Bother’s Bar Plays Badly: Super Mario Party

By | June 14, 2021

“STAAARRRRRR, that’s what you wanted!” So sang Kiki Dee back in the day (which was also the theme to Bob Says Opportunity Knocks of course). It’s also highly relevant to the Mario Party series where the aim is to go round the board buying stars with the coins earned from regular minigames. It’s basically Raven, but the first one predates Raven.

Always the one with the FRESHEST consumer advice, the latest game in the series Super Mario Party released on Switch in late 2018 however it’s only very recently they added the option to play the actual board game element online, having been limited to a few minigames previously. Today myself, Matt Clemson and Alex McMillan try it out. We were pleasantly surprised by the lack of obvious lag (although it would have been interesting to try it with someone in another continent), I was less pleasantly surprised by being horrifically picked on. WHO WILL WIN?

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