Clive Myrie’s the new Mastermind host

By | March 22, 2021

Great decision, although as House of Games reminds us, great that he’s asking the questions not answering them!

7 thoughts on “Clive Myrie’s the new Mastermind host

  1. Danny Kerner

    Interesting choice, i thought a newsreader would likely get the role however i had down Hue Edwards or possibly a non bbc hired one like Alastair Stewart but with controversy around him i guess not.

    1. KP

      Wonder if Edwards is unavailable for other duties (certainly ones outside London like this) just to make sure their “lead anchor” can be summoned more easily into the news studio in times of crisis? For a start, a senior royal death is basically BBC DEFCON 1 and could happen any time purely actuarially speaking.

  2. Kniwt

    Local version of 1000 Heartbeats premieres in the Philippines.

  3. KP

    It makes a ton of sense. Symbolic value that shouldn’t have to be there but is, and the skill set for a newsreader is absolutely aligned with the one needed for this job (clearly and efficiently reading out anything that comes your way, including and especially names of people and places all over the world) so it makes sense to go to that well again.

  4. Daniel Williams

    The show this is my house premiered today. Basically the masked home owner. Four people claim to own the home but only one is telling the truth.

    We then get a tour around the house and the local city while trying to convince us and the judging panel who are watching the clips from a studio that they are the real homeowner.

    This is comfort viewing, it’s not offering that much but what it does, it does well. It is kinda like those cheap American reality shows, a guilty pleasure to some.

    This explains the scheduling which now after watching this, is a smart move, it’s a comfort show so Wednesday at 9,this show is a good one to put on to just relax.

    That said, there are a couple tweaks this could do with if it ends up getting a second series. It seems Emily atack was the head judge but that wasn’t properly explained as it seemed like the panel were going towards one particular contestant but atack had the final say and went for another one. This feels slightly unfair. I think the format would work better if each judge had a final vote, for every judge that guesses right the homeowner gets a cash amount, it still has the danger of the owner potentially going away with nothing but feels more fair.

    Also I guessed the right homeowner, put me on that panel (jk)

  5. Score

    Epic Gameshow returns on Easter Saturday at 8.30pm. I haven’t heard anything about recordings of this, so either they’ve done it on the quiet or it’s going to be a very fast turnaround. Seems possible that it has been brought forward after the issues with Moneyball.

    Can see some of the formats (e.g. Price is Right) struggling a bit without an audience but we’ll see.

    1. Thomas Sales

      The Ore Oduba mistake in the first episode, I noticed during last week’s sign language repeat that they’d corrected the caption. Does anybody know if that first episode was repeated that week, and if so was the mistake fixed for it?


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