It’s Eurovision week!

By | May 17, 2021

Semi 1: Tuesday 8pm, BBC4
Semi 2: Thursday 8pm, BBC 4 (UK votes in this one)
Grand Final: Saturday 8pm, BBC1

It’s Eurovision week! It’s in Rotterdam! Hopefully Iceland won’t being everybody down! Or the Middle East.

Not sure what to add really, it’s more fun discussing it live on Twitter or whatever. Perhaps we should have a sweepstake as to how long the grand final interval is going to be (we’re not having a sweepstake as to how long the grand final interval is going to be).

That’s certainly how I’ll be watching the semi-finals, I’m fortunate enough with the unlocking to have a small group of people to watch the final with. If you miss that experience, Dan Peake is offering up commentary with guests on his Twitch channel for the semi-finals.

The UK entry is called Embers, it’s by James Newman, we’re not expecting it to win, although I’m going in pretty much blind so I’ve no idea what the other songs are like.

2 thoughts on “It’s Eurovision week!

  1. Joey Clarke

    After reading the end bit of this week’s Weaver’s week review, I have now become a bit concerned that I may not be able to watch the competition on YouTube livestream this week.
    This isn’t good because my dad doesn’t support the BBC and can’t stand Graham Norton.
    This can’t be fair as the UK is my home country and we take part in the show.

    1. James Turner

      It’s fairly standard in the sports world that if a broadcaster has rights in a country, they geo block the generic feed from that country.
      Seems fair enough that in the UK the BBC has it, they’re paying for it.
      The legitimate route to avoid Graham Norton would be to watch the TV whilst listening to Ken Bruce on Radio 2.
      Otherwise it’s the dark arts of the VPN to pretend to be in another country.


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