Hang (Tough) on, what?

By | July 29, 2022

The BBC are reviving Gladiators!

I think there are a lot of question marks over what Gladiators looks like in 2022 (2023 presumably), not least in terms of what would be allowable with modern health and safety – we all want Pyramid back, but it caused so many injuries. And this feels like an *expensive* show for the BBC to make. Still though, consider us intrigued.

3 thoughts on “Hang (Tough) on, what?

  1. Des Elmes

    Wait, wait, wait, folks… I don’t think it’s actually confirmed just yet.

    There’s nothing about it on the BBC site yet, and the Guardian is only saying that the Beeb are in talks with MGM (and the Beeb declined to comment when approached).

    Sorry for being a party pooper here – but I’m the sort of person who doesn’t jump the proverbial gun in these situations, and waits until the story is absolutely confirmed before getting excited about it.

    If you’re *that* annoyed with me, feel perfectly free to bash me with a Duel stick, throw me off the Wall or send me up a never-ending Travelator (all proverbially, of course).

    1. Mark A

      It’s called a “Pugil Stick”. And it’s ok. Plenty of ideas get announced or leaked to the press and then don’t come to fruition (ITV’s ill-fated Rising Star comes to mind.)

  2. Henry R

    Guessing that means Friends Like These isn’t coming back? There’s no way the BBC would recommision both.


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