It’s some of this year’s new Fort Boyard stuff

By | June 10, 2022

It sounds like the press pack has come out, we *believe* the series is going to start on July 2nd, although that’s not set in stone, and if it sounds a bit late that might be because there are 9 episodes this year rather than the 10-11 of previous years.

  • It sounds like, as I understand it, each episode is going to be played under slightly different conditions/rules, “the nine aspects of Pere Fouras” – we’re aware there’s a Masked Warrior where the team have to take them on in games to earn clues to find out who they are, but we don’t actually know if it’s an episodic thing or a one-off (as an aspect), although since the press have already revealed who it (or at least one of them is) we’re slightly puzzled. It looks like a return to seven keys to unlock the Treasure Room.
  • New games that have been revealed – The Infernal Cell, looks like contestants will have to put fires out by transporting water through a course including two Wipeout-style twirling forks. High Voltage – a new take on the don’t touch the laser game, one person has to guide the other who can’t see the lasers but will get an electric shock if a laser is breached. Cyril Gossbo has been moved to Pere Foruas’ Storage room because of low ratings. Mud Wrestling’s back. And it looks like a new adventure called The Laboratory “played across three levels of the Fort” – if it’s as good as The Clue Seller was then I’m well up for this.
  • New outside games/adventures include The Propeller – sounds like you have to hang on to something spinning as you go down a zipline (I wonder if it’s a bit like that game where you have to hold on to the spinning mushroom on Takeshi’s Castle?), a Tug-of-War across the top of the Fort against the Boos, the Sphere Path, get across a course of spheres hanging in mid air, and Looping, which sounds like that game from Dog Eat Dog where you have to swing a contraption to loop the loop (it sounds like you get thrusters to help you here).

This won’t be everything, there will always be new judgement and council games and new little bits of business. Hopefully enough new stuff to not feel stale, at any rate.

2 thoughts on “It’s some of this year’s new Fort Boyard stuff

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    The Aspects thing sounds a lot like basically nine different pilots for ways the show could progress going forward.


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