It’s Schlag Saturday this Saturday!

By | December 12, 2017

So join us once again for another thrilling live episode of Schlag den Henssler as a contestant (who is being picked by an online vote this time round) takes on celebrity chef Stefan Hennsler over 15 unusual events LIVE for a rollover €750,000.

That’s 7:15pm UK time, going on until around midnight. Time will tell whether it’s a particularly Christmassy episode or not.

MEANWHILE don’t forget it’s the The Crystal Maze Mid-Advent Special this Thursday, 9pm on Channel 4. It’s sure to be a bit sarcastic!

Finally we were surprised and shocked to hear Keith Chegwin died yesterday, so here’s Cheggers Plays Pop, with incredible buzzer hats.

6 thoughts on “It’s Schlag Saturday this Saturday!

  1. Mathew Palmieri

    well, unlike last time (*cough* Festive game night) i will be avalible to join this time around to watch LIVE with you on you beautiful stream…. i have a lot of things to say about game shows in merica, after all. and unlike last time, i have no flights that were cancelled last minute preventing me. this will be my first schlag, so guide me gently (not the… You know kind). K? this will be fun..

  2. Matt C

    A rather odd query/request: I’m going to miss seeing this live due to the combination of the Strictly final and arriving at my parents’ for Christmas (with a much poorer – and metered – internet connection). I’ve caught up in the past with the combination of Myspass and the Youtube archive of the commentary, but there’s one huge inconvenience; Myspass cuts out the adverts (and the phone game? I forget), which makes syncing the commentary to it really hard, having to adjust whenever I realise an adbreak is going on, and flailing a bit to try to find where to rejoin.

    Is there any way to get an archive of *the actual broadcast itself*? That’d probably be the easiest solution to that issue.

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    Before then, the first part of Taskmaster Mid-Advent Champ of Champs is on Dave tonight at 9 and is one of the things I’m most looking forward to this December. Brig, you’re good at this; who would your money be on? I think it’s between Noel and Bob, but by contrast I’m not good at “this”.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I think that’s a fair guess, my heart says Bob but my head says Noel. It will be interesting to see if the older winners have changed their approaches at all.


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