Some Tuesday fun

By | March 20, 2018

Here’s some Tuesday fun, a contestant on Bother’s Bar favourite Avanti un Altro has stuck up a subtitled version of their appearance. It’s very entertaining, with some “interesting” questions on Sir Isaac Newton and some comedy Spanish accents:

10 thoughts on “Some Tuesday fun

  1. Mathew Palmieri

    personnaly i dont watch foreingn language game-show’s without subs, so ill check’s this out.
    In other new’s, the first episode of nickelodeon’s US version(with kids) of that ITV pilot spotless just debuted online on their site. (You need to use the dark art’s however if you live abroad…)

    also, in video game related thing’s, spike chunsoft GDC twitch stream will be on friday 5PM PST, announcing games and stuff, with the main feature being the next project of Kotaru uchikoshi, (The creator of the Zero escape trilogy) Project Psync, presumably being showcased fully. (it was announced a year beforehand, but it was really vague on what the game was…. so, if you want your murder mystery fix filled, and waiting patiently for armchair detectives season 2, this will fill you up.

    dont need to mention it, (Brig did on his twitter) but belgian de mol starts on saturday. wonder if we are doing the suspect list for this one? (probably not…)

    1. David

      Keep it Spotless: It’s basically like the UK pilot: 2 teams of two play 3 rounds of games trying to stay as paint-free as possible- In the first 2 rounds, their score is based on the average spotless percentage of the two players, the last one is based on their combined spotless totals, highest total score wins . Winning team faces a Gauntlet of paint-filled obstacles, and they average the two players spotless percentage after they complete the course: an average of 0-10% is worth $1,000, 11-20% $2,000 and so on; if the average is 91% or more they win the top prize of $10,000 (which based on the obstacles is difficult, but not impossible if their timing is especially good and they get a little lucky). No physical host, just a female VO commentating on the proceedings.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    It sounds like Mel and Sue’s Gen Game Easter Sunday at 8. If it can get a Countryfile lead-in that’ll help it. Hold the Sunset less so.

    1. Daniel H

      Looks like Countryfile – I think it’s the last Hold The Sunset this coming Sunday

  3. Dan

    Netflix has a new cooking gameshow out called Nailed it. The premise is three people who have had disastrous cooking records try to make elaborate recipes. Each episode features a new guest judge. It’s the american form of cooking shows. It’s got some neat ideas like having lifelines in a cooking show which I don’t think have been done before. Contestants can hit the panic button if something isn’t working out and the expert chef judge tries to help them salvage it but there’s a cutthroat kitchen style twist. The worst cook of the last round can sabotage someone’s panic time by pressing the “Pardon my french” button and the expert chef will have to speak in french for the 3 minutes of panic time. Best cook wins.

    It’s got a neat premise but the scoring is way off as the winner is only based on the final round, not altogether and there have been times where the worst cook won because they used the sabotage. If it gets a second series (It’s netflix so it’s likely) the scoring will have to work better. There’s only 6 episodes, half an hour each so you could easily binge watch the show in 3 hours. It’s not bad but it’s not groundbreaking.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yeah watched this this evening, it’s Can’t Bake Won’t Bake with extra emphasis on comedy. Did find it a bit odd as a format point that the worst player in round one got an extra advantage in round two with the big money, although I understand not wanting to kick people when they’re down I’m not sure this is quite right either. It’s not as if any of them are any good really.

      Good fun though. The French chef is good value.

      1. Whoknows

        They have been commissioning stuff for 11pm recently so I would assume that’s the slot it was intended for.


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