Scary Sleepover

By | October 29, 2019

If you hadn’t gathered it’s HORROR WEEK on Bother’s Bar, because it’s Halloween on Thursday. So here’s an episode of CITV’s Scary Sleepover from 2004 where a group of kids try and win a sleepover at Alton Towers from Anna Williamson by surviving a night in a spooky haunted house. If they can survive the jump scares until the sun comes up they win, but if they hit the big flashing escape button they lose. I remember this being actually rather neatly done – decent special effects.

5 thoughts on “Scary Sleepover

  1. Ninja

    I hope they reboot this, Jungle Run and Eliminator as they were kinda “horror/scaryish” (Jungle Run is just my favourite it’s good) maybe as someone said on Twitter, ITV2 could take them and let adults do them. I wish but it’s a small chance.

  2. Malcolm Owen

    On the subject of staying-awake and slapstick-terror, I would really love to see a series of the 24-hour Batsu Game from Gaki No Tsukai. While the no-laughing ones would be decent, I think the gym one (24-hour tag) would be easier to make as a series.
    24 hours in a large gym auditorium with seats and a platform in the middle for resting, and a large black ramp on one side. Over the following 24 hours, at various times a demon (guy in a black PVC bodysuit with the name of a punishment on their chest) runs down the ramp and chases after the four victims, who can run around the arena to get away. Get caught, and get the written punishment (being hit with X item/wrestling moves/Volleyball launcher while secured to a portable wall to the more random, like being forced to watch a five-minute narrated slideshow of black screens while on your knees, then either being given a punishment or being let go on the final slide.)
    I’d add a YouTube link but they’re pretty good at removing that…

    1. Andrew, the Yank

      (I’m mostly being facetious. I am generally not too harsh on kids.)

      (‘struth though.)


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