It’s Old Shows That Might Be Fun Thursday

By | July 15, 2021

First of all the mesmerizing, not always for the correct reasons, You Should Be So Lucky! where Vincent Purity invites stage school brats (let’s be honest) to show off their skills and arbitrarily make their way up a snakes and ladders-esque board. There’s one point where Vincent marches the kid the wrong way up the board. One act is racially insensitive thirty-five years on. The clap-o-meter would not pass scientific testing. But there is something about how they’ve gone all-in on the idea that lends it a certain charm.

Secondly, the final of The Krypton Faktor (the German version of The Krypton Factor) is already up on Youtube, but I’m alerted to the fact that episode 1 was recently uploaded. I’ve only scanned through it so far, I don’t remember seeing the Celebrity Braincrash response round in the final episode, still love that their physical ability round is set in basically an old metal works, and I might have missed it but there doesn’t seem to be a “strategy” round here like the final has. Still though. Fans of the turn-of-the-90s Sat1 aesthetic, such as I, have a lot to love here.

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