Graham Norton to bring wry, arch commentary to picking letters

By | June 27, 2023

Well I didn’t see this coming, Graham Norton to front 8×60 episodes of Wheel of Fortune next year.

Wheel of Fortune, alongside Jeopardy, I’ve always said is one of those shows that if you launched now would fail – there’s really not a lot to them, and there’s going to be not a lot to them for sixty minutes at a time now. In many ways it’s exciting that we get to test the hypotheses out, and Jake Humphrey and Sony must have worked their black books to get the talent for Whisper North given that ITV have turned down commissions for both of these shows in last few years – Jeopardy with Richard Madeley and Wheel with Alison Hammond, there must be proper belief that the talent is going to bring in the viewers – what Norton is going to bring to the wheel is anyone’s guess really. I am certainly intrigued to find out.

Also today Ryan Seacrest was announced as new host of US Wheel after Pat Sajak retires after the next season.

One thought on “Graham Norton to bring wry, arch commentary to picking letters

  1. Alex

    This is very exciting. ITV seriously stepping up their game show, well, game, recently. As a huge fan of both shows in the US I’m excited to see Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy!, Stephen Fry certainly a more starry name for primetime. Deal Or No Deal should be excellent as well, I’m assuming 20 episodes for daytime (maybe as a replacement for The Chase for four weeks) with apparently some celeb episodes as well, they could make 4 to add onto each week for Saturday or Sunday night primetime?


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