Using your skill and judgement, can you beat OUR skill and judgement?

By | November 22, 2020

So Dan Peake did this during our Schlag stream last night and it’s a pretty fun exercise. He’s taken a stack of Millionaire questions and shuffled the order. We’re going to go through them. However at the end we’re then going to attempt to put them in the as seen on TV order. There’s a group of about ten of us, one of whom is professional quiz setter David B, how will we do and can we learn anything about how Millionaire difficulty is constructed along the way?

If you want to play along at home, feel free to watch the first playthrough of the questions. You’ll then see a list with all the questions. Pause it and write down which question you think would have which question value. Then you can watch us argue over it. You score:

  • Three points if you’re bang on.
  • Two points if you’re one level out.
  • One point if you’re two levels out.

The answers and our score are revealed at the end. How did you do? Be honest!

Many thanks to Dan Peake for putting this together, and apparently coming up with a perfectly timed 60 minute commercial format if my very quick and dirty editing timings are right.

One thought on “Using your skill and judgement, can you beat OUR skill and judgement?

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    Thoroughly enjoyed this! The live musical accompaniment was fun, and got me searching. If you’ve got access to a piano or a sufficiently long musical keyboard, doing ((a loose version of)) the tension music for Q11 to Q14 is not actually very tough – probably someone who’s been learning piano for about a couple of years (UK Grade 2, maybe) could get the hang of it in about ten minutes. There are “learn to play” videos of other pieces within the Millionaire suite for those with the manual dexterity to handle extended arpeggios of non-disappointment.


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