It’s like a pub quiz except more expensive than that

By | December 21, 2023

What appears to be 2024’s HOTTEST new Live Experience: the gameshow-style quiz and gameshows that try and ape the feeling of being on a gameshow, except with your friends and optional alcohol.

The first off the blocks that we heard about a little while ago is Quiz Boxing, open in London right now and Belfast coming soon. In it, 4-12 of your friends answer questions on screens in something set-up a bit like a boxing ring. 60 minutes, £25 per person.

Next! It’s open in Sheffield it’s ‘activity bar’ Gameshow All-Stars, this I think is meant to be closer to a bar where you also play games ‘loosely inspired by’ TV classics such as Countdown, Plinko off of The Price is Right and, erm, the Batak wall from Bodyheat? £15 a go, or you can go for the premium package which includes four drinks for £65. There had better be more than Coke for £12.50 a throw, blimey.

Finally threatening to open next year is Gameshow Studios, which looks very big scale going by the website but there’s not much there yet.

Meanwhile Chris, the erstwhile ex-host of the original escape room blog Exit Games now has a new site on Challenge Arcades – stuff a bit like The Crystal Maze Live Experience. Fingers crossed he picked the name for the genre that best catches on this time around.

Finally, friend of the bar and top German electronic musician Daniel Logemann is running a German Fort Boyard 1990 marathon watchalong on Youtube from 5:45pm UK tomorrow, it’s a good show, probably the best version of the 1990 version of the format (you heard). You can win autographs from Reiner Schoene and Rita Werner. Link here for a host’s message and here for the shows themselves, from 6.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope it is relaxing for you, because the first week in January is going to be crazy.

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