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By | February 9, 2022

If you’re about on Saturday night, join us for a watchalong of an old episode of Joko & Klass vs Pro 7 on the Discord for some fun game ideas from 9pm.

Two things bought to my attention! First, Discovery UK have made another series of Bother’s Bar favourite Beauty and The Geek for Discovery+ completely out of the blue, hosted by Mollie King and Matt Edmondson. It’s been almost twenty years since it was done in the UK and follows on from a few successful reversionings globally.

Meanwhile the BBC have released some information on “exciting new factual entertainment shows” two of which are relevant to our interests. The first is called Unbreakable (we’ve got Unremarkable gags lined up don’t worry) sounding every bit as exciting as Celebrity Prized Apart:

Seven famous faces, paired with their real-life partners, will compete to prove that they have the strongest relationship.

The cast of couples, representing all kinds of romantic love, will put their relationships to the ultimate test by taking part in a series of mental, physical and emotional challenges specifically designed to push their bonds to breaking point.

Funny, relatable, revealing and occasionally terrifying this series will get under the skin of the competing couples, revealing these famous faces in a way the British public has never seen them before.

Managing Director Siobhan Greene and Creative Director Andy Culpin say: “We are thrilled to be producing this series and can’t wait to put our celebrity couples through their paces to find out who has an unbreakable relationship.”

And secondly Warrior Island for BBC3:

Exciting new adventure challenge series, Warrior Island (w/t), follows eight young people who want to reset their mind and body.

Set on an exotic island paradise, the new series for BBC Three and iPlayer, made by Baft and Emmy Award-winning TV company Wall To Wall West, will follow eight young people who feel stuck in a rut as they are cut off from the modern world in a month-long programme of transformation aimed at improving their health and wellbeing.

Each of them will be paired with a ‘Warrior’ – experts in their specific fields of fitness and health, from MMA fighters to yogis, personal trainers to endurance athletes – who will mentor and push them every step of the way. Each will have a unique set of skills and an individual approach which they hope will push their trainees out of their comfort zone and overcome the problems they are facing in their life.

Each episode charts the highs and lows of the contributors’ time on the island as they live and train together and culminates with them taking part in a spectacular Warrior challenge inspired by the island’s beautiful but brutal terrain. At the end of 30 intense days, will all eight of the trainees make it through Warrior Island?

Executive Producer Michael Fraser says: “We’re hugely excited to be making this innovative new format for BBC Three. A month in paradise may sound like a dream, but our trainees will quickly learn that this is no holiday, as each is pushed through an incredibly tough regime by their own Warrior, taking on huge physical challenges along the way to test the strength of body and mind. It’s a series that gives a young, diverse cast the opportunity to tackle issues shared by young people across Britain, but within the shape of a brilliantly entertaining reality challenge format.”

3 thoughts on “Upcoming entertainments

  1. John R

    The channel ‘RealityFreakOscar’ on YouTube has popped up and seems to be uploading every season of the Australian Mole (up to S5E1 already)

    Makes me suddenly feel very old considering the earlier seasons are now over 20 years old, and I watched the UK series as it aired on a TV where the only ‘catch up’ service was a VHS tape…crikey

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    I hope they get round to to doing S6, the series that went on so long it even still be going on today which also had some, er, interesting production decisions.

  3. John R

    De Mol 2022 : Canary Islands!

    “This will be our tenth trip”, says De Coster. “So it’s an anniversary, and that can and will be celebrated. This year we have not one but several playgrounds, because we are going island hopping along the Canary Islands. A paradise piece of Spain along the African west coast and the ideal backdrop for this tenth season of De Mol. The islands are wonderfully sunny and are in the heart of many Flemish people who like to go on holiday there. And yet they too will discover a whole new world, because there is more than hotels and beaches. Much, much more…”


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