As ever, a chance to do better than me out of Bother’s Bar

By | November 24, 2020

Back in 2013 Studio Lambert redefined the gameshow genre with Million Second Quiz. Now YOU can work for them (for eight weeks).

Do you love TV? Could you help create the next #Gogglebox or #TheCircle?

We’re seeking bright, brilliant and ambitious people to apply for out exciting Unscripted Development Trainee Programme.

Apply now –

Deadline closes – 30th November 2020

3 thoughts on “As ever, a chance to do better than me out of Bother’s Bar

  1. Jackson H

    Blimey. I’m 17, missed the deadline by less than a year, which is of course, very frustrating. I have several different full fledged formats written down. Some are daily quizzes, some reality based. I’m not delusional enough to think I’d be this gigantic success, but It has been my dream to work in Unscripted format Development since quite a long time ago. I’m quite gutted I just missed the cutoff for this, actually. I’m sure other opportunities will come, but this really hit me in a way that I am quite surprised at just how much I really do care about opportunities like this.

    1. Ryan

      Hi Jackson!
      While I don’t live in the UK and don’t know the specifics of this position, I’d like to make the suggestion that if you are able to I would apply anyway. I think of a specific example for me is that in the summer of 2010 Fort Boyard (France) had civilians on. At the time I was a Canadian citizen traveling in NZ so I figured that the likelihood was that I wouldn’t get called (I didn’t) – but the point remains that I would have kicked myself if I hadn’t at least tried. It took me at least a dozen applications and four or five phone/in person interviews before I got on a game show in Quebec which was a goal of mine for a long time.
      Flip the coin to last September – on a whim I sent an email to a production company which led me in Series 1 being on air for 4 of 6 episodes plus lots of my personal footage was used and in Series 2 I’m on air again and have also been working behind the scenes. The project is a history of game shows in Canada. I couldn’t believe (and still can’t) that they brought me on board – it has been an absolute dream.
      None of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t at least take a chance.
      To sum all of this up – GO FOR IT! If nothing else they will know who you are and I can only think that they will admire your persistence. It’s also a possibility that someone in HR just had to put that down but if they want to hear from you I truly believe they can and will make it work.
      Best of luck! I really hope it clicks for you!


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