Sounds like Robot Wars is dead, again.

By | March 16, 2018

Genuinely a bit of a shame if true, the most recent series was very entertaining, correcting a lot of issues I thought the first two series had.

Edit: Yep.

11 thoughts on “Sounds like Robot Wars is dead, again.

  1. TVs Michael Harmstone

    Honestly, it was a bit too little too late for me. Grew up as a huge Robot Wars fan, didn’t love the revival, dipped in-and-out of the second Revival series after they didn’t improve it enough.

    1. Danny Kerner

      All evidence was there that the BBC gave up on the show. First, two series in one year recorded & then the series release was only on DVD & no sign of a Blu-ray release anywhere. Finally the long delay to announce the cancellation which hasn’t really come from the BBC but external sources. Hopefully Menthorn will go to other broadcasters for license with Dave being people’s number 1 choice reading the Twitter responses. I would of logically gone with Discovery what with them picking up the Battlebots license. They could do an exchange program where they ship robot wars to the US and we get Battlebots. But I understand people with Dave what with them being 50% shared with Discovery & 50% shared with BBC worldwide.

    1. John R

      Never the greatest sign when the trailer has to rely on a Great British Bake Off reference…

  2. Brekkie

    Robot Wars kind of just was – the revival never really became a breakout hit and pretty much fatally nowadays didn’t exist outside of it’s own show. Didn’t even realise it had got to three series actually – thought it was just the two.

    Safe to say the Generation Game is already doomed and the trailer does nothing to suggest the final product will be any better than previous attempts at reviving it. Looks like the two episodes they’ve managed to salvage from the recordings will be burnt off over Easter.

  3. John R

    I liked Robot Wars…to an extent. I found it very hard to watch live as there was just far too much filler, when on iPlayer you could watch the most important bits within about 20 minutes.

    There didn’t seem to be enough memorable battles over the 6 episodes each series either, if it started to get semi interesting it wouldn’t last long before one or the other robot was just knackered meaning cease had to be called.

    Also, it never really worked with Dara in my opinion, he just didn’t seem interested enough. Angela worked, but if you’re bringing back JP to do the commentary you might as well bring back Craig Charles while you’re at it!

    Most of all, I’ll be sad to see the demise of #profnoelsharkeypressingabutton

  4. Dash


    I hope we can Kickstarter another series or something. If Crystal Maze did it…

      1. Danny Kerner

        I presume the start of the series with Stacey Chris one being yesterday followed by this new one this coming Sunday


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