It’s the Eurovision Finals!

By | May 13, 2022

That’s right! The stage doesn’t work, the microphones make all the vocals sound like they’re being sung underwater and lots of the good songs have already been knocked out in the semis, but on the plus side Our Boy has a good voice, we’ve got the fun possibility of Ver Fans tying themselves up in knots proclaiming how there’s not and has never been politics in the Eurovision SONG Contest ACTUALLY when Ukraine win and at least there’s a possibility that we get Petra and Mans to host next year.

Basically I’m quite annoyed that not having used it for so long Betfair Exchange are having to verify me when you can *right now* put a tenner on Moldova to win at 450 (up to the tenner currently on offer being laid). Someone was offering 750 earlier, but it looks like there’s a bit of volume in the market around the 200-1 area. All I’m saying is: fun song, great position in the running order.

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