It’s Bother’s Bar Game Night 18!

By | March 6, 2020

Saturday, 9pm (GMT),
Here and on Youtube.

Join in! Play along on

We’re back for the 18th Game Night! And this episode’s loose theme is “games we’ve not played for a while + Trivia Murder Party 2“, whether through the unluckiness of the board pick or not fitting the narrative we’ve basically made up to justify playing.

As ever SEVEN panellists are vying for domination whilst YOU, Team Audience, will be doing your best to stop them, so get your phone out and play along with the room codes on screen, and chat along in the Youtube chat.

I’ve also got what in my head might be the best Arbitrary Final yet. If you can’t make it earlier, join us around 11:15pm for that.

And to counteract the Swedish Eurovision National Final we’ll be clashing with, we’ve gone ALL OUT with A REALLY SEXY (and quite expensive) SET OF FONTS.

You will not want to miss it!

9 thoughts on “It’s Bother’s Bar Game Night 18!

  1. John R

    Just rewatching Fort Boyard (UK) introducing a mate to it and at the less innocent age of 31 with a few beers have come to the conclusion it is about 10 times worse than innuendo bingo :/

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Thanks for coming everyone! That was great, apparently my voice was muffled – don’t know what that was about, will see if I can do something for next time. Seemed to be fine in chat though.

    End game: The Bother’s Bar Quauction House – as pointed out, it’s a bit like Quizudo (BBGN16) – Quizudo left me thinking that an actual auction is the logical progression of the Quizudo idea, so there we are. I spent about a day racking my brains for question ideas – The Gilbert Scott one and the ‘how much is this house’ one were the easy ones. I quite like “how many unusual measurements to make a big unusual measurement” as an estimated guess question as you have to come up with something from many incomplete variables quite quickly.

    The original intention was to have a Voice of The Audience, but a few hours beforehand the person I was hoping to come on got ill, so I came up with the proxy bidding like they do on actual auctions, which actually worked pretty well (especially quite enjoyed the audience discussion in the chat, which is actually an accidental feature as it was just going to be the first answer given for time purposes). Do rewatch with the chat – the strategizing was really interesting.

    I think the “opening bid was too high” thing like they do on Bargain Hunt was something that was much cleverer on paper than worked in real life, especially as the audience couldn’t really react to it except with “no bid”. Think I’d probably drop this, but you need a wide possibility space so you’d need a couple of questions where you’d need the answer to be shortly after the opening, and indeed a few like the Count which could go on for ages (that joke question a bit of a gamble but actually paid off I think).

    Scoring system may have worked better with fewer players off the bat. In the end not that tense really when it was clear they’d gone over. Still, though.

    The font was Avionic btw.

    1. David B

      There’s something in this. I agree that it doesn’t work with so many players. I think ultimately the only way of getting it to work is to kick out back markers every so often to stop them sabotaging the result.

      Also, fixed amounts are either going to make it too reliant on the final question OR make the final question pointless. But if you were looking to make this a full format, I think there’s a few ways you can fix that.

      Good questions, too.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Yes – absolutely fell into something I’ve criticised other things for at the end there.

        My gut feeling is that Quizudo is a better game right now which I could make a series of tomorrow, with its element of bluff and relief when you’re not in the firing line, but there’s something about the *pained bidding* of The Quauction that’s quite compelling – the only way to get ahead is to push. It’s like Quiz Chicken, except nobody’s quite sure when Coyote time ends, and as such I suspect there’s a better *show* potentially in it (I’ve already pictured the host bringing the gavel down, and a sonic boom style green wave eminating across the studio floor screens).

        I *hate* writing questions so I thank you for the praise. The idea for the shoe one was orignally “if you made a shoe for a Tyrannosaurus Rex, what UK size would it take on average?” but I couldn’t find decent enough figuers to back it up. Stuff you sort of know loosely but you haven’t really thought of. I don’t know how many of that style of question there is, it was painful coming up with eight.

        1. David B

          There’s a couple of questions that sometimes come up about – if they were human sized, what would (a) Olive Oyl’s shoe size; (b) Barbie’s waist size be?

  3. Will Stephen

    I think having it as a head to head with the lowest two starting on one category, winner advances to the next one and faces 3rd bottom etc. might work really well, but has something like that happened before?. Too many players on the final category did make it anti-climatic, though had it been the Count question last or the house question that might’ve been more interesting.

    Still really good fun, and I hate that knife….

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Mmm, we ‘did’ a ladder for How Much Is The Thing, and I’m planning a ladder for an Arbitrary Final in future, although it’s for something much lighter.

    2. Matt Clemson

      I do think the last question was a bit too gameable. I wonder if it’d work in a form along the lines of “If the top bid is over, they lose the points, whoever bids closest below gets the points”. At least then a winning bid can’t be completely negated by anyone else!

      Ah, yes, the knife.

      You didn’t know what you had ’til it was gone.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Actually not a bad idea, but it does involve keeping track of what everyone has bid which is fine for this sort of thing (I will mentally know who put the perfect bid in) but it’d be difficult to visualise for The People At Home.

        I was hoping the higher value questions would have knocked more people out but there we are. A format’s got to still work even if the perfect game doesn’t come out!


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