It’s Schlag den Star on Saturday…

By | June 1, 2021

…BUT there won’t be the usual Youtube watchalong because I’m busy. There will be the usual live chat in the Discord so feel free to join in. Musician Wincent Weiss vs actor Edin Hasanovic.

In fact I’m considering dropping the Youtube element in future and tempted to go Discord only, the main advantage being I can naughty stream the feed into the Discord without too much hassle (I won’t do that if anyone from Pro7 is reading, ahem), and the Youtube doesn’t get many viewers these days anyway. Our Free ESC Discord Watchalong worked really well, lots of people just watching on mute if they don’t want to join in.

Edit: There’s some stuff on US Small Fortune and The Cube in the comments here.

5 thoughts on “It’s Schlag den Star on Saturday…

  1. David

    Well US Small Fortune debuted with a thud- 1.5 million viewers (last in the 10pm timeslot)..

    Here’s the differences between US and UK versions FYI-

    -One team plays the whole show; 5 challenges to try and bank money and the final challenge to win it (no one is eliminated if they fail a challenge)

    -Challenges are worth 10K, 25K, 50K, 75K and 100K. As in the UK they get one free practice, but here additional practices cost 20% of the challenge value (so at most they’ve got 5 practice goes)

    -2 of the money challenges were on the UK version, 3 of them were new.

    -The endgame is completely new. The team has 2 minutes to complete 3 challenges involving a bank setup (no practices on this one)- when they complete their challenge, they have to press the button to stop the clock. The first player has to use tweezers to pick up 3 “key cards” and put them into specific slots. The 2nd player has to flick dynamite packs so they stick to 3 magnetic plates to “blow open the vault”. The 3rd player has to use one hand to place three “money stacks” of various sizes on a unsteady platform below the “getaway helicopter”.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    I’ve also seen a bit of the US Cube premiere – sorry can’t share the link.

    It’s actually pretty good! Dwayne’s good, the extra side panel graphics are quite nice, it uses the Foster soundtrack. Colin MaFarlane putting on a US accent for the intro is funny. It looks like it has more games than our one (although I can’t claim to have seen every episode).

    However, Sassy Cube isn’t going to fly in the UK unless it’s a) funnier and b) more malevolent. As it is it’s an Alexa style smartass sidekick which nerds and small kids might get a kick out of but at current standard the public will just turn their noses up at it. Probably needs to be more VAL.

    1. Kniwt

      It’s on the youtubes now as well, so here’s a link that isn’t quite as naughty:

      1. Dale

        So glad this got posted! I love it! The addition of a sassy cube is great! The hosting is a bit weak but he seems better with the second couple at the end. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of this!


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