The Poll of the Year Results – THE AFTERPARTY

By | January 16, 2022

Monday 17th January, 9pm,
Here and on Youtube

It’s the most important and exciting date on the gameshow calendar, the LIVE reveal of the Poll of the Year results! Join David Bodycombe, Dan Peake, myself and some extremely special guests as everyone finds out what you’ve voted for, for better or worse.

You’ve watched the video, now read the write up on featuring your comments!

The vote percentages will be hidden after the cut:

OK, in each category we’ll list the Top 20 or so, the percentage represents the percentage of ballots the show appeared on:

The Answer Trap57.7
I Literally Just Told You41.4
I Can See Your Voice22.5
The Weakest Link19.8
Sitting On A Fortune13.5
The Masked Dancer10.8
The Tournament10.8
This Is My House9.9
Apocalypse Wow7.2
Question Team7.2
Never Mind the Buzzcocks6.3
Bank Balance5.4
The Void5.4
Can I Improve My Memory?4.5
TV Showdown4.5
The Birthday Cake Game3.6
Bank Balance70.3
Walk the Line39.6
The Void37.8
The Tournament25.2
Game of Talents19.8
Sitting On A Fortune18.9
The Masked Dancer9.0
Cooking With The Stars8.1
I Can See Your Voice6.3
Murder Island6.3
TV Showdown5.4
Pooch Perfect4.5
The Cabins4.5
The Love Trap4.5
The Weakest Link4.5
This Is My House2.7
Only Connect53.2
House of Games40.5
The Chase29.7
The Wheel20.7
Beat the Chasers16.2
The Masked Singer15.3
Who Wants to be…12.6
Tipping Point11.7
The Hit List10.8
The Answer Trap9.9
Winning Combination8.1
The Wall6.3
Rolling In It5.4
The Cube5.4
University Challenge5.4
I Literally Just Told You4.5
Blankety Blank3.6
Cats Countdown3.6
The Weakest Link3.6

For your perusal, the entirety of the New Media Five list for you to explore – some non formatty ones towards the end but I’ll let you figure those out:

Ash The Bash+K4J3:K5015.3
Royal Flush13.5
Fingers on Buzzers10.8
No More Jockeys8.1
Topper1’s Quizzical Evening7.2
TV Show and Tell6.3
New World5.4
Beast Game1.8
Dan Peake1.8
Mysterious Monsters1.8
Nailed It1.8
Taskmaster Podcast1.8
The Circle1.8
Two of These People Are Lying1.8
Albert Squared0.9
Arcade Pit0.9
Baking Impossible0.9
Blown Away0.9
Brain of Britain0.9
Do You Want It or Nahh0.9
Hometown Showdown0.9
HQ Trivia0.9
Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz0.9
Just a Minute0.9
Last Presenter Standing0.9
No Rolls Barred0.9
Off Menu0.9
Online Quiz League0.9
Pappy’s Flatshare0.9
Playtech Millionaire0.9
School of Chocolate0.9
Shut Up and Sit Down0.9
St Elwood’s0.9
Super Boss Bros0.9
The Birthday Cake Game0.9
The Chase Extra0.9
The News Quiz0.9
Three Bean Salad0.9
Trivia Tower0.9
What the Fudge0.9
Wink Martindale0.9
Fighting Talk0.9
Guy Montgomery’s Spelling Bee0.9
Tom Scott In A Pub0.9

And asked on Google Poll as the evening progressed:

Was 2021 better or worse than 2020 for game shows?
Better – 61%
Same – 22%
Worse – 17%

Which channel/broadcaster has made the game shows you enjoy most?
Channel 4 – 49%
BBC2 – 19%
ITV1 to 4 – 15%
BBC1 – 13%

How much is your enjoyment of a programme affected due to the filming restrictions caused by COVID?
A little – 60%
Not at all – 27%
A fair bit – 11%

A huge glut of game show formats hit the airwaves after the relaxation of lockdown. How do you feel about this?
I’m nicely satisfied – 55%
Gimme moar! Nom, nom, nom – 36%
Bleurgh! Too… much… quiz – 9%

How do you feel about Celebrity versions of TV shows?
I don’t mind them in moderation – 62%
They’re fine, but wait a few series first – 28%
I actively dislike them, on the whole – 9%

