Bother’s Bar Plays Badly: Fall Guys

By | August 4, 2020

Something we’ve been keeping our eye on for a while, Fall Guys is released today on Steam and PS4 (in fact you can play for free if you have PS Plus). They’ve been having server issues all afternoon, but we managed to get a couple of games in. It’s Takeshi’s Castle as a battle royale game, basically. As such it’s fun, but it’s also pretty light. Presumably they can create anything in their physics engine now, so how long it remains relevant is largely going to depend on the imagination of the production house in coming up with new courses and events in the long term.

8 thoughts on “Bother’s Bar Plays Badly: Fall Guys

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    No winners this week on Takeshi’s Castle! Surely that breaks laws?
    I’d love to see the Fall Guys version of Robot Wars.
    *kisses fingers* Good night!

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Three other things of note, playing it a bit more:

    * I do quite like the Super Bomberman-esque music that permeates each event.
    * It really needs a better Director Mode for spectators, just rotating the camera around various other players isn’t really enough, it needs an overview cam.
    * There’s quite a fun event called Slime Climb, which not only you racing to the finish but also avoiding elimination by not falling into a rising slime level.

  3. Alex S

    Just played a few rounds this evening, really enjoyed it although there are a few gripes that it seems like really should have been sorted out before release. The lack of a decent spectator view like Brig said seems like it would be so easy to implement and would really improve that phase of the game. Equally, in the final round if you don’t win, rather than cutting to the winner it just displays the ‘Eliminated’ graphic.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I’d like a bit more feedback when you’re attempting to grab another players tail in those games, currently I just feel like I’m mashing the button but no real idea whether it’s grabbed and missed or not grabbed at all.

    It’s very much my kind of Battle Royale game though, I hope they keep adding more rounds although there’s plenty on there for now.

  4. Unoriginal Name

    In other news… well so much for that hope: after bombing pretty badly on its US debut, The CW has already pulled the plug on Taskmaster UK after just 1 episode. Its being replaced by Supernatural reruns.

    1. Chris B

      Whilst I guess we should have seen it coming on Taskmaster (and a few did) – it seems like that edits were made to fit even more ads in and the “banter” element was cut down, so a similar issue with the actual US remake. I’d say it wouldn’t have helped but with ratings that bad nothing will have helped

    2. Oliver

      I’m surprised they thought it did badly enough to pull it quite so quickly – not sure what they were expecting from it. A tough sell in a tough time slot.

      1. Greg

        Exacly! This game lives and dies on it’s population. They should have been better prepared.

  5. John R

    Can I request a new post on the Bar?!

    A random thought popped into my head with the news that Tipping Point is resuming in a socially distanced manner

    ‘Hosts that get rather friendly with contestants’

    Bens hugs on Tipping Point and Les ‘put your arm around me’ Dennis are the starters for 10


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