23 Days

By | March 27, 2024

As Bother’s Bar, a dying site representing a dying genre in a dying medium meanders towards its twentieth birthday (April 19th, don’t get overexcited), an increasingly expensive signpost to its rather more dynamic Discord (deets in the sidebar), you might want to know some things that are happening in that Discord this weekend:

  • It’s Schlag den Star on Saturday! 7:15pm UK, our clocks won’t have have gone forward yet so consider that if you want to come and join our watchalong.
  • We’re having a Jackbox and Friends Night on Sunday, 8pm UK (our clocks *will* have changed by then), come and join us for some interactive fun featuring Jackbox and similar things.

In other news, who’s been following the Marble Survival 100? 100 daily races (they’re up to 31 now) with all your favourite Jelle’s Marble Run teams battling it out to avoid weekly elimination in a series of minute-long races. Greg “Woodsie” Woods has maintained commentary enthusiasm throughout, will he still be as excited in another two months time? I can’t wait to find out. Somehow my Thunderboiz are still in the competition, in typical “useless but not quite useless enough to finish bottom” style and if they can maintain that all the way to the end then by default they will win.

This image spotted on the Remarkable website looks quite glam and sexy. I’m glad they dropped the “The”.

A new Fort Boyard game has been announced, The Challenges of Father Fouras, June 27th, if it gets a UK release I will OF COURSE have a video showing off the new (10) games, this time your adventure is governed by one of six modifiers, a bit like what they’ve been doing on the French show the last few years.

2 thoughts on “23 Days

  1. Aaron

    I’ve mentioned this before, but in May 2023 (ten months ago) I wrote a list of upcoming UK game shows (or at least, of upcoming UK game shows of interest to me):

    BBC1 – Gladiators, Survivor
    ITV – Deal Or No Deal, Jeopardy, Password
    ITV2 – Big Brother
    Channel 4 – Junior Taskmaster
    More4 – Popmaster

    So…think Password or Junior Taskmaster will ever premiere?

    I was going to wait until May 2024 to comment again about this as it would have been a year, but given that the site, the genre, and the medium are apparently all dying..

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yes Password will air, I presume they’re waiting for The Fortune Hotel to launch to get the most out of Stephen Mangan. Junior Taskmaster probably between Taskmaster series.


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