With minority representation being a big issue, which under-used celebrity from a minority background would you like to see host a game show (or get more hosting work)?
More than one reply for: Alex Scott, Anita Rani, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Radzi Chinyanganya, Krishnan Guru-Murthy
Are quizzes getting harder or easier?
They’re about the same, but contestants have got better – 63%
The producers are making them easier – 21%
They’re harder than before, to keep prizes down – 16%

On the one side: the end of TV Licensing and the chance to show more of its programmes worldwide. On the other: the dismantling of a national institution and the potential loss of programmes to poorer households. So, how do you feel about the potential demise of the BBC Licence Fee?
Very negative – 49%
Somewhat negative – 23%
Neutral – 19%
Somewhat positive – 9%

Now that a TV show offers an infinite amount of money, what other things could a game show offer as the next Ultimate Prize?
Responses included: Win a large prize with an equal amount going to a charity, Your own island, NFT futures, Dream job, New house, Trip to space, Bitcoin, Retirement, Holidays

HIDDEN GEM AWARD – Which of the new minor shows do you think deserves special recognition?
The Birthday Cake Game – 23%
Apocalypse Wow – 17%
Can I Improve My Memory? – 11%
Outsiders – 11%
The Greatest Snowman – 11%

5 thoughts on “The Poll of the Year Results – THE AFTERPARTY

  1. David L

    As someone who prefers celebrity editions (I don’t care if regular people Catchphrase never comes back), I felt there was no option for me to pick in the Google Poll.

    Likewise, as someone who found that Covid restrictions renewed my interest in some shows (I watched the first Pointless Celebrities with screens and without an audience because it was a new twist on an old format. See also Collin Murrey Countdown), I felt there was no positive option for me to choose for that question either.

    The next big thing will be Covid era shows that continue to be made after Covid. What will The Wheel be like if it gets a studio audience? What will Lingo be like if they bring in a physical combat round?

    In the above result tables. What is the title for the one that starts Only Connect, House of Games, Taskmaster?

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      The Wheel already has a live audience actually BUT they’re watching in a separate auditorium. Tickets were available from Lost in TV and we pondered how it was going to work.

      The result is the Golden Five.

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    Watched this with the sound on last night, after sneaking a few peeks (and Peakes) at it, live, on mute while I was working the night shift on Sunday. Great fun, as ever, and thanks to all the panellists. (I wouldn’t want any of the panelists to miss out, but five people seemed to lead to a much higher incidence of people talking over each other than four – more in line with 67% extra possible conversational pairs, than with 25% extra voices.) I missed the appearance of the Game Show Prime Minister joke of long standing. Last night I dreamt that you (plural) made a few of the “tomorrow’s programming” shows as well, and did so with great style, which was mind-blowing.

    I have thoughts about the New Media Five and can see at least two models to consider.

    One would be to compare audio against audio, and separately compare streaming video against streaming video. The audio category would include radio shows and podcasts, for what are podcasts if not timeshifted radio shows? The streaming video would include both shows streamed across Netflix / Apple Plus / BritBox and also shows streamed across YouTube or Twitch. Maybe “stream” is not entirely appropriate terminology, as there’s a difference between livestreaming interactive shows and on-demand shows where you can’t play along.

    Another model would be to compare professional works, whether audio or video, against professional works, and to compare fan works, whether audio or video, against fan works. Drawing a dividing line between the two may not be clear; where would you put Fingers on Buzzers, which is made by established pros and has ads, and where would you put the original run of Tom Scott’s Money, which was behind a paywall? (If there ever were a game show streamer making enough from donations to support themselves as their primary source of income, would they change status?) It’s a blurred line, and fan works can often be more satisfying than professional ones, but I think it would be unsatisfying _not_ to see fans rewarded for their works.

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    I definitely think New Media needs looking at (looking at the viewing stats, it’s the bit where there’s a drop off, and also doesn’t get nearly as many votes as the other categories).

    On the one hand I think it’s right to celebrate the non-linear future – it’s The Way Things Are Going and ultimately we do want to introduce people to new things that perhaps they hadn’t considered – I’d definitely prefer it if New Things were highlighted every year (this is not a slam on our current streaming friends!). OTOTH, if the solution is “more categories”. I suspect the ultimate answer will end up being “separate award ceremony” somewhere down the line.


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