Aussie Survivor is on Amazon Prime UK

By | November 22, 2020

About a month ago I was alerted to the idea that Netflix had bought the rights to two series of US Survivor, to begin streaming last week. Unfortunately for us, it turns out this was US Netflix only.

So this is a bit of a surprise this evening:

It’s the third series of the most recent Survivor reboot – they’ve tried it a few times in Australia but this time it seems to have stuck, and from the sound of the fans this is a great series as well. Gosh and blimey.

Fans of the Bar ten-fifteen years ago will remember we were well into US Survivor at one point, but as I got increasingly time poor and the show became a bit more of a chore I stopped being bothered enough to jump through the necessary hoops to watch. Now I can just do it through my TV I’m well in.

However this is burying the lede somewhat, it also suggested Redneck Island with Stone Cold Steve Austin, a show we quite liked the first episode of back in 2012, only to not bother tuning in for any of the rest, so perhaps we’ll give it another go.

It’s almost like they *knew* my renewal was up to day. Pity had I fork out for the latest series of Wentworth [Prison] on Apple TV.

16 thoughts on “Aussie Survivor is on Amazon Prime UK

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        *tumbleweed rolls by*

        *Bob hits you in the face with a frying pan*

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      The fun thing is I chanced a search of Survivor there last week but didn’t come across anything. Great timing!

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    What I’m mainly enjoying about the first episode of this is the insistance on everyone referring to it as Australian Survivor or Survivor Australia in conversation. And Jonathan LaPaglia being a posher version of Jeff Probst. And using Russ Landau’s UK theme and bits of soundtrack from twenty years ago.

  2. Alex McMillan

    I’m choosing to believe you decided to reference Wentworth in a Survivor post intentionally, Brig.

      1. David

        There’s a player named Kelley Wentworth who’s been on the US version twice, who got referred to as “Wentworth” the second time around to avoid confusion with season one runner-up Kelly Wiglesworth (who also returned that season).

        Surprised they’ve apparently used the UK Survivor theme; that’d be a definite change because this latest attempt at Australian Survivor uses the US theme.

          1. James Pountney

            Don’t know if this is new. But Season 4 has been added to Prime too

  3. DT

    Discovered this about 3 three weeks ago on Prime, watched the first season (labelled as season 4), then two episodes into the next season it has disappeared!

    Does anyone know where else we can watch this?


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