In case of emergency, break glass

By | October 28, 2021

Lots and lots of new shows coming in the next few weeks so don’t you worry.

Right now though, in the calm before the storm, we’ve been alerted to someone uploading all the episodes of American Gladiators to Youtube. AG is meant to be being rebooted soon. This will inevitably be followed by a slightly better UK version, then cancelled after two series.

This post would have been better if there was a Gladiator named Glass, but unfortunately there isn’t, probably because it suggests someone who shatters easily which isn’t a very good attribute for a Gladiator. Still though.

2 thoughts on “In case of emergency, break glass

  1. David B

    There was going to be a Gladiator called Glass, but she got sacked for being undit. Apparently, she was shattered.

  2. CeleChance

    Next week, Lingo returns in Italy on Rai2 with Giancarlo Magalli.
    Reading the rulebook, I see it’s quite like the UK version with some differences:

    There are 6 rounds:

    1) two 5 letter lingos per team (no bonus puzzlewords, they’re in their own round)
    2) Coundown-ish letters round (a dozen or so letters are shown, teams take turns at forming words)
    3) two 6 letter lingos per team (can be stolen)
    4) three 10 letters puzzlewords (toss-up)
    third placed team is eliminated at this point
    5) two 7 letter lingos per team
    6) Countdown conundrum (each team gets their own and can choose the lenght. The longer it is, the more money it’s worth)

    Looks like they like Coundown a lot!
    Alas, this is Italy and the winning team must win the final game to take home the money!
    The final game is the 2001 American one with the bingo balls. In addition to the numbers there’s a golden ball in the hopper, drawing it wins a €500 voucher from the sponsoring coffee brand and an extra draw.

    Consolation prizes are a €200 dictionary and two pair of socks with Magalli’s likeness on them, valued €7.30 each


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