Surprisingly Adequate

By | May 5, 2021

UKTV announced a raft of new shows coming up for Dave today, David Mitchell’s Camp Taskmaster, Tom Allen’s Hypothetical Island With A Bit Of Taskmaster, Richard Ayoade’s Big Ask, Ivo Graham Takes The Piss Out of Rural Brits, Probably and series three of Meet the Richardsons.

You can read about them here, if you want.

4 thoughts on “Surprisingly Adequate

    1. David

      I kinda guessed what it was from the “never happened” clue- heartbreaking..

  1. CeleChance

    Big news in Italy, RAI announced a revival of Il Pranzo E’ Servito, an iconic 80s daytime gameshow that tops every “formats people want back” list in Italy. Unfortunately the host is Flavio Insinna -_-‘ We’ll see in late June.


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