The Gods Demand CONTENT and they are HUNGRY.

By | November 12, 2018

Happy First Episode Of The Second Half Of The Second Recording Block Of Richard Osman’s House Of Games Day!

In other news, we’ve been watching a lot of videos on theme parks and rollercoasters recently and this popped up in my suggested queue. With Little Lion apparently about to crack America after their very successful Crystal Maze Live Experiences, this seems like the most obvious cultural touchstone to base a US experience on. But is this what it’s going to be?

I like Legends of the Hidden Temple, but it always seemed a bit odd Olmec doing prize plugs.

4 thoughts on “The Gods Demand CONTENT and they are HUNGRY.

  1. Nico W.

    If you need content I’ll give you just something I liked watching in the past: Royal Beef. It’s a video game competition where the founders of Germany’s first and only 24/7 online TV channel play against each other. I think the editing is key to the entertainment and the games are so well-known/ easy to follow you won’t need to understand German necessarily. Here’s the third season playlist on youtube:
    The fourth was the most recent one (ended just a few weeks ago), but I prefered the games in this one. Also Beef Junior with some other people working at Rocketbeans was great fun and probably my favourite season.
    Unfortunately there is nothing more game show related I can offer you right now.

  2. David B

    Hello Friends of the Bar, can anyone scratch a mental itch for me? I recall seeing some kind of contestant call go out in the last couple of months or so about some kind of quiz where you had to influence other people that your answer to a question was correct. Can anyone point me in the direction of what that show (a pilot, I presume) was? Thanks.

  3. Kniwt

    In advance of next month’s return of Deal Or No Deal USA, CNBC have prepared this 45-minute documentary / retrospective / preview.


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