Hand of Fate 2

By | August 5, 2018

Not gameshow related but likely to be of interest, I took a punt on a PS4 game called Hand of Fate 2 (also out on Steam, Switch, presumably XB1).

It’s basically a Fighting Fantasy book, but with deck building and game-y mechanics. The mysterious Dealer sets the scenario, you stack the deck with encounters and equipment and supplies that help you, the Dealer adds challenge encounters relevant to the story, shuffles the deck and deals out a map of face down cards. You travel across the map looking for the card that ends the scenario, to succeed you might have to collect things along the way. Certain cards come with tokens if you do well in the encounter, which are swapped for more cards to put in your deck.

The fun comes from making multiple choice decisions at each encounter, the success of your actions being determined by picking from four cards (usually varying from ‘huge success’ to ‘huge failure’), rolling dice, spinning wheels, timing a pendulum, that sort of thing. There’s also a large amount of real-time fighting, which feels rather clunky to begin with.

Each of the 22 scenarios comes with their own unique rules and encounter cards, but playing through the same encounter to get a better result, as knowing what is required from a scenario is not always apparent until you’ve played through it, can get a bit tiring. I think it’s the sort of thing readers may enjoy, especially those of a more mechanical bent.

Here’s someone playing through the first level:

5 thoughts on “Hand of Fate 2

  1. Matt Clemson

    XB1 users who’ve had a Gold subscription for a while would have got the first game via Games With Gold back in Feb 2016; it’s certainly a great game. The only issue I’ve got is that the action combat elements are a bit too prevalent in that one, it sounds like they might have dialled them back a bit in the sequel.

  2. gyroscope

    During last night’s episode of Beginner Gegen Gewinner, ProSieben advertised a new show called Time Battle which will be broadcast on the 25th of August. It looked the usual mix of games and quiz, but seemed to be pushing a “you’re not just playing against each other, but also against the time!” idea. Seemed pretty standard, but may be interesting.

  3. David

    CBS has picked up a new show exec produced by LeBron James and the BBUS producers called “Million Dollar Mile” which sounds like a cross between Ninja Warrior and Gladiators:


    And the 4th game in the new Jackbox Party Pack is out, and it’s “Patently Stupid”:



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