Ian Wright: Lazarus

By | February 23, 2022

There have been reports today suggesting Sitting On A Fortune is coming back – fine, not offensive just whatever, something’s got be wasted against Strictly.

But nobody seems to have reported that it appears to be a two for one with Moneyball. The Moneyball they had to change the title of. The Moneyball where they had to halt filming because the apparatus stopped working. The Moneyball that was just a ball travelling left to right quite slowly for big cash prizes. The Moneyball that was pulling about 1.5m on a Saturday in Winter. The Moneyball that was, reportedly, axed.

Yep, that Moneyball. That’s the proper story!

7 thoughts on “Ian Wright: Lazarus

  1. Michael S. Collins

    At this rate everything except Answer Trap will be recommissioned.

  2. Brekkie

    Sitting on a Fortune I could sort of understand – Gary Lineker most of the asset than the show itself, and perhaps with a few tweaks something better can emerge as happened with 5 Gold Rings.

    Moneyball though – no, that’s a baffling one.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      What do you mean? It’s currently on Five, they seem happy with it to the point that they seem up for other middlebrow quizzes to share the slot with.

      I don’t think Ian Wright is becoming an Egghead.

  3. Henry R

    Guessing the Moneyball recommission was a way to offset the cost of the set after the problems it had

  4. Michael S. Collins

    The big question for Moneyball is: will it last long enough for someone to twig the mechanism and win insane money? From what I saw, seemingly you can roughly judge where the ball will stop based on how high or low the bit at the side goes. In that case, someone could feasibly watch all the episodes and reasonably work out exactly what they need to do to get a six figure win.


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