Gameshow Christmas Cash-in Bonanza 2019

By | October 16, 2019

With Christmas only (checks) two-and-a-bit months away, it’s time to take stock of all the new cash-in stuff out and coming out for the gameshow fan in YOUR life looking for a gift.

Links are to Amazon unless otherwise stated and I get a small cut if you order through them, although feel free to buy elsewhere. We’re concentrating on new stuff released this year. Prices are correct at time of writing. If we’re missing anything let us know in the comments and we’ll add it in later. So without further ado…


£20 at John Lewis

Let’s start as we mean to go on with the Taskmaster board game not actually available at Amazon for the moment, which could be very good but also possibly a lot of effort for after Xmas dinner shenanigans.

Video tasks from Alex Horne promised!

£24.95 at Amazon

Warwick Davies’ game of Top Ten lists, now in board game form. Amazon are also selling this from another supplier for £40. Don’t buy that one, would be my advice.

The Crystal Maze Eastern Expansion
£15.65 from Amazon

Smart addition to the The Crystal Maze board game that you can also play it in its own right. We don’t know how many challenges it comes with and can’t find any info either – could be four, could be eight (would hope it’s the latter).

Interesting to see if they attempt others/refreshes if this sells well.


Richard Osman’s House of Games
£10.99 Hardback, £7.99 Kindle

Featuring 101 “classic and brand new” games from the hit TV show. I’d like to write more but it’s not coming out until tomorrow.

Only Connect’s Difficult Second Quiz Book
£10.11 Hardback, £7.99 Kindle

That’s a clever title isn’t it? Because it references the idea of the difficult second album, and that the questions contained therein are difficult. I bet Victoria mentions that in her foreword.

Anyway here are 200 more questions, “including many never-before-broadcast and all-new ones exclusive to the book.”

Taskmaster: 200 220 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People
£7.19 Paperback, £6.49 Kindle

Why’s this here? Because the new paperback printing has twenty more tasks in it, and presumably no/newer/fewer references to things like the Taskmaster picnic that happened earlier this year.

The Chase 10th Anniversary Quiz Book
£10.49 Hardback, £9.99 Kindle

Celebrate 10 years of The Chase with a quiz book with over 2000 questions and lots of behind the scenes trivia and info.


Now you too can pretend to be the Taskmaster (and Taskmaster’s assistant) with these terrifying face masks! Each one is £2.97 (click to be taken through) and I’ve hidden them behind a cut in case they scare you.

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