its established slot what with Quizzy Fridays being such a big thing now.

New question editors are Friends of the Bar Jack Waley-Cohen and David McGaughey of QuizQuizQuiz fame who have been writing questions for the show for ages.

Needless to say, we hear the “I Wanna Sex You Up” “incident” is one of the “TV “Moments”” of the year. (*)

(*) I’ve made this up.

4 thoughts on “Only Connect is back tonight

  1. Callum J

    Len Goodman was on This Morning today talking about Partners in Rhyme and gives a rundown of the format. He also plays a round of it with the presenters. It seems like Wonkey Donkey.

    In the background they show a clip, where you can see the set. 7 episodes are later this year, including a Christmas special.

  2. Mika

    “… a new run of thirty-something episodes of a tournament format made even more convoluted so that Vicky just picks which team advances based off who seems like they’d be better drinking partners.”

    I just like the running joke. XD (though wouldn’t put it past the writers to turn that into an actual intro line)

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    BBC TWO have a three-punch combo this lunchtime with sparkling fresh repeats of Mastermind, UC and OC that “they”‘re calling Triple Threat Quizzzy Saturdays.

  4. Des Elmes

    I see Mastermind has retained the blue border around the player’s score and the burst of the theme tune in the last few seconds of each round.

    I guess casual viewers don’t mind.


